New World Disorder – The Next 20 Years: Hope or Despair? Jeff J. Brown contributes to True Publica




Author and China Rising Radio Sinoland host Jeff J. Brown is pleased to announce that he was asked to contribute a short essay to a group article on True Publica, entitled, “New World Disorder – The Next 20 Years: Hope or Despair?” It is a true honor and a privilege for Jeff to team up with distinguished writers Graham Vanbergen, Jonathan Cook, Felicity Arbuthnot, John B. Cobb, Andre Vltchek and Nozomi Hayase. Each offers a unique answer to the title’s burning question and collectively, the article is a thought provoking and engaging panoply of ideas and opinions. Please share widely and sign up for True Publica’s free email subscription, while you are at it.



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