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As a service to China Rising Radio Sinoland fans, author and analyst Jeff J. Brown is going to start listing here the 10-20 most recent articles, media, etc., that he has read and likely researched. Call this source material for his own journalism. Jeff studies current events and history around the world, so this list will not be singularly “all things China”. A holistic survey of humanity and Planet Earth is necessary to see and understand both the global forests and their trees.

As recommended media is added and deleted, this notice will be kept near the top of the column. Enjoy and get smart.



No one outside North Korea really knows what’s going on there. Western propaganda is so relentless and so full of hatred, and has been for 65 years and counting:

Why Trump is Wrong About North Korea

This from a former secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. Proof that the veil can be pierced and horizons expanded, if one is willing to observe and cast aside ideologies:

The Looting Machine Called Capitalism

My intention is to write a piece about the April, 1995 Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing (I did. Here it is: In continuing my research about false flags, I came across this 10-minute jewel:


On the futility of voting in the United States. John R. Hall is a true wit and satirist:

Kissing the Asses Good-bye


I have read two of John’s fiction books and “Peace Dividend”. He is one of the funniest writers I know:

The Peace Dividend: Some Perspective


For non-fake news and real current events, there are three non-Chinese websites I review every day: RT, Press TV and Telesur. No wonder Western propaganda is scared shitless and constantly censoring them:


For years, I went back and forth on whether the US really landed astronauts on the Moon. Not anymore. Read this incredibly well-researched book (for free) and you’ll see what I mean. You can download it as a PDF file.

I sent it to my fellow author, Dr. Godfree Roberts and he replied:

Your Moon Landing article cost me an entire day’s work, damn you. I could not stop reading the damn thing. Really made me wonder about America’s real capabilities.

Here was my reply:

Westerners are a pox on humanity. If you haven’t read Robert A. William’s Savage Anxieties, it is MUST reading. Our inherent demise began about 3,000 years ago, in prehistoric Greece. Most of what we gained we stole, plundered, exploited, enslaved and swindled, all very, very violently.

The Matrix movies were a bit of a confused mess, but the Wachowski brothers were really onto something, so hats off to them. Have you seen the movie, The Truman Story? That’s Western culture, writ large. We live in an illusion. I think Lewis Carroll was darn close to the truth about Westerners.

Our governments’ ability to pull off a shockingly endless stream of false flags is another indication that Westerners are collectively insane. Or as Carl Jung said, as a civilization, we are psychopathic. I can add to Dr. Jung that for sure, we are schizophrenic.


Nice exposé on the differences between capitalism and socialism. Being back in the United States for vacation, while living in China, this article really resonates for me:

Capitalism Kills, Socialism Heals


This is the kind of underdog journalism that has you cheering the writer on at the end:


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