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Baba Beijing is going mano à mano with Western soft power, China Rising Radio Sinoland, 16.2.16

went to visit the China People’s Revolutionary Military Museum in western Beijing this week. I was disappointed that the impressive and imposing, Stalinist main building is closed until 2017, for a massive enlargement and complete makeover. Baba Beijing spends huge sums of money on its museums and many of them have free entry. Just show…

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Shadow of Truth – Jeff J. Brown (in Beijing): China Confronts Western Thieves Led By Soros

  Author and geopolitical analyst Jeff J. Brown, of China Rising Radio Sinoland, was honored to be a guest again on the Shadow of Truth Radio Show, hosted by Rory Hall in Nashville, Tennessee (http://www.thedailycoin.org/) and Dave Kranzler in Denver, Colorado (http://investmentresearchdynamics.com/). Today, their discussion revolves around George Soros recently announcing that he is shorting…

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Chinese President Xi Jinping’s new “Four Comprehensives” are a rebuke of the West 16.2.10

  An outtake from Xi Jinping’s cartoon hip hop video. The tigers behind bars refer to the many high level Communist Party of China (CPC) members, who have been thrown in jail for corruption. Monkeys are flying around for the New Year. Shanghai’s CCTV tower and a wind turbine can be seen in a field…

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Jason Bainbridge & Jeff J. Brown on the Illuminati, White Dragon Society & Hope for Humanity 16.1.31

  While doing his extensive, ongoing research, China Rising author and geopolitical analyst Jeff J. Brown heard about the White Dragon Society a while back, but was frustrated trying to get reliable information on it. About the same time, Jason Bainbridge contacted Jeff, to comment about one of his previous shows. This started up an…

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Project for a New Eurasian Century: Guadalajara Geopolitics Institute interviews Jeff J. Brown

  China Rising Radio Sinoland author and geopolitical analyst Jeff J. Brown joins professor and journalist Hrvoje Moric, on his radio program at the Guadalajara Geopolitics Institute, to discuss China’s Project for a New Eurasian Century. Why is China so interesting? What is the Great Western Firewall? How is the American Empire’s decline enabling China’s…

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An open letter to my Chinese friends: Jeff J. Brown on China Rising Radio Sinoland 16.1.24

  A deliciously funny send up of Jack Ma, leading a revolutionary march. The red flags portray his various companies or their logos: Taobao, T-Mall, Alibaba and Alipay. I use them all every week to buy and pay for things and services – even  taxis. If Jack is not anorexic, he sure plays the part….

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