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China and Russia prepare for a hot war with Eurangloland, Moscow-Beijing Express 160508

                                Practice makes perfect. Pictured above, Chinese and Russian military command centers, which are going to join hands later this month of May. (Images by China Defense Observation) Cross linked on… The Saker: http://thesaker.is/china-and-russia-prepare-for-a-hot-war-with-eurangloland/ and The Greanville Post: http://www.greanvillepost.com/2016/05/08/china-and-russia-prepare-for-a-hot-war-with-eurangloland/ Listen to…

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Chinese Lunar and Agricultural Calendars Explained-A China Rising Radio Sinoland Cultural Special Edition

  One of the 366 pages from my 2016 Chinese wall calendar. While giving the Gregorian date and day, the rest of the information contains a wealth of information from the Chinese calendars, the 12 Earthly and 10 Celestial Stems, detailed astrology, horoscope, almanac, Buddhism and more – way more outside the scope of this article. Pictured…

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Jeff J. Brown Q&A on China with Students at the Guadalajara Geopolitics Institute, Mexico 16.2.18

Jeff J. Brown, author, geopolitical analyst and lecturer, answers questions from students at the Guadalajara Geopolitics Institute, in Mexico, all concerning China. The host was Professor Hrvoje Moric.   Like to listen on Sound Cloud (the most up to date), Stitcher Radio, iTunes or YouTube? Check out China Rising Radio Sinoland at: Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/44-days…

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Shadow of Truth – Jeff J. Brown (in Beijing): China Confronts Western Thieves Led By Soros

  Author and geopolitical analyst Jeff J. Brown, of China Rising Radio Sinoland, was honored to be a guest again on the Shadow of Truth Radio Show, hosted by Rory Hall in Nashville, Tennessee (http://www.thedailycoin.org/) and Dave Kranzler in Denver, Colorado (http://investmentresearchdynamics.com/). Today, their discussion revolves around George Soros recently announcing that he is shorting…

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Jason Bainbridge & Jeff J. Brown on the Illuminati, White Dragon Society & Hope for Humanity 16.1.31

  While doing his extensive, ongoing research, China Rising author and geopolitical analyst Jeff J. Brown heard about the White Dragon Society a while back, but was frustrated trying to get reliable information on it. About the same time, Jason Bainbridge contacted Jeff, to comment about one of his previous shows. This started up an…

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