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Do Trump & Co. know China and North Korea have a mutual defense treaty? China Rising Radio Sinoland 140418

Kim Il Sung, left, and Zhou Enlai, right, were all smiles, having just signed their mutual defense treaty on July 11th, 1961 in Beijing. Does President Trump know about this incredibly important agreement? Look who’s right behind Zhou: Deng Xiaoping and Liu Shaoqi. A lot of history in this photo. (Image by Baidu)    …

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The Xi-Trump-Kim waltz is twirling across the historical, geopolitical dance floor. China Rising Radio Sinoland 170415

A photograph used in Chinese school books, showing grieving North Korean families mourning the death of their loved ones, at the onslaught of the world’s great imperial power, America. In fact, the official Chinese name for what Truman and the press coined “a police operation”, and later, “a limited war”, is “The war to resist…

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Korea is an occupied, divided, dysfunctional state: Jeff J. Brown on Press TV, for China Rising Radio Sinoland 161121

    Author Jeff J. Brown, host of China Rising Radio Sinoland, was invited on Press TV to discuss the current crisis in South Korea. As is often true behind the Great Western Firewall, mainstream media’s portrayal of South Korea as a beacon of Western democracy is myth making propaganda. The following link starts the…

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Son of the Revolution – Dongping Han on growing up during China’s Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution. China Rising Radio Sinoland 161110

                                        It is a great honor for Jeff J. Brown and China Rising Radio Sinoland to interview fellow author Dr. Dongping Han, who wrote The Unknown Cultural Revolution – Life and Change in a Chinese Village…

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Putin and Xi in Western propaganda – why does XJP get off so lightly? Moscow-Beijing Express on The Saker 161029

                                Better watch out, Vlad. When Western propaganda throws an “-ism” at you, the gloves have come off. Think Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, communism, socialism, extremism and “Islamic” terrorism, for starters. After all, behind the Great Western Firewall, they are all…

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South China Sea Brouhaha Down and Dirty from 44 Days Radio Sinoland 15.6.2

    25 Vietnamese installations, 10 Filipino, 7 Malaysian & 2 Taiwanese vs. 8 Chinese – and China wasn’t the first to build on the Spratlys- it was Vietnam and the Philippines. (image by wikipedia.org)   Join Jeff in Beijing for his 44 Days Radio Sinoland Show. He discusses news and events about China, at…

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