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A review of Godfree Roberts’ yin-yang Xi-Trump crystal ball predictions. China Rising Radio Sinoland 171113

By Jeff J. Brown Love or hate, war or peace; the good, the bad and the ugly? Let’s see how Godfree Roberts’ crystal ball performed last week. Downloadable SoundCloud podcast (also at the bottom of this page), as well as being syndicated on iTunes and Stitcher Radio (links below): [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he day before US President Donald…

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President Trump: are you ready to go to war over Taiwan? Because China is. Jeff J. Brown on Press TV 161214

      Pictured above, author and China Rising Radio Sinoland host Jeff J. Brown on Press TV. When President Donald Trump sits down for his first cabinet meeting in the White House on January 20th, some clever member is going to ask him, “Sir, are you ready to go to war over Taiwan? Because…

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Trump, China, Taiwan: the latest Western media kerfuffle- China Rising Radio Sinoland on Press TV 161212

                        Pictured above, Chinese President Xi Jinping mano a mano with President Elect Donald Trump. (Image by http://politicsfromtheprovinces.blogspot.hk/) President Elect Donald Trump is giving the hysterical, fake Western mainstream media plenty of tweets to blow all out of proportion. China and Taiwan are no…

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