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Taiwanese separatists are so Sino-screwed, one way or another. China Rising Radio Sinoland 181114

By Jeff J. Brown Above: this political cartoon from The Economist was published when pro-reunification Ma Ying-Jiou was Taiwan’s President, through 2015, but the fundamental dynamics have not changed since pro-separatist Tsai Ing-Wen took his place: Baba Beijing and the People’s Republic of China hold all the cards.  Note: When finished reading, listening to and/or…

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President Trump: are you ready to go to war over Taiwan? Because China is. Jeff J. Brown on Press TV 161214

      Pictured above, author and China Rising Radio Sinoland host Jeff J. Brown on Press TV. When President Donald Trump sits down for his first cabinet meeting in the White House on January 20th, some clever member is going to ask him, “Sir, are you ready to go to war over Taiwan? Because…

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Trump, China, Taiwan: the latest Western media kerfuffle- China Rising Radio Sinoland on Press TV 161212

                        Pictured above, Chinese President Xi Jinping mano a mano with President Elect Donald Trump. (Image by http://politicsfromtheprovinces.blogspot.hk/) President Elect Donald Trump is giving the hysterical, fake Western mainstream media plenty of tweets to blow all out of proportion. China and Taiwan are no…

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Trump, Kissinger, Xi, Putin and Duterte: connecting the dots and what it means for all of us – China Rising Radio Sinoland 161210

    Pictured above, uber-Sino-schmoozer Henry Kissinger with Chinese President Xi Jinping, in Beijing on December 2nd, 2016. Dr. K. was sent by President-Elect Donald Trump to talk about future relations. (Image by scmp.com)     You can also listen to and/or download this audio podcast on Stitcher Radio and iTunes (links below), as well…

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Trump talks to Taiwan president, US elites go berserk: China Rising Radio Sinoland’s Jeff J. Brown on Press TV 161203

    China Rising Radio Sinoland author and analyst Jeff J. Brown was invited on Press TV to talk about all the Western phooey over President-Elect Donald Trump talking to Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen on the phone yesterday. The reaction of the US elites is instructive of just how much Trump is shaking up the…

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