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Western racism and hypocrisy foaming at the mouth over China’s constitutional changes. China Rising Radio Sinoland 180301

By Jeff J. Brown Downloadable SoundCloud podcast (also at the bottom of this page), as well as being syndicated on iTunes and Stitcher Radio (links below), Above, entitled Be Just – Even to John Chinaman, this is one of thousands of racist political cartoons against the Chinese in the United States, especially with the passage…

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War between Anti-West and Eurangloland heating up fast. China Rising Radio Sinoland 171105

By Jeff J. Brown Pictured above, Presidents Xi Jinping of China, on the left and Vladimir Putin of Russia, on the right. The Power of Siberia gas pipeline connecting Russia and China is just one many projects being brought to fruition by the two giants of the Eurasian continent. Cheers! Downloadable SoundCloud podcast (also at…

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Putin and Xi in Western propaganda – why does XJP get off so lightly? Moscow-Beijing Express on The Saker 161029

                                Better watch out, Vlad. When Western propaganda throws an “-ism” at you, the gloves have come off. Think Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, communism, socialism, extremism and “Islamic” terrorism, for starters. After all, behind the Great Western Firewall, they are all…

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The China-Russia alliance is in full bloom – if you know where to look

This week, for the Moscow-Beijing Express, I conducted a web search on the popular internet engines, Google and Bing. I did this, to follow up on my previous Moscow-Beijing Express article, where I pondered if these two giants on the world stage were hopefully transforming the “Putin-Xi marriage”, into a truly long term, bilateral alliance,…

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China, North Korea and the upcoming international sanctions-China Rising Radio Sinoland 16.3.10

  China feels the same way, but has to be a little more subtle about it. A North Korean propaganda poster.     Listen and/or read here: here are a number of ways to look at the ongoing situation between China, North Korea and the upcoming international sanctions being debated by the United Nations Security…

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