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As a service to print book readers of China Rising – Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations, herewith are all the images, embedded hyperlinks and YouTube video links found in the ebook. Other than this, the ebook and print book are identical. China Rising is divided into theme-based chapters and each one has a number of related articles. Obviously, each article’s visuals compliment the subject at hand. There is a prologue and an epilogue.

Each chapter has a beautiful dragon-themed visual. Many, but not all articles start out with a visual image, all article images have an italicized byline and are numbered sequentially. Chapter Five, composed of old letters from the 1990s has no visuals or hyperlinks at all, since back in the day, they were printed out and mailed via the post office to the four corners of the world! Chapter Six is composed of written interviews with China Rising‘s author and also has only one visual; Acknowledgments none.

For those who are curious or committed, there are enough hyperlinks and YouTube videos for further research, to last the reader of China Rising hundreds of hours of learning and horizon broadening. If you are like Jeff, this meant spinning off into even deeper and wider study of all the various topics presented in the book.

China Rising

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When you see the white flash, bend over and put your head between your legs Wikipedia

[IMG 0001]

My first indoctrination to government propaganda. Every week at elementary school, we had this drill, to “protect” ourselves from a Russian atomic blast. This massive disinformation campaign served two purposes: to make America’s citizens think that atomic annihilation was feasible and that the Cold War nuclear arms race was a patriotic necessity. (#1 Image by Wikipedia)

[IMG 0002] One of America’s earliest sitcoms, I Love Lucy, starring Lucille Ball and her Cuban bandleader husband Desi Arnaz ran for 7 years on CBS, her perennial innocence and ineptitude supposedly mirroring the innocence of the American people. Fake families were big in the dawn of US television. (CBS, Inc.)










[VID 001]

This video of archival footage shows just how much duck and cover would have protected us. Yeah, sure, Uncle Sam. (#2 YouTube)

[IMG 0003]
Russia and China warriors vs. g20

China and Russia have their work cut out for them, fighting for their countries, peoples and ways of life. This, against the onslaught of Western racism and capitalism, and their evil spawn of colonialism, imperialism, fascism, war and false flags. (#2a Image by


Chapter 1
Deep State West (Wing)
[IMG 000A]

Chapter Page [IMG 0004]

Dragon black Redcon_201507190732281169637727

Behind the Great Western Firewall Is the Ugly Truth

Guantanemo Diaries censorship

The Great Western Firewall vs. the Great Firewall of China: different methodologies, identical results. (Image by

[IMG 0005]

An author friend of mine, whom I’ll call Miguel, sent me a hyperlink about Hillary Clinton and her possible political downfall.

their governments spend billions doing exactly the same thing. If you think all those thousands of comment trolls who haunt mainstream and alternative websites across the planet work for free, think again.

Sami Al-Arian

Barrett Brown

Mohamedou Ould Slahi’s Guantánamo Diary, which brilliantly leaves in line after line of blacked out text – pages and pages of censored truth.

This article lists many false flags that governments have admitted to, or were exposed by WikiLeaks and FOIA laws, while they last.

James Earl Ray,

Sirhan Sirhan,

On alternative websites, it’s still there.

[VID 002]

Well, did he or didn’t he? The Deep State would like us to think he did blow the policeman’s brains out, but there’s no sign of it. See comment below.

A Star News reporter had a colossal slip of the tongue and stated that (fake) blood was put on the ground after the fact, which is obviously true.

[IMG 0006]

Ahmed Coulaliby handcuffed YT outtake

The supposed hostage taker, Amedy Coulibaly, at a (surprise, surprise) Jewish grocery store, was obviously already handcuffed, when he was practically pushed outside into a hail of fire.

[VID 003]

[VID 004]

[IMG 0007]

Ahmed Coulaliby handcuffed2 Dolio Kezok YouTube.

The deep state’s patsy, Amedy Coulibaly, was already handcuffed, when he jumped into a hail of gunfire, from the conveniently Jewish grocery store, during Charlie Hebdo. (#7 Image by Dolio Kezok, YouTube)

Speaking of important dead witnesses, there was a top cop, Helric Fredou, investigating the Charlie Hebdo hoax.

A third suspect, Hamyd Mourad, turned himself in, declaring that he had an unassailable alibi – he was in class at high school.

The Daily Telegraph

The rest of the MSM (mainstream media) Ministry of Truth omitted this key fact, leaving everyone with the impression that he turned himself in, because he was guilty:

A journalist with the courage to spill the beans about the pervasive, controlling presence of the CIA in Western journalism, has turned this truth into a best seller in Germany.

[IMG 0008]







Here is a French SWAT member opening machine gun fire into the backs of his comrades, obviously shooting blanks.

Here are cops setting off explosions in the middle of the swarm of cops surrounding them.

You can compare all these videos to an “official” mainstream NBC video, to see how the latter one has been expertly edited to excise all the incriminating evidence.

[IMG 0009]

Charlie Hebdo fake march

The much ballyhooed world leaders’ “Million Man March”, in support of Charlie Hebdo, was straight out of North Korean Kim Jong-un’s playbook. Or rather, Kim probably gets his best PR ideas from behind the Great Western Firewall and its MSM propaganda machine. (Image by Ya Oughta Learn, YouTube)

[VID 005]

[VID 006]

[IMG 0010] Paris Charlie Hebdo false flag events—world leaders march adulterated photos

Fake leader march for Charlie Hebdo outtake

[VID 007]

Paris false flag, even world leaders photos were altered—observe video below

[IMG 0011] Does it look like one million?

[IMG 0012]

benjamin-netanyahu waving at fake Charlie Hebdo march

This bogus photo of Benjamin Netanyahu was published around the world, proclaiming he was waving to the masses at the Charlie Hebdo Million Man March. He was waving to empty buildings on a deserted street. Give this war crimes criminal a Raspberry Award (Image by

Even the million man march in Paris, supposedly led by the defiant leaders of the “free world” was a hoax.

[IMG 0013] [VID 008]

Duper's delight YT outtake

Duper's delight smirk

[VID 008]

She is describing how she just learned about her Charlie Hebdo partner supposedly having his brains blown all over a Parisian sidewalk, the horror of it all, and she’s smiling and smirking. No tears, no shock, just a crisis actor’s duper’s delight smirk on her face, for fooling the whole world. The video shows her fellow actors can barely keep a straight face. (Image by

France’s authorities and thus their mainstream media marionettes are already talking about how Charlie Hebdo is France’s 9/11 and the government will be passing a Patriot Act law, like the United States.

The media darling, hoax double amputee, Jeff Bauman, is photoed after supposedly losing both legs, conscious and sitting up, with a phony tourniquet that is loose.

all these photos

this video

One lady has been interviewed on international TV for at least three different “terrorist acts”

has apparently even been identified.

There are many videos

similar actors before and after the supposed bombing.

Also, the private “security” contractors near where the supposed Boston bombs went off,

dressed identically like the two patsy Tsarnaev brothers, replete with carbon copy, oversized backpacks, which is a nice touch.

[IMG 0014]

Boston bombing crisis actors YT outtake

[VID 009]

[IMG 0015] ff
[VID 010]

Crisis actress appears 3 different times; 1. Sandy Hook 2. Boston Bombing 3. Police Chase

Boston bombing lady actor YT outtake

Cristina Munoz crisis actress busted YT outtake

[VID 011] Crisis actress” busted: Adriana Victoria Muñoz

[VID 012] Boston Bombing: Cellphone Captures Actor Late For Work

[VID 013] Crisis actor caught in training exercise

[IMG 0015]

Boston false flage Jeff Bauman fake tourniquet

Lemme see, you just had both of your legs blown off by a supposed Boston Marathon bomb, you are fully conscious, sitting up, not bathed in blood, vomit, urine and feces, you still have good skin color, no loss of blood, no shock, and the farcical tourniquet on your leg has a gap in it big enough to run your fist through. Jeff Bauman and all the people around him are crisis actors. (Image by

 [IMG 0016]
WTC 7 YT outtake

[VID 014]

Dozens of police and first responders reported hearing series of rapid explosions happening in all three buildings, which is the hallmark of the timed thermite ignitions at each descending level, as the building implodes.

The other possibility is that micro-nuclear devices were used. Russian intelligence has apparently been discreetly releasing information showing it was Mossad of Israel that organized the controlled demolitions.

[IMG 0017]

pentagon-911 quote can't fit

Major General Albert Stubblebine III knows a false flag when he sees it. You will too, if you watch all the videos and study all the photos in this exposé. (Image by
you have to suspend the natural laws of the Universe to swallow the guffaw, official story about the Pentagon being hit by a Boeing 757.

A security camera accidentally caught the explosion on film and a massive 757 jetliner never enters the picture, although it looks like possibly a missile on the right came in low for the strike, if it was not blown up from inside.

A lesson in just how efficient the GWF’s censorship works, this CNN news report right after the supposed terrorist act stated the obvious, that there was no airplane. How many times was this aired? Once, never to be seen or heard again.

[IMG 0018] ff Pentagon 9/11 fake attack: there was no airplane.

Pentagon 911 YT outtake of collapte

[VID 015 The Pentagon was not hit by an airliner.

[IMG 016] Pentagon security camera on 9/11.

Pentagon 911 YT outtake of security film

[IMG 0020] Pentagon hit on 9/11—only aired once

911 CNN Live YT outtake

[VID 017]

[IMG 021]

911 pentagon false flag plane graphic

You have to suspend all the physical laws of the Universe -and your intelligence – to accept the hundreds of inconsistencies of the deep state’s 9/11 false flag caper, including airplane wings and engines full of fuel that did no damage. (Image by
this local Fox affiliate news clip also only saw the light of public viewing one time, before it was cut and censored from the history books, by the Great Western Firewall.

[IMG 0022]

UA93 Fox NBC YT outtake

[VID 018]

[IMG 0023]

911 UA93 debris hole

There you have it, from a helicopter flying over immediately after the fake crash of UA93, a 3-5 meter square hole, where a huge commercial jetliner supposedly crashed. This Fox affiliate footage saw the light of day one time, only to be lost to oblivion in the MSM Memory Hole. (Image by YouTube)

to quote Paul Craig Roberts,

An outstanding, one hour-forty five minute documentary, Zero Hour, fills out the whole sordid saga.

An outstanding, one hour-forty five minute documentary, Zero Hour, fills out the whole sordid saga. A very comprehensive, 5-hour documentary, The New Pearl Harbor, is excellent. On the 13th anniversary of 9/11, the Corbett Report names suspects as a platform for an eventual real, independent investigation and trial.

They all deserve our attention.



Zero 911 film YT outtake



911 The New Pearl Harbor YT outtake

[VID 019]

911 Corbett Report YT outtake

[VID 020]

since the Warren Commission, in its annual Gallup poll, a majority of Americans believe the deep state killed Kennedy. A solid majority believe the same deep state was responsible for Martin Luther King’s murder. A solid plurality of Americans thinks there was a cover up about 9/11. This plurality will surely grow to a majority, with the help of groups like AE911.

[IMG 0025]

Kennedy assassination Gallup Poll majority

If you believe that JFK was killed by a lone assassin, you are in the minority. (Image by


On this 9/11: why John F. Kennedy was killed by the deep state, in America’s first coup d’état


9/11 was America’s second coup d’état. JFK’s removal from office was the first. (Image by

Listen to and read the full transcript of Kennedy’s 1961 speech to journalists.


Operation Northwoods, which was a massive plan to conduct false flag acts of terror on America’s own citizens, to blame it all on Cuba, including blowing up commercial airliners (sound familiar?).

JFK was also adamantly opposed to Israel wanting to build nuclear bombs.

Kennedy signed an executive order which took away the private Federal Reserve Banks’ ability to print and loan money to the US government, thereby turning America’s minting back to its citizens,

JFK’s Commencement Address at American University, June 10, 1963. The United States experienced its first coup d’état, just five months later, when he was killed by America’s deep state

That day, George II was illegally removed from office under the program of continuity of government (COG). During this brief military rule, the country radically changed its foreign policy and defense. A rash of freedom stealing laws were passed by fiat during that fateful day. On September 11th, 2001, all members of Congress and their staff were placed under house arrest by the COG military authority, in the government complexes at Greenbrier and Mount Weather, Virginia.

[IMG 0027]

MH370: Gallows humor is universal and timeless – including in China


Why is no one talking about the northern flight path? Just asking. (Image by

There are around 100 reconnaissance (read: military and spy) satellites encircling the globe

[IMG 0028]

MH370, Chinese Cyberwar Geniuses and the Long Arm of Western Empire

MH370 flight paths

They are getting together a $5 million reward, in hopes of enticing someone on the inside to spill the beans – if they live long enough to meet with the grieving.

dozens of commercial airliners went missing off the Old Continent’s sophisticated air traffic control screens, due to high tech NATO electronic war games.

In an Anonymous news release on YouTube,

All of this is bolstered further by the divulgations of a recent Oped News article by Scott Baker.


The face of Western imperialism exposed by Ebola

Lon Cheney Phantom Opera

Lon Chaney acting in Phantom of the Opera, unmasked, channeling Western Empire (Image by

This hall of shame includes Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States, among others.

Australia, Canada 

It was benignly termed cultural assimilation, but in reality it was ethnic genocide.

In 1940s Guatemala, the United States purposely infected thousands of natives with syphilis and gonorrhea, to test these human guinea pigs with antibiotics.

At Tuskegee, American blacks were treated just as inhumanely.

The United States has a long, illustrious history of using bioterrorism around the world. Cuba has been a favorite target and has seen hundreds of thousands of its people infected with Dengue fever (a close cousin to Ebola), as well as its entire swine herd wiped out by swine fever. Biochemical weapons go way back and since the 20th century, the West has been and continues to be their most avid users.

apparently more often than we care to admit.

the United States of America holds the exclusive patent on the Ebola virus?

Ebola has been Uncle Sam’s bioweapon plaything since 1976, when it was discovered in Zaire and shipped 3,500km by America’s bio-warfare lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland, then to West Africa for cultivation and development (via the UK’s bio-warfare labs in Porton Down and with the help of the World “Health” Organization), specifically, to Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, the current epicenters of the Ebola epidemic on the Great Continent.

[IMG 0030] 

Ebola virus

Ebola virus. US patent number 20120251502. Patent owned and controlled by Uncle Sam (Image by

The study was announced, business as usual, on an official US government website.

Or is it really a case of genetically modifying the Ebola virus in these two African-American laboratories, to make it even more lethal, as a bioterrorism weapon?

American biological warfare researchers have been working in West Africa for years.

US law professor Francis A. Boyle, who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 and the American legislation for the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention, says they are fully implicated in the seemingly intentional spread of Ebola and not to be trusted, outright calling them liars.

Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan was practically used as a vector to spread the disease in a Dallas, Texas hospital.

having discovered that Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital is a non-profit,

Disaster teams were told months in advance to be ready for an Ebola outbreak in the US, specifically in the month of October.

why did the US State Department buy 160,000 biological hazmat suits in September, specifically for Ebola exposure?

the ten points brought up in this article just pile the questions and suspicions ever higher.

The still reigning President of America’s Deep State and master of its Continuation of Government (COG), said this on October 13th, 2014,

[IMG 0031] COG master Dick Cheney

cheney w quote

The psychopath with the deep state plan sure seems to be slobbering for a new, bigger 9/11 (Image by

the US military refuses to promise it will not weaponize Ebola.

As far back as 1995, the US Army was experimenting with lethal Ebola aerosols on Rhesus monkeys.

Facts on the ground today suggest that they have not stopped trying to get aerosol Ebola to work.

This must explain why Obama sent 3,000 US Army soldiers to West Africa to “combat” Ebola.


Chapter Two

How the West Was Lost and Other Hair Raising Tales of Empire

Chapter Page

Dragon porcelin low res (1000 x 625)

A Tale of Two Democracies: What It Is Like to Vote in the United States Compared to France?
[IMG 0032]

In-Laws movie Peter Falk Alan Arkin

The American electoral system is not much better. (Image by Wikipedia),

[IMG 0033]

French vote Sarkozy brochure French vote Holland brochure

Hollande’s and Sarkozy’s back pages of their 4-page campaign brochures received in the mail, along with most of the others’ from the smaller parties. Hollande promises change. Sarkozy a strong France. Change won over strength. (Image by 44 Days)

[IMG 0034] La France forte—Sarkozy; Hollande poster

French election Sarkozy poster French election Hollande poster

The posters and brochure covers of the two leading presidential candidates. Is it just me, or does Hollande look like the cartoon character Droopy? I also find the psychology of Sarkozy not looking directly at his constituents interesting. (Image by 44 Days)

[IMG 0035] French paper ballots

French voting ballots

The paper ballots of the two front runners. The paper used is like the slick kind used to wrap dishes when moving. (Image by 44 Days)

[IMG 0036]

The West’s Russell Brand vs. Sinoland’s Rushe Wang: A Conversation in Commonalities and Key Contrasts

Russell Brand photo

Russell Brand: fracking vs twerking. (Image by kateausburn)

Share Our Wealth

[0037] Huey Long

Huey Long statue

Huey Long Statue & Burial Site (Image by Paul Lowry)

You say you want a revolution…






Reflections from Sinoland on the West’s Veterans/Armistice Day
[IMG 0038] US marines invading China in 1900, during Boxer rebellion. (national Archives, UK)


US Marines invading China during the Boxer Rebellion, 1900. (Image by the National Archives UK)

[IMG 0039]


World War I was very deadly modern warfare indeed. (Image by State Library of South Australia)


Latin American US Marines stele

So many Latin American invasions, occupations and coups, so little time. (Image by swanksalot)

[IMG 0041] Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum (Image by variationblogr)

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum (Image by variationblogr)

[IMG 0042] 

Korean War plaque

For their country? Or for the 1%? (Image by Army Vet)

[IMG 0043] 

Vietnam lighter

America’s official policy in Southeast Asia was, ‘burn all, destroy all, kill all’. (Image by France1978)

[IMG 0044] 

Antiwar protest

A glimmer of hope. (Image by tEdits)

[IMG 0045]

US soldiers standing at attention WS fodder

Wall Street cannon fodder (Image by Kimco Realty)

[IMG 0046]

Smedley Butler protest t-shirt

Straight from the horse’s mouth (Image by World Can’t Wait)

[IMG 0047] 

Tiananmen Square Heavenly Gate

[0048] Cartoon memorializing the Boxer rebellion

[0049] Boxer rebel being beheaded by the European conquerors.

[0050] Foreign armies assembling inside Forbidden City, 1900

[0051] Japanese soldiers behead Boxer rebel. 

[0052] Smedley Butler: War is a Racket

[0053] War is a racket (2)


A new 21st century world order, from the White House to the Red House? (Image by Wikipedia)





[0054] Eisenhower Farewell Address

Eisenhower speech YT outtake

[VID 019]

7- US military casualties of war.

Agent orange YT outtake                         

8- A number of YouTube videos on Vietnam’s postwar, Agent Orange/dioxin-induced genetic mutations are so shockingly grotesque, that you have to sign that you are over 18 years of age:

[VID 020]


10- and  | Project for the New American Century

The dollar’s diminishing dictatorship spells the end of Western financial fascism
[IMG 0055]

Who I can see for miles

Sitting here in Sinoland, eating popcorn, drinking an ice cold Yanjing beer and watching the world changing at warp speed. I can see for miles from my 10th floor Beijing apartment (Image by

No need asking where the Libyan people’s gold vault ended up: in the West’s hands, stolen, good and proper.

Iraq and Libya

[IMG 0056]

Zbigniew Brzezinski: Polish nobleman emigré, “foreign policy advisor” to the empire, visceral anti-communist and Russophobe. A tireless engine of evil in modern history.

Iran has cleverly circumvented much of the US dollar’s diktat, by dealing in gold and neighboring currencies, with Turkey, Russia and India.

Cross border yuan trade has already hit a staggering ¥8.6 trillion

Russia and China pushed their twin scimitar and long knife closer to the heart of Western darkness, by signing a staggering $400 billion, 30-year natural gas deal, plus tens of billions in construction and manufacturing projects into the 21st century, etc.

Gazprom, Russia’s natural gas giant and Sumo sized supplier of Europe’s energy needs, has signed agreements with 90% of its customers, to circumvent the US dollar and be paid in euros instead.

Russia has the world’s fifth largest forex reserves, weighing in at a half a trillion dollars,

Japan’s 2014 government debt is 242% of GDP, the US’s is 107% and France’s and the UK’s weigh in at 90%. And Russia’s? Fourteen percent, with ally China’s a very manageable 21%.

is making it a top priority to create its own national payment system and credit card, to compete against the West’s Visa and Mastercard duopoly.

 #1 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), #5 China Construction Bank (CCB), #9 Bank of China and #10 Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), all 100% Chinese, and more amazingly, all state owned.

Next look to the BRICS to start poking gaping holes in the fiat paper tiger dollar, by creating its own reserve fund, thus circumventing the need for IMF emergency loans,

we will see the BRICS create their own trade settlement currency, affectionately being called the brisco.

Societal and economic collapse


Easter Island last tree Jared Diamond

What were the Rapa Nui natives thinking, as they were cutting down Easter Island’s last tree, thus dooming their people to inevitable collapse? (Image by, tagline paraphrased from Jared Diamond’s book, Collapse.

[IMG 0058]

Carrie + Chucky movies

It’s going to be scary fun, boys and girls, a real Carrie x Chucky vengefest, when the Western Empire starts to implode (Images by and

Operation Rescue Russia and a big “F.U.” to Eurangloland

the Philippines, which prostrated itself to America’s Worldwide Wehrmacht

As Deena Stryker recently pointed out in a recent article

[IMG 0059] 

Russia: World food production rankings chart.

Russia world ranking food production

[IMG 0060] Countries by agricultural imports

Food importers top 10 world map

all those obese millions in China, where diabetes, the scourge of modern, sedentary society, is now rampant.

Russia is threatening to ban car imports, which would be a dagger in the heart of Western Europe’s industrial heartland of Germany, Poland, France, Italy, etc.

Said Joerg Schreiber, chairman of the Association of European Businesses’ Automobile Manufacturers Committee.

To make matters even more humiliating for the Koreans, all of their own troops will continue to take orders from an American general, not a Korean one.

there are still poor Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, that are US client states – is it a coincidence it’s from these countries where all the tens of thousands of children are fleeing local American “democracy” and capitalism – and not socialist Nicaragua?

the servile EU cannot pass gas without Washington’s permission, the US is implicated too.

Argentina is a major meat and grain producer. Its official government press release made it clear that, Hell yes Eurangloland, we’ll increase our food exports to Russia, saying,

Next, the Chinese sounded their Buddhist long horns, announcing that they would move into high gear to build a huge, 100,000m2 special cross-border customs zone food market and warehouse complex on their northeastern border, in direct cooperation with their Russian colleagues. When the Chinese decide to do something, it will take them merely months to finish the project and get it launched. ­­

Turkey, a key member of colonial NATO and an EU pretender, vocally announced,

Egypt, a loyal Western client state that merrily helps Israel in the genocide of the Palestinians, is ready to go.

Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa making it public.

Belarus and Tajikistan

Even Serbia, which is trying to gain ascension into the EU, came out swinging at the West.

in spite of explicit threats from Brussels.

Maybe all those thousands of deformed babies and locals dying from cancer, due to NATO’s 50,000 rounds of depleted uranium laying around Serbia, is starting to get to them, a high price indeed to pay for servitude to the West’s Princes of Power.

Ahhh, uranium 238, the gift that keeps on giving – for 4.5 billion years.

[IMG 0061]

L for loser

More and more of the world’s 85% are happy to give Eurangloland a big, public raspberry – and loving it (Image by

Russia is also contacting Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, Mauritius, Mexico, Mozambique, Paraguay, Peru and Sri Lanka, to sign food import contracts.

Russia has become the world’s sixth largest gold owner,

as well as sitting on the world’s fifth largest pile of foreign cash reserves, more than the United States or any EU country,

Europe’s inglorious, ignominious infamy
[IMG 0062]

Eu_logo +

The new true blue and gold flag of the EU. Fascism is back with a vengeance across the Old Continent, because the Princes of Power and Profit want it that way. (Image by +


Foreign Policy.

The entire text of Saddam’s meeting with US Ambassador to Iraq, April Gillespie, has since been released.

Incredibly, only twenty Israeli families control around 50% of the country’s stock market and one-fourth of the largest corporations, especially media, banking and IT.

Immigration to Israel from war-torn, fascist infested Ukraine has surged 215%.

[IMG 0063] Ukraine Nazis proudly showing their fascist symbols. The Western media is naturally blind to such displays.

Ukraine nazis svobda Ukraine fascists thepeoplesvoice

The West and Israel intentionally and willfully ignore that Western Ukraine is under the control of Nazis. (Images by and


Our Bipolar World

. Just in assassinations alone, the list is long:

Since 1963, France’s secret services (DGSE) are said to have assassinated 23 independence minded African heads of state, who would not do the West’s bidding.

Much of this is spelled out in gripping, irrefutable detail in William Blum’s majestic book, Killing Hope.

the Beatles, Getting Better,

[IMG 0064]


Isolated Russia and Not the World map

“Isolated” Russia in green and the West’s invisible peoples in the countries marked in black. Together, they make up the True Moral Majority, 85% of humanity. Eurangloland is marked in cerulean, the remaining 15%. (Image by

Merkel is my sweetheart now, a veritable Obama slayer
[IMG 0065]

Berlin/ Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU) posiert am Mittwoch (18.04.12) im Kanzleramt in Berlin bei der Preisverleihung des Wettbewerbs "startsocial 2011/2012". "startsocial " ist der bundesweite Wettbewerb fuer soziale Ideen und Projekte. Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel hat das Ehrenamt in Deutschland gewuerdigt. Foto: Maja Hitij/dapd

I’ve got a crush on her now. She’s my sweetheart for a day. (Image by )

Only RT has the scoop of the year,

former German chancellor and cold warrior Helmut Schmidt, siding with Crimea’s return to the warm embrace of Red Mamma.

Michelle and the girls are practicing taichi and feeding the Panda bears


What Jeff J. Brown reads and researches to write Reflections in Sinoland

[IMG 0066]

A magnifying glass hovering over several words like deceptions and lies, at the center of which is Facts

A magnifying glass hovering over several words like deceptions and lies, at the center of which is Facts

Deng Xiaoping is credited for saying “Seek truth from facts” (实事求是; shí shì qiú shì). He actually borrowed it from Mao Zedong, who in turn borrowed it from the façade of his alma mater, Hunan’s First Teachers Training School, which in turn got it from the “Book of Han”. When was this noble tome written? The year 111 AD. Sage advice from long, long ago. (Image by

Consortium News

all the ersatz Russian invasions into Ukraine, replete with ridiculously phony photos or zero evidence at all. Ditto MH17, which all on-the-ground evidence indicates it was shot down by Ukrainian fighter planes.

Daniel Ellsberg, Karen Silkwood, Sibel Edmonds, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald (and many, many more)

The United States just weighed in as having the 49th most free press in the world, behind Malta, Niger, Burkina Faso, El Salvador, Tonga, Chile and Botswana.

Al Jazeera English – Live US, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Sports, Weather & Business News

The American Conservative

China Daily Website – Connecting China Connecting the World

China | South China Morning Post : The Noam Chomsky Website (his website is always outdated, but he’s all over the internet)

Chris Hedges, Columnist – Truthdig


CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Deena Stryker

Fort Russ

Trends Monthly – Trends Research Institute

Fire Dog Lake (I contribute to this website) | Latest China, world news and business stories, comments from the Global Times

Global Research

The Greanville Post • Vol. VIII (I am a contributing editor)

Hidden Harmonies China Blog | 中国博客 探索和谐


Russia & India Report: Top Stories

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Chapter 3

China vs. the West: Planet Earth’s Titanic, 21st Century Wrestling Match for Humanity’s Future

Chapter Page

[IMG 0067]

Dragon red gold emblem cropped Redocn_2014080913144634 (2500 x 1563)

Be careful what you wish for boys…

[IMG 0068] 


Is the West really ready for a 21st century rumble with China? (Image by Wikipedia)


BRICS and NAM or Soylent Green?


A sci-fi classic, Soylent Green. In a hellish, overpopulated dystopian world, humans are killed and processed into the staple diet for the citizens, to stave off mass starvation. As with many creative expressions throughout history, life imitating art is often incredibly prescient (Image by

the other 85% of the world’s masses, those Dreaded Other 6.1 billion people in Asia, Africa and Central/South America

Given that the Western Antarctic ice sheet is a goner and all that it implies for the future

Drone Speech

Post-Iraq/Afghanistan Foreign Policy Speech

America’s 1,000 military bases overseas,

Obama’s 134 secret armies, euphemistically called Special Ops.

I’m really good at killing people

keeping their system in place via the levers of financial power, with the World Bank/IMF/US$ FIRE (Finance-Insurance-Real Estate).

the violence of militarism,

the sabotage and subterfuge of Deep State machinations (coups, assassinations, color revolutions, regime change). This happens in a heartbeat to any country that so much as hints at a possible non-capitalist, non-aligned way of taking care of their people and international relations more equitably.

what we are seeing happen between Baba Beijing, Russia

slowly joining them in the fray, India and Iran,

BRICS and NAM could decapitate this Western Hydra in a New York City minute. All they have to do is collectively replacing their use of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency and stop using it for cross border settlement.

[IMG 0070]

Currency timeline

A timeline of the world’s dominant trade currencies. What goes up, always comes down (Image by

it would spell the extinction of the human race, even if H-bomb equipped BRICS and NAM countries don’t even fire a shot.

the real life vulture capitalist, William E. Simon

[IMG 0071]

Soylent Green street outtake

The 1% would happily dispose of a big chunk of the 99% and turn them into to Soylent Green food, if they could, and if it was necessary to maintain their grip on Mother Earth’s human and natural resources. Pictured here from the same said movie is a “riot control” team, harvesting 99% flesh to feed back to the survivors (Image by

Baba Beijing’s Belly Laugh Felt Round the World


[IMG 0072]


China government seal

The image that drives American pundits, policy makers and Princes of Power to foaming-at-the-mouth rage: The emblem of the People’s Republic of China. (Image by Wikipedia)

U.S. fiscal failure warrants a de-Americanized world

[IMG 0073] 


The West forced opium on China’s poor and starving for a hundred years. (Image by

[IMG 0074]

A rainbow of Maos is rapidly gaining trade settlement status at the expense of greenback Franklins. (Image by Wikipedia)



Baba Beijing Is Sitting in the Senkaku Islands Catbird Seat

[IMG 0075]

South China Sea map in Chinese

China’s official map of the Diaoyudao, encased in the red box. They are nested between China, Taiwan and the chain of Japanese islands called Ryukyu. (Image by Huanqiu)

[IMG 0076]

Dr. Stranglelove movie poster

Only this time it’s not the USSR, but China.

The Greanville Post, The Saker and teleSUR.

[IMG 0077]


Was Bob Dylan’s song, Neighborhood Bully, a prescient, subliminal reference to the USA?

[0078] The Godfather


America incarnate. The World’s Policeman and Neighborhood Bully just don’t cut it anymore.

In Hawaii, Alaska or along the West Coast, “Honey, is that a squadron of Chinese fighter jets I see flying outside our window”?






Uncle Sam Hands Baba Beijing Its Own Head on an Afghan Platter

Le Monde’s geopolitical chitchat with Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai

[IMG 0080] 


George Orwell’s 1984 Memory Hole: The Princes of Powers’ favorite place for the truth and nothing but the truth (Image by

[IMG 0081]


Pulp Fiction’s sadistic, psychopathic “The Gimp”, or is it rather America just being in character? (Image by Wikipedia)

[IMG 0082]

Gimp victims cropped

Marsellus Wallace and Butch Coolidge, or America’s view of the Muslim world? (Image by YouTube)

Georg Cantor

[IMG 0083]

Economist military spending chart

Ka-ching baby – banko big time – up, up and away! Note China’s military spending compared to the rest of the world. (Image by the Economist)

[IMG 0084]

Mohammed Karzai portrait chnarmy

Karzai knows the value of a dark skinned child. (Image by chnarmy)

[IMG 0085]

Qalat City, Afghanistan Alexander's castle with soldier

American soldier helping use Alexander the Great’s castle in Qalat City, Afghanistan. A lot of good that will do him. (Image by Military News Network)

[IMG 0086]

US debt vs. Greece graph Weekly Standard

Thank you Baba Beijing, for financing the downfall of the Eurmerican Empire. (Image by the Weekly Standard)

[IMG 0087] Baba Beijing compound

Zhongnanhai CPC HQ

Baba Beijing’s just hanging and waiting for the 21st century to fall into their lap. The Chinese central leadership’s compound, Zhongnanhai, with the two lakes formed like an exclamation point, to the left of the Forbidden City (the rectangle on the right). In the lower right hand corner, is Tiananmen Gate (Image by






China’s Lunar Rover, Jade Rabbit. Is Sour Grapes for the US


Rabbits figure prominently in lunar folklore around the world, thanks to the appearance of the moon’s earthside seas and craters. (Image by Wikipedia)

didn’t even have it on their front page – anywhere.3

Jade Rabbit and a near collision between American and Chinese naval ships came in #13 and #15 down the list of headlines.4

as was seen in an MSN news clip.5

got her talking points from Barak Obama and John Kerry.6

the United States refuses to sign it too.7,8

Previous US presidents strove to keep weaponization of space off the books, even for the United States.9

Strategic Defense Initiative, or Star Wars.10

Paul Craig Roberts

[IMG 0089]

Great Leap Forward steel mills caiquansheng

1958 nighttime photo of Chinese cadres using backyard furnaces to melt down farm equipment and tools to make steel. The byline says, 107 million tons of steel were made, but steel doesn’t digest so well on an empty stomach. The above photo byline in Chinese ends with a poetic, enigmatic, Daytime, a Person, Nighttime a Fire. (#90 Image by caiquansheng)


Cultural Revolution struggle session poster wiki

The Soviet Union and the US were duking it out during the 50s-70s, in space, on the Moon and in third world countries around the planet. This, while China was making things difficult for itself in the sociocultural department. Here is a 1969 Cultural Revolution poster, extolling the virtues of struggle sessions, which were public kangaroo courts of humiliation and physical abuse. Many millions suffered. (#91 Image by Wikipedia)

[0091] Jade Rabbit on the moon

Jade Rabbit roving on Moon

Wave to the Americans, Jade Rabbit. (#92 Image by



Uncle Sam Is Baba Beijing’s Bank Bitch


That Napoleon is such an important person in human history is reflected in his image being presented on the U.S. Supreme Court Building – along with Islam’s Mohammed and Babylonia’s King Hammurabi, as important law makers. They don’t call it Napoleonic Law for nothing. Here, Napoleon is pondering his life, while in exile on the island of St. Helena. (#93 Image by idcr)

China has $2.6 trillion in direct government debt

$3.69 trillion in foreign exchange reserves.


America’s entire gross domestic product (GDP) for one year

quantitative easing

The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism,

European Union already has a bigger GDP than the United States


[0093] Meet the Fockers

Meet the Fockers wall of gaylord

Dustin Hoffman channeling 21st century America, in the movie, Meet the Fockers. (#94 Image by 2.bp.blogspot)

[IMG 0094]

Major holders us treasury debt

Makes you proud to be an American, doesn’t it? China at bottom, in blue, is the world’s biggest owner of American sovereign debt, ahead of Japan, in orange. (#95 Image by

Collapse of Complex Societies

[VID 021] A Change Is Gonna Come

Sam Cooke YT outtake

Sam Cooke A Change Is Gonna Come

Sam Cooke, RIP: Life imitating art. (#97 Image by Wikipedia). YouTube song.

My Oh My, a Month for the Record Books
[IMG 0095]


Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are patient, strategic matadors, playing the West like a hemorrhaging, raging bull. (#98 Image by

[IMG 0096]

Aerosmith Dream On

Aerosmith couldn’t sing it any better, thinking about Baba Beijing calling up Western leaders to weigh in on world events outside China’s sphere of influence: Dream On. (#99 Image by

No sooner did Xi Jinping assume the presidency that he got the nominal leader of the Palestinians, Mahmoud Abbas and the neo-fascist ruler of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu, together for a handshake in Sinoland.

one of the 20th century’s most heinous colonial land grabs and its accompanying genocide of the Palestinian people

[IMG 0097]

McKinley Uncle Sam colonial map

American Imperialism goes back, way back, to the 19th century Spanish-American War. Many would say we can go back to the genocide of 15 million Native Americans. (#100 Image by

the Chinese foreign minister gave a mild rebuke to the West,

China’s abstention vote speaks volumes

[IMG 0098]


US military presence around world map

The backbone of the West’s colonial empire is America’s and by extension, NATO’s military presence across planet Earth. (#101 Image by

[IMG 0099]
US bases in the Middle East (

[IMG 0100] Who threatens whom? US bases surrounding Iran.

[IMG 0101]

Venezuela and Ecuador are now getting the West’s ersatz NED-NGO “democratization” program

color revolutions devil

Color revolutions as phony as a $3 bill, all paid for by America’s 99%. (#102 Image by

Project for the New American Century (PNAC). PNAC is made up of ultra-right wing elitists

Nudelman brazenly told the National Press Club, on December 13th, 2013,

faster than emptying an Apache helicopter’s M230 chain gun full of 30mm, depleted uranium shells.

[IMG 0102] Overall national debt by major nations

Overall debt of countries West vs. East

The West and its vassal states, like South Korea and Japan, have a much more explosive debt bomb to deal with, compared to BRICS, which is represented by the four countries in green, above. (#103 Image by

[IMG 0103] US Military and/or CIA interventions around the world.

US interventions list

US military and/or CIA interventions around the world: this list is already obsolete, dating to only 2011.But it is continually updated in the minds of world leaders, like Putin and Xi. They can add the Ukraine for Russia and Xinjiang, for China. (#104 Image by p.twimg_.com_.png)

Few Westerners paid any attention to the editorial in the Chinese People’s Daily newspaper, about Crimea

Xi called Putin

Russia was the first country Xi visited after becoming president and proudly stood with Putin on the dais at the very successful, Western-sour-grapes Sochi Winter and Special Olympics

That is why the side-meeting arranged between Obama and Xi,

whose military is sending 60% of its behemoth maritime naval fleet to cruise up and down China’s beaches, as it prepares to invade the Mainland.

[IMG 0104] Obama, war criminal

Obama drones

Nobel Peace Prize winning war criminal and imperial White House fascist, sad to say, the West’s Dr. Drone. (#105 Image by

Are the Filipinos selling their proud souls to counter Baba Beijing in the Spratlys?

Morón Air Base, to the north of Rota, is a similar situation, but had a near nuclear disaster caused by American negligence, to keep modern Spanish military history exciting.

largely trumped up Cold War Soviet threat

to bomb Kosovo for 79 straight days, during 38,000 “combat” missions, with depleted uranium and civilian slaughtering cluster bombs.

their embassy in Belgrade was “accidentally” destroyed by CIA guided Tomahawk missiles, with 23 Chinese casualties.

The United States still has a large naval/air force base in Souda Bay, on the island of Crete.

The Philippines were America’s Spanish American-War Asian trophy colony, along with Cuba and Puerto Rico, closer to home.

Washington and Madrid were in Paris, to discuss how much America would pay for the archipelago’s 7,107 islands, Guam, as well as the aforementioned island prizes in the Caribbean. They settled on a price tag of $20 million

1,500,000 out of a total population of six million Filipinos were killed from 1898-1913, in their struggle against American ownership, including many American perpetrated massacres and other war crimes committed against the local people.

Subic Bay Naval Base,

Clark (Air) Field

Pol Pot managed to kill during his postwar reign of terror.

according to distinguished democide expert, Dr. R.J. Rummel, at the University of Hawaii

the US’s military and corporate contractors were more than happy to fatten Marcos’ pharaonic, offshore bank accounts.

the Filipino government is negotiating to let America’s imperial war machine back onto its long fought-for and suffering lands – again – apparently as a riposte against Baba Beijing, in their tiff over the Spratly Islands.

their government for not doing more to fight for its claim of Sabah,

[IMG 0105] 

McKinley foot on black Filipino

President William McKinley displays his real attitude about the Filipinos. The answer to the above question is a resounding “Yes”. Racism, and the dehumanization of the Dreaded Other is the bedrock of all imperialism, ancient and modern. (#106 Image by

Baba Beijing was at the Geneva Ukraine crisis talks!
[IMG 0107]

Lavrov and Xi in Beijing on April 16th

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov shaking hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping, in Beijing, just hours before Lavrov met his Western adversaries in Geneva, for the Ukraine crisis talks. (#107 Image by

the West’s paid for and conspired, coup-appointed Ukraine junta

Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, flew from Europe all the way across the Asian continent, to meet with China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, as well as with President Xi Jinping, for private consultations on Ukraine.

What the West and NATO are up against in our new, multipolar world

an interview that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov gave on Rossiya 24 TV channel, March 29th, 2014.

[IMG 0108]

Pictured above, the Chinese and Russian presidents, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, sign their historical natural gas contracts. (#108 Image by

including Department of State bigwig Victoria “Nuland” Nudelman even publically bragging about this massive sum of money being spent for the Americans to buy the Ukrainian government of their choice,

The Skinny on Hong Kong’s Occupy Central Movement
[IMG 0109]

Hong Kong anticapitalist umbrella poster

Is it really democracy Hongkongers want? Or is it a level playing field? This banner screams, “Down with Capitalism– Occupy Central”. (#109 Image by

The fact that free-wheeling Hong Kong is gladly letting the CIA fronted NGO National Endowment for Democracy operate on its soil, is all we need to know.

they have many other darker, deep state activities that answer to a higher, nefarious power

These NGOs invariably have lofty sounding, idealistic names, and then these NGOs will work to destabilize the local political structure, with the goal of overturning the government in a coup d’état or “color” revolution

All the color/named revolutions since 1990 – China, Georgia, Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Kyrgyzstan, the Arab Spring and currently in Ukraine, where it has not gone as planned, and Russia and Venezuela, where the same modus operandi is simply not working.

here is a long list of CIA financed NGOs that were in Russia in 2009. Its length is shocking

One of the classic NGO case studies is Otpor in Yugoslavia. Its template has laid the foundation for many of the CIA ginned revolutions and rebellions for the last 25 years.

the United States, through its CIA front NGOs, just tries to buy overseas elections. This is the case in Brazil

As fully explained by Hongkonger Ming Chun Tang

Dr. Jekyll China and Mr. Hyde America

[IMG 0110] 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)

No doubt who is who on today’s geopolitical stage (#110 Image by

In any case, Baba Beijing is preparing for World War III against the West

A very well researched article by Tony Cartalucci at Global Research

hats off to Mr. Cartalucci for his excellent research here and here, exposing America’s deep involvement in Hong Kong’s civil unrest.

Many more Chinese than Americans had a chance to read and learn about Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s interview, where he stated

Baba Beijing continues to quietly go about its business of projecting soft power and signing hundreds of billions in cross border commercial and trade deals.

Jekyll China has made allies of most of the Africa’s peoples.

The American government’s answer to the Ebola crisis in Africa: send 3,000 biowar troops

Cuba and a number of other countries send doctors, supplies, medicines and equipment, China included

[IMG 0111]

Obama ebola send military

America’s foreign policy has been reduced to all it knows: guns, chaos and war (#111 Image by

Xi and Modi signed multi-billion trade and investment deals and they were able to put aside and defuse ongoing tensions over their longstanding border disputes.

And what did Obama offer India’s Modi, during his visit to Washington? Why, what else: military contracts

In Iraq alone, the US has massacred 3,300,000 Muslims, including 750,000 children

China is going to build a particle accelerator more than twice as big as the Large Hadron Collider in Europe.

Meanwhile, Obama told the United Nations,

Shenzhen, China’s powerhouse economic hub in Guangdong Province, north of Hong Kong, it going to build an ecofriendly city of the future.

[IMG 0112]

chinese-shenzhen future city

While Baba Beijing is building dreams for a better future, the West builds a web of death, chaos and unsustainable debt. Pictured, an architect’s rendition of Shenzhen’s ecofriendly city (#112 Image by

Chapter 4

China, Baba Beijing, the Old the New, Inside and Out

Chapter Page

[IMG 0113]

Dragon with philosopher cropped Redocn_2014092017370698 (1563 x 2500)


To Every Overseas Move, Turn, Turn, Turn- Or a Time to Look Back and Reassess My Life

(No audiovisuals in this article)

China West vs. China East
[IMG 0114]

Yin-yang with sky day night moon

There’s more to the symbol of Yin-Yang, than meets the eye. Read on. (#113 Image by

The American Dream, the Chinese Version and Everybody Else


Number of worlds needed

This graphic lays it out clearly: the American Dream as a world model of success is unsustainable, for its massive consumption of resources – and lethal to humanity’s prospects for survival. (#114 Image by

If people like the Chinese gorged on natural resources at the same rate as Americans, the planet’s 7,300,000,000 humans would need an additional 4.1 Earths, in order to satisfy their daily demands for water, food, housing, land, energy and other resources.

[IMG 0116] Gorging oneself-hamburger

American consumption as US flag hamburger eater

The world’s gluttonous, Hampshire hogs: Americans. If too many Chinese try to live the same lifestyle, we can kiss our ecosystem goodbye just that much faster. (#115 Image by Pinterest)

I suspect some of my ancestors did no differently when they came to the United States during the Irish Famine Genocide of the mid-1850s.

Sadly, all of the aforementioned, including you and me, live in sumptuous luxury, compared to the more than 3,000,000,000 Earth citizens, who live on less than $2.50 a day.

Mao Zedong: Ow! Or Wow?
[IMG 0117]

Mao and Deng in 1959 xinhua

Talking about a revolution. Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, discussing Great Leap Forward strategy, in 1959. It was tough three years for China and the CPC. (#116 Image by xinhuanet)

[IMG  0118] Mao is everywhere.

Tuk tuk and driver3

Mao Zedong is everywhere you look. Here is a Mao amulet hanging in a tuk-tuk. (#117 Image by Jeff J. Brown)

[IMG 0119] Mao is revered almost everywhere. A matter of historical justice.

Mao poster hostel Langmusi Sichuan

Posters of Mao can be found everywhere, especially in the countryside. Here is one that greets you in a small hotel in Sichuan. (#118 Image by Jeff J. Brown)

More recently, the United States killed 3.3 million Iraqis, 1990-2012, including 750,000 children,

Thoughts on Xi Jinping
[IMG 0120]

Xi Jinping Tavis Coburn

Xi Jinping is giving a lot of thought to his people’s future – and the future of Planet Earth, well into the 21st century. (#119 Image by Tavis Coburn the New Yorker)

[IMG 0121] 

Western Demonization of Xi Jinping – Let the Slime Begin

Xi Jinping with moustache

The West is desperate, really, really at wit’s end, in trying to respond to Xi Jinping’s incredible success at home and around the world. Time to start throwing dirt. (Image by Pinterest)

Sometimes you read articles like his and ask if it was written by the CIA and handed to him to publish in his name.

Not only that, but conclusive research shows that he and his family were/are CIA agents or NOCs (non-official covers): his mother, grandmother, stepfather and father were in the thick of it.

grandpappy headed up the American Liberty League in the 1930s,

failed to organize a fascist coup against FDR.

Baba Beijing’s Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange, Glenn Greenwald, WikiLeaks Challenge Has Arrived
[IMG 0122]

Red Nobility Chinese Princes of Power poster

Just a handful of the 22,000 Chinese Princes of Power exposed for having overseas tax havens. (#121 Image by

President Hu Jintao said in his last speech to the National People’s Congress in 2012, that corruption in the CPC is the one thing that could bring an end to its preeminent position,

New York Times exposed the $2.7 billion fortune of Premier Wen Jiabao’s immediate family, shortly before that.

Too bad the NYT doesn’t apply the same rules of engagement with the American government, like when they supinely obeyed the White House not to publish their report

Bo Xilai,

Gu Kailai,

Liu Zhijun, a former minister of railways was given the death sentence for embezzling over ¥64 million

gone down in flames for taking a 6% kickback on a ¥2 billion (about €/$285 million) military land deal in Shanghai

56 provincial lawmakers offered bribes to 518 municipal lawmakers and 68 staff members, totaling more than ¥110 million (around €/$16 million)

the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) had a list of nearly 22,000 elite Chinese with offshore tax havens, including relatives of President Xi.

[IMG 0123] People’s Republic of Offshore.

Offshore graphic PRC flag

Ouch. (#122 Image by

The Way It Was Supposed to Be in 21st-Century America vs. the Way It Really Is Across the Big Pond

[IMG 0124]


For those of us who voted for him, this is the fantasy speech we hoped he would give. (#123 Image by Wikipedia)

[IMG 0125]

Bond King at Qinghua Univ. Blankfein

Goldman-Sachs’ Blankfein, The Bond King, wowing the Chinese elite before his imaginary downfall. (#124 Image by


Mainstream media connected

The mainstream media delivering the exact message the Princes of Power want you to see and hear. (#125 Image by

[IMG 0126]

White collar criminal in handcuffs

The real criminals of society finally get the justice they deserve. Dream on. (#126 Image by

[0127] Chinese polling.

Pollster filling out questionnaire in China

The biggest polling company customer in China is Baba Beijing. Pictured here is a pollster taking the sociopolitical pulse of a Chinese citizen. (#127 Image by

[IMG 0128] Democracy street protests

Street protesters in China

Democracy expressed on the streets of China, 300-500 times a day. (#128 Image by

[IMG 0129] Chinese corruption


dreamstime_xs_23336877 Bribe

Yes, this kind of corruption is a problem in China, but it is also true in many countries touting themselves as pluralistic democracies. (#129 Image by

570 legislators were told to pack their bags and were sent home, for blatant corruption.

[IMG 0130]

dreamstime_xs_949547 Pen

The most destructive corruption to humanity happens with the strokes of 18-carat, diamond-studded pens: laws, regulations, directives & contracts, regardless of the country where it happens – East or West. (#130 Image by

Angelo Dundee

Living here in Sinoland, I’ve got a Mohammed Ali, Angelo Dundee cornerman, boxing ring seat, baby. (Image by

2- .


The Real Truth about China’s Plenums
[IMG 0131]

PSC entering room Jiangxi Yuzhou

The leaders of China’s PSC will determine our Western standings of living and lifestyles in the decades to come. (#132 Image by Jiangxi Yuzhou Vocational College of Science and Technology)

[IMG 0132] 

Confucius poster

Confucius is at least as influential on human society today, as Jesus or Mohammed. (#133 Image by Matt from London)

[IMG 0133] 

CPC Plenum meeting room Guizhou Minzu University

Serious business: the uber-macho 18th Central Committee in 3rd Plenum session. (#134 Image by Guizhou Minzu University)

[IMG 0134] Deng

Deng Xiaoping 1930s

Deng Xiaoping’s 1978 plenum changed world history. Long before, he was a take-no-prisoner, guerrilla war fighter, with a lot of revolutionary blood on his hands. His diminutive size would disarm people. Deng is pictured here in the glory days of killing Japanese and Western colonialists and fascist KMT thugs by the truckload, 1930s-40s. (#135 Image by Communist Party of China News Online)

Paul Craig Roberts

[IMG 0135] 


The White Man’s burden: racist, Western, colonial masters dispensing their civilizing mission, showing The Dreaded Other their definition of respect. (#136 Image by

[IMG 0136] Racist perfidy of Western empire.

Western empire carving up China Greanville Post

The Chinese understand the racist perfidy of Western Empire, just as much as all the other non-white peoples around the world. Pictured above, the metaphorical rape of China by the English, Germans, French, Russians and Japanese, planning their colonial gang bang. Chine means China in French. (Image by

[IMG 0137]


This is the dream China that Western empire still lusts for to this day: weak, powerless and ready for colonial rape, pillage and plunder. (#138 Image by Greanville Post)

[IMG 0138]

Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang working a crowd

Premier Li Keqiang (front) and President Xi Jinping, on a mission of consensus – working a crowd, Beijing style. (#139 Image by Renminwang)


How Baba Beijing Moves the Body Politic from the Bottom Up
[IMG 0139] 


Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum: Democrats and Republicans, Labor, Lib-Dems and Tories, they all work for the 1%. (#140 Image by

[IMG 0140]


No other place on Earth reminds me more of Blade Runner than Beijing. (#141 Image by


Americans Are Dumb

[IMG 0141]

George Carlin and Chrissie Hynde montage

Mr. Carlin and Ms. Hynde would have a field day in China writing material about the culture here. The Pretenders song Ohio easily pops into your head riding around Beijing. (#142 Images by

[IMG 0142]

Kangying aparment fire safety banners north Kangying aparment fire safety banners south

Here, there everywhere: four dazibao on the left and three on the right, as I leave my apartment block. (#143 Images by

Baba Beijing Abolishes Much Hated Labor Camps
[IMG 0143]

Forced labor camp prisoners assistnews

Detainees in a Chinese labor camp. (#144 Image by assistnews)

[IMG 0144]

Incarceration rate US graph

When they get out, they can work at McDonald’s part time or sweep floors as an orderly. (#145 Image by Wikipedia)

What Goes Up Sometimes Comes Down, with Backhoes (Excavators) and Bulldozers
[IMG 0145]


Time to demolish? Who ’ya gonna call? Not the Lone Ranger. Gimme a mob of white hatted, do-goodin’ Chinese city cops instead! (#146 Image by

[IMG 0146] Spiderman


Or Spiderman? Who needs ’im! Send in the white hard hats! (#147 Image by Wikipedia)

[IMG 0147]

Demolition backhoe police Qinghai

Police looking on as an illegal construction project is being demolished, this one in Xining, the capital of Qinghai. (#148 Image by

[IMG 0148] 

Demolition with police in Wuziyuan

In Wulingyuan, the province of Hunan, hard hat wearing police are actually rolling up their sleeves to dismantle illegal construction themselves. (#149 Image by

Demolition Xi'an with onlookers

In Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, the local authorities invited the public to come and gawk. Heck man, this beats a Transformers movie! (#150 Image by

Demolition notice

Here is an illegal construction notice that was handed out in August to a housing complex in Haidian, Beijing called Renjishanzhuang. (#151 Image by

Demolition notice2

Moving companies must have had a field day. (#152 Images by

Demolition villas to come down

These so-called “villas” then got notices plastered on their doors for eminent demolition.

Transformers movie poster

Who needs Transformers? We’ve got it live action right here in our Sinoland neighborhoods! (#153 Image by

The Sinosky Is Falling? Really?

[IMG 0149] 

Bloomberg is screaming that China’s total private and public debt was 215% of GDP in 2012 and thus, its economy is going to implode at any minute.

Debt mature economies graph

(#154 Image by gfmag)

has the world’s largest foreign exchange reserves

Patrick Chovanec,

Since the economy in the United States is a mirage for the 99%

as much gold as Baba Beijing can get its hands on

[IMG 0150]

Terry Bradshaw

Terry knows the how much the gold in his Super Bowl rings is worth. Too bad most bought and paid for mainstream economists and pundits don’t. (#155 Image by

Grotesque Priorities

“Trading with the Enemy”, all part of the absurd set of laws and embargoes that Uncle Sam has had against the island state of Cuba and its people, since the country’s independence from American colonial satrapy in 1959

Fourteen Baltimore neighborhoods have a life expectancy less than that of North Korea

Andre Vltchek has visited North Korea several times and writes that Western propaganda is just that

Korean War

[IMG 0151] Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman

Double dare you Dennis, baby, to survive on the mean streets of Baltimore, homeless in a blizzard, out of a job and in desperate need of medical care. (#157 Image by anhuinews)

The beauty and elegance of Chinese characters put to fiendishly good use
[IMG 0152]

JC Decaux subway poster

In the Beijing subway (Image by Jeff J. Brown,)

[IMG 0153]


Hunting rifle crosshairs inside a scope. (#159 Image by regionalextensioncenter)

Try catching a taxi in Beijing when it’s raining or snowing: a lesson in local culture

Kangying with snow

View of Kangying Jiayuan after snowfall, from our 10th floor apartment. (#160 Image by Jeff J. Brown)

Kangying taxis parked in snow

Snow idled Beijing taxis, parked everywhere alongside streets and in parking lots. (#161 Image by Jeff J. Brown)

Lei Feng was an electrician? Only in America – errrr… China

Lei Feng study billboard

Lei Feng (#161 Image by Jeff J. Brown)


The Zhonglian Electrical Services highway billboard. Apparently, somebody at Zhonglian Electrical Services Association has lived in the United States. (#162 Image by Jeff J. Brown)

[IMG 0154- 0155- 0156- 0157]

George Washington ad

I cannot tell a lie, these headphones ROCK, maaaan, I mean groooovy baby! (#163 Image by

Ben Franklin plumbing ad

Unclogging a toilet a day keeps the doctor away. And the smell? Electric! (#164 Image by


As I recall, Steve didn’t mention this ad in his OCD biography. (#165 Image by


RIS cover with heads & flags-Kindle (2500 x 1563)

Comrades, why this is more fun than purging counterrevolutionaries! (#166 Image by with Chara L. Brown Photoshopped in the heads and flags)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly on China’s Environmental Pollution
[IMG 0158] English Bobby

London smog 1952

No, not Tiananmen Square, it’s an English bobby asphyxiating on putrid British air – in 1952. (#167 Image by

[IMG 0159]

Industrial Revolution pollution 19th century

The 1%’s sweet smell of success. Typical 19th century industrial revolution urban nightmare. (#168 Image by

[IMG 0160]

China industrial zone

The West’s materialist Fluff and Stuff brought to you by China’s manufacturers. (#169 Image by

[IMG 0161]

Charlie Chocolate Factory

90s China skies were all the colors of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (#170 Image by


A smart phone that can tell me the air quality index, with the swipe of a finger? You’re going all Jetsons on me. (#171 Image by


This is the Spinal Tap AQI meter needed for China’s pollution readings, on some days. (#172 Image by

[IMG 0162] 

South Korea fascism

South Korea and Taiwan were fascist police states for their first 40-50 years after WWII. (#173 Image by

1-2 million personal bankruptcies per year, since 1990

[IMG 0163]


It all seems so quaint now, doesn’t it, Western democracy? (#174 Image by

T-Bone Walker

T-Bone Walker singing my new Chinese blues number, Call It Azure Monday. (#175 Image

The Oriental Dragon, oops, I mean Chinese Lion roars

Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yi and Xiang Jingyu, who studied in France back in the 1920s.

[IMG 0164] 

Louis XVI's execution

Louis XVI’s ignomonious end, being watched by Marie Antoinette, waiting for her just-as-grisly fate. (#176 Image by

During Xi’s speech

Liong King Mufasa Scar

Your choice, Sino-Mufasa or Sino-Scar. I’m going with former. (#177 Image by

Chuck Hagel invited all the head honchos of Asia’s militaries to meet together


Emperor Obama’s military consul, Chuck E. Cheese, enters the Lion’s den (#178 Image by

America’s Air-Sea Battle plan

PLA Unit 61398

[IMG 0165]

Dragon porcelin low res (1000 x 625)

I’m going to miss you, Imperial Dragon. Enter the Lion. (#179 Image by

It’s official: Baba Beijing says no to Western democracy
[IMG 0166]

V for Vendetta

What Baba Beijing sees across the Pacific and throughout the western tip of Eurasia. (#180 Image by

the recent zombie like knife massacre at Kunming’s train station, perpetrated by Xinjiang separatists

raucous street protests down in Guangdong Province (Canton), in the cities of Maoming and Shenzhen, to protest a chemical refinery plant construction project

Suite Vollard

[IMG 0167]

picasso suite vollard

Thousands of Chinese have turned out to see up close and personal the raging genius of Picasso. (#181 Image by

Xi Jinping’s speech about democracy, which he gave at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium

He went on to spell it out in no uncertain terms,

[IMG 0168]


President Xi Jinping says no more paimapi from Baba Beijing for the hypocritical West. (#182 Image by

when El Presidente Billy Jeff Clinton insulted the Chinese back in 1998, by haughtily chastising them,

China National Museum

Tall Tiananmen Tales and the Little Red Pill


Matrix Neo Chooses The Red Pill

Matrix Neo Chooses The Red Pill

Neo taking the red pill of truth in The Matrix. Count me in. (#183 Image by

China still grabs the We’re Number One medal in any case, as Xinghai Square, in Dalian, stretches out an expansive 1,100,000m². Bring your compass or GPS.

China Daily

The Day

[IMG 0170]

Tiananmen PLA soldier burned and hung  Tiananmen Square PLA soldier burned to death voltaire.nettiananmen__square PLA soldiers burned and hung

Unarmed PLA soldiers hung or tied up then torched with Molotov cocktails by Tiananmen’s protesters. The bottom photo’s soldier was even disemboweled. Once the West’s “peaceful” protesters turned bloodthirsty, Baba Beijing gave the soldiers arms to clear out the square (#184 Images by

Tiananmen protester with guns Jeff Widener AP 1989.6.3

Automatic machine guns thanks to the CIA and the US Embassy’s diplomatic pouch, June 3rd, 1989. The PLA soldiers on duty in Tiananmen Square were still unarmed. (#185 Image by Jeff Widner, Associated Press)

[IMG 0171] “TANK MAN”

A Chinese protestor blocks a line of tanks heading east on Beijing's Changan Blvd. June 5, 1989 in front of the Beijing Hotel. The man, calling for an end to the violence and bloodshed against pro-democracy demonstrators at Tiananmen Square, was pulled away by bystanders, and the tanks continued on their way.

If the PLA is such a bunch of blood sucking, soulless murderers, why did they wait for Tank Man to finally leave? (#186 Image by

Reporting the Myth of Tiananmen and the Price of a Passive Press.

Daily Telegraph had to write that it was all a lie.

Tiananmen Square “Massacre”? The Power of Words vs. Silent Evidence

Killing Hope (2004, Common Courage Press), by William Blum

[IMG 0172]

Killing Hope world map interventions since wwii

In reality, we can add the United States to the map, for the Kennedy assassinations, 9/11, internal psyops, propaganda and violent interventions. (#187 Image by

The fact that Radio Free Asia, a CIA propaganda megaphone, used someone with a voice sounding exactly like the Dalai Lama, to egg Tibetans to violent insurrection the day before the March 14th, 2008 riots in Lhasa, riots which were obviously well planned and coordinated in advance, it is easy to see that the United States continues to try to undermine China’s sovereignty unabated.

F. William Engdahl

Tony Cartalucci

[IMG 0173]

Baba Beijing sez: we don’t need no stinkin’ Western democrassy!

Xi Jinping pointing the way

President Xi Jinping is robustly and authoritatively pointing the way to China’s future, and the future of rest of the world as well. (#188 Image by

Xi Jinping, the President of China, has all but declared any ambition, any notion of adopting Western style “democracy” as misguided and dangerous.

Xi is taking the mantle of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping, and acting very presidential indeed.

He is a force to be reckoned with, not only in China, but for adversarial US/NATO too.

its multitude of philosophers, historians, authors and teachers.

Xi has recently been pulling quotes and axioms from China’s ancient texts going back 2,500 years ago.

Confucius is hip again

Westerners are all in a snit that China is formulating its own identity

while working to integrate the concept of rule of law.

as they try to make sense of it all, parsing and divining every Chinese character uttered or printed.

Baba is also talking about and defending the people’s democratic dictatorship,

talking about the Asian Century, several Eurasian Silk Roads, and Strings of Pearls, while signing hundreds of billions in trade and commerce deals.

China will help lead to make our coexistence more peaceful, more equal and more multipolar.

Hong Kong, with the US financed, instigated and managed Occupy Central color (Umbrella) revolution.

China has assiduously adhered to every tenet of the 1990 Basic Law, signed in agreement with Britain, and simply wants to follow the letter of the law for the upcoming 2017 elections.

They’ve got each other’s back in Ukraine and are against all of the CIA’s many color revolutions and government destabilization efforts around the world.

India and Pakistan are set to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO),

[IMG 0174] India’s PM Modi

Xi applauding Modi

Xi Jinping applauds Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his recent trip to India. Like Russia, India sees the light in turning East towards China. (#189 Image by

As the American Dream rapidly fades from unequal reality to universal deception, Xi Jinping’s Chinese Dream is tapping roots across the People’s Republic, and into the 21st century

[IMG 0175]

Chinese Dream work together

 The Chinese Dream stresses stability, social harmony and sacrifice for the common good. The billboard says, You and I work together. The American Dream vaunts individual accumulation of wealth and endless resource extraction. For now, too many Chinese are binging on the American version. (#190 Image by

[IMG 0176]
Another week in Sinoland, ho-hum

AIIB Asia bank map of founding members

The new Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is just one of many manifestations of how China is radically changing the world’s economic and political landscape, all at the expense of Eurangloland. (#191 Image by

In the halls of government, the Communist Party has gone after 84,000 miscreants in just the first half of 2014.

Baba Beijing just shut down many classic ghost employees scams around the country, to the tune of 100,000 phantom salaries.

Baba is also scouring the planet for crooks who have fled the Motherland with millions, sometimes billions of RMB in dirty lucre, 730 perps since 2008 and the pace is picking up fast.

in the US, economic fugitives are renouncing their American citizenship.

China knows it is sitting on a mountain of worthless American treasury bonds – $1,300,000,000,000

mergers and acquisitions

investment purchases.

The United States has been fighting it tooth and nail, as it would reduce Uncle Sam’s iron fisted financial hegemony via the World Bank, as well as the Asian Development Bank, which is Japan’s little fiefdom.

20 other countries stood up to the American bully and joined the newest international Chinese club.

industrial innovation is also improving dramatically, from just being a copycat of Western technology.

Now it is China’s turn

draw international R&D.

now Chinese IT is expanding worldwide, thanks to all that previous R&D.

creating its own stable of think tanks, which will look at the world from a Chinese perspective.

send a lunar module to orbit around the Moon and safely return back to earth.

Those poor, idealistic suckers in Hong Kong, Kiev, Caracas and elsewhere think they are righteously fighting the good fight, whereas in reality, they are stooges for American Empire.

The United States overthrew the elected government of Australia via a palace coup, historical fact,

Mother Jones has shown that the United States has embedded secret armies in 134 countries around the world.

Why China’s centrally planned, communist economy runs circles around capitalism

[IMG 0177]

Belts and Roads 2015 Silk map with Africa PNG

[IMG 0178]

21st Century Dazibao

Dazibao criticize Lin Bao

(Image by

Mass movement dazibao 3 Mass movement dazibao 2 Mass movement dazibao 1

Vitriolic, witch hunting Cultural Revolution dazibao. If you name went up, you were going down. (#193 Images by

[IMG 0179] Dazibao during the Cultural Revolution

(#194 Image by Dazibao during the Cultural Revolution Buddha defiled

Not one of China’s prouder moments. Revolutions can get really messy and out of hand. (#195 Image by

Mao Cultural Revolution poster marching 1000 li

(Image 196)

Xidan Democracy Wall photo, 1978

1978 Xidan Democracy Wall: Deng Xiaoping said four out of five ain’t bad. (197 Image by


Wei Jingsheng knows a thing or two about dazibao – the hard way. (#198 Image by Wikipedia)

Dazibao Maquanying left side

(Image by 44 Days)

[IMG 0180]

Dazibao Maquanying right side

Note the symbolic celestial lion statues guarding the community. (Image by 44 Days)

Dazibao Sunhe







Sunhe means (Paternal) Grandson’s River, or Sun Family River. (Image by 44 Days)

Chapter 5

China in the Wild East, Buckaroo, Deng Xiaoping 1990s

Title Page

Dragon gold wood freize Redocn_2013122012341783 (2500 x 1563)

No audiovisuals are contained in this chapter.

Chapter 6

Interviews with Author Jeff J. Brown


Jeff J. Brown’s Interview with The Saker: Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, China and Russia, Modi, India and BRICS vs. Western Empire, Israel and World War III

No questions about the common goals and aspirations of Putin and Xi. Western Empire should be very, very worried about the consequences. (Image by

The Saker


About the Author
[IMG 0181]

44 Days

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