Shadow of Truth – Jeff Brown In Beijing: Why Does The West Fear China? 16.4.13



Join Jeff J. Brown on the Shadow of Truth Show, with hosts Rory Hall, from the Daily Coin, and Dave Kranzler, with Investment Research Dynamics. They discuss China’s gold, silver, markets, economy and how it all fits in with the West. They also talk about concrete progress at the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), BRICS and its New Development Bank (NDB).

Jeff has been living and working in China for years, speaks the language, so he can really convey what is happening here, which is not the hog swill propaganda being belched out behind the Great Western Firewall. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

First, read Dave’s informative introductory article here:

SoT – Jeff Brown In Beijing: Why Does The West Fear China?

Then you can listen to the three-way interview on YouTube, with all of Rory’s excellent visuals here:

Or on SoundCloud, without the visuals, as an audio podcast here:

Jeff highly recommends subscribing to the Shadow of Truth, Daily Coin and Investment Research Dynamics, for cutting edge, up to date news on the world of markets, money, precious metals and Western Empire.

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