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Pictured above: On the left, typical Western presidents and leaders, putting on a hollow show of power. On the right, their puppet masters, the deep state, composed of the big oil bankers, the military, the billionaire capitalists/Wall Street and Spookville, which includes the CIA-MI6-DGSE-BND complex. You know the rest of the story.

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[dropcap] T [/dropcap]his week showed just how much US President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in are not the kind of presidents we idealize. They are figurehead leaders who answer not to their citizens, but to higher, nefarious powers.

For the US, this has been the case since George Washington and the founding of the republic in 1776. Back then, the deep state was powerful bankers and wealthy capitalists, just like today, only now adding the CIA complex and the military, which work for and profit with the aforementioned players. Seventh US President Andrew Jackson abolished America’s central bank (, which began the long legacy of assassinations and attempted assassinations of anybody who got in the bankers’ and capitalists’ way. It is no coincidence that the United States has an inordinate number of presidents and other government leaders who died in office, or survived assassination attempts ( and, including most likely Franklin D. Roosevelt (, since Wall Street’s fascist coup against FDR failed in 1933 ( and

People love to dump on Trump and say all that is happening in the White House these days is unprecedented. Not true, nothing has changed in 240 years. It’s just that he really is an outsider and is fearlessly exposing the puppeteers behind the scenes. The only reason he may not get assassinated is that he is rich enough to hire his own private security force and has sidelined the Secret Service, which is a hand maiden of the deep state. Don’t believe me? Just ask John F. and Robert F. Kennedy.

Trump is trying to sign a peace treaty with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, but does not control the Department of State nor the military, as hypothetically presumed. Thus, this week we have the US military, which occupies South Korea, suddenly conducting massive attack exercises with South Korea’s soldiers, practicing to invade and destroy the North ( This, after Kim and Moon just agreed at their history setting summit only three weeks ago ( to halt all these kinds of menacing maneuvers. Of course, DPRK’s Kim had to respond by stopping all plans for further détente. Unlike Trump and Moon, Kim actually governs his country and represents his citizens’ interests, not the deep state. Ditto China’s President Xi Jinping, who is equally presidential.

President Moon is in the same puppet boat as all US and Korean presidents. He and South Korea are controlled by billionaire families and a fascist military, which is under the generalship of Uncle Sam. That’s right, South Korea’s soldiers take their orders from the Pentagon. These Korean families are stinking corrupt, control the government and the country’s nominal legislature. The Korean name for their giant conglomerates is chaebol, and they own brands you are all familiar with: Hyundai, Samsung, LG, Kia and others. They also own Korea’s version of the White House, called the Blue House.

Then, we have to endure US imperialism’s usual arrogant and need I say, imperious attitude towards the whole Korean drama. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo smiled for the cameras and said that the US must guarantee not to try to overthrow the DPRK or kill Kim ( However, back channel, Kim & Co. must be seeing the real face of the colonial monster, as he lambasted Uncle Sam for making one-sided demands and acting, well, imperiously ( So, what else is new?

The DPRK had the honesty to state to the world that it will not allow the country and its people to end up like another Libya or Iraq, which both denuclearized, de-chemical weaponized and once defenseless, got the American freedom and democracy treatment, with millions getting slaughtered and starved to death in the process (

Baba Beijing is up to its yarbles in the deal, since it has a mutual defense treaty with the DPRK, going back decades ( I bet if you asked 100 those-who-should-know politicians in Washington about this fact, most of them would be ignorant of it.

Kim has every reason to smell foul play from the get-go. Since the first treaty with the eventually exterminated Native Americans, the US government has reneged on, ignored, manipulated or subverted every treaty it has signed. This includes the big one signed by Bill Clinton with North Korea, only to be later subverted by Clinton and then quashed by George W. Bush ( Again, Trump haters love to bash him for living up to his campaign promises and canceling international agreements, like the TPP, NAFTA and JCPOA (, but nothing has changed in 240 years of brazen US dishonesty and arrogance.

Any world leader worth their salt understands this. Just last week, Syrian President Bashar Assad said it was pointless to talk to Trump, since he is controlled by the deep state, and thus the US cannot be trusted to keep its word ( Amen. Russian President Vladimir Putin also famously talked about the US’s deep state, with men in dark suits who call the real shots (

It’s no different in any other supposedly “democratic” country, including all of Eurangloland, Japan and every other supposed “Western ally” across the globe, from their presidents to legislatures and judges. Sadly, 95% of these countries’ citizens actually believe their votes mean something. Gag.

Postscript: reference my comment about every Native American treaty being shat on by the US government, here is testimony straight from the horse’s mouth:

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