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By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: a delicious send up of Huawei’s logo, which is actually a stylistic amaranth flower, shown as a sliced up apple, as in Apple the competitor. Nobody can say the Chinese don’t have a sense of humor and I know it was done locally, because the knife shown is like every other kitchen knife here, including ours. The amaranth flower represents immortality. Huawei was founded in 1987 and is going to be around l-o-n-g after Western empire implodes.


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Westerners have long forgotten about Uncle Sam trying to destroy Shenzhen-based ZTE, one of the world’s top global 5G companies, but Baba Beijing, the Chinese people and I still remember like it was yesterday ( In this referenced article, I pointed out how Baba Beijing is using the US’s extortion of ZTE to motivate, inspire and mobilize the government, businesses and citizens at all levels, towards the goal of no longer needing foreign microchip technology. 

It’s not just empty talk. President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang are barnstorming the country to rally the troops ( It was Premier Li who shook the Western world, in announcing Made in China 2025. More on this below ( Alibaba is expanding its AI semiconductor business ( to go mano à mano with Google and Microsoft. China opened three huge microchip manufacturing plants this year (called fabs), with plans to take on the US, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and EU across the Planet ( Money, local, regional, national and international five- and ten-year plans are creating an unstoppable, cohesive, rapid reaction, self-correcting strategy into the 21st century ( I could fill this page with similar links. 

Right after the ZTE humiliation, Xi Jinping’s following declaration echoed across China’s media, 

In the past we tightened our belts, gritted our teeth, and built the two [atomic and hydrogen] bombs and a satellite…In the next step of tackling technology, we must cast aside illusions and rely on ourselves (  

Call it a declaration of anti-imperial tech-war. 

After the US humiliated the Chinese nation by forcing ZTE to fire its top management and board of directors, to be replaced by “US-approved” candidates, you could feel the indignation across the national media here. Imagine the Chinese demanding that GM or Boeing fire their top brass, so that Baba Beijing could send a list of replacements to choose from. Not only that, but ZTE had to pay a second billion-dollar “fine” (read extortion) to the US ( and All this for unilateral Yankee sanctions against socialist Iran, illegal laws that no other country in the world supports, except imperial-colonial Israel. It’s a favorite imperial pastime. Enforce accepted international laws on everybody else, ignore them back home, then pull unilateral ones out of your backside, and with the imperial toolbox punish anybody who does not obey the latter. What is the imperial toolbox, you might ask? Inside you will find all the world’s corrupting, psychopathic miseries: bribery, extortion, blackmail, assassinations, false flags, fake news and propaganda, military aggression, sanctions, boycotts and blockades. 

At the same time, Baba Beijing approved Ivanka Trump’s trademark applications, causing Trump haters to go into rabid apoplexy ( Hey c’mon, Trump and Xi said they were best of friends! Just doing a favor, bro… Baba Beijing has been artfully and expertly using diplomacy for 5,000 years. 

Imperial West and Japan were able to do ZTEs to China, during its post-Opium War drug cartel-imposed century of humiliation, 1839-1949. They took control of the border customs, tax bureaus and placing traitorous compradors throughout government administration, like craven termites. Western colonialism still does this today in non-socialist-communist countries, and of course in turn, Uncle Sam keeps its jackboot on the throats of its allies in Eurangloland, Japan, Korea and around the world. France similarly controls its supposedly “free”, “former” colonies in Africa; ditto Britain (  

Sad to say, but most Westerners and their governments refuse to admit that China’s century of humiliation ended with communist liberation in 1949. They are incurably racist and capitalist. 

Which brings us back to ZTE and recently, Huawei. Baba Beijing saw the clouds of tech war forming from across the Pacific, when in May 2015, it launched its very successful and visionary Made in China 2025 program. It is very simple. Domestic content of key materials will reach 40% by 2020 and hit 70% by 2025, with high-tech and pharmaceuticals being at the top of the list ( and This especially includes 5G, microchips and communist-socialist China, both private and public, is investing hundreds of billions of equivalent dollars/euros to succeed. Two examples, 1) In the last year alone, China has spent $300 billion on imported semiconductor and flat panel manufacturing equipment, increasing the pace exponentially over previous years and 2) since 2015, China has built 350,000 5G towers to launch its seamless national network in 2019. The US with the same land area, has only built 30,000 and in 2024 will still not have a national system. The global consultancy firm Deloitte says the US will never be able to catch up. Game over. Communist-socialist China trumps (pun intended) the imperial-capitalist West (  


China’s importation of semiconductor (microchip) and flat panel display manufacturing equipment has increased exponentially in the last year. From Brian Setser. 

The US can’t compete against China on a level playing field, so it has to resort to its imperial toolbox. We can add another tool of intimidation: kidnapping. Uncle Sam snapped its fingers and its maple leaf mutt to the north fetched Huawei’s founder’s daughter, Ms. Meng Wanzhou, who is also the company’s CFO, while transiting through Canada, wth the United States demanding that she be extradited south of the border. Why? That old imperial chestnut, illegal, unrecognized sanction violations for doing business with socialist Iran. This is even freaking out the US establishment. Wall Street now realizes that Team Trump is ostentatiously using its tried and true imperial toolbox for the whole world to gawk at, and no longer behind closed doors, through the usual diplomatic and spydom channels ( Team Trump clearly wants to show its citizens and the rest of the world that Uncle Sam is global cop, even if it is no longer true, as it was just 20-30 years ago. Times have changed, amigos. For starters, say thank you to China, Russia and Iran. 

The Chinese immediately started boycotting US and Canadian goods and services ( and, while Baba Beijing arrested a couple of Canadian businesspeople, to keep things interesting ( 

The United States is losing its cool, because Huawei’s (not to mention ZTE and China’s entire 5G telecom backbone) is encrypted. This means that its Five Eyes (US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) global information vacuum cleaner can’t work here, or in any country that uses Sino-equipment ( This is why Uncle Sam has gone to all of its “allies” (an imperial euphemism for sluts) to force them to stop using Huawei’s equipment. Eurangloland actually met together to develop a propaganda campaign to kill Huawei’s overseas markets (, with Five Eyes promising to stop using Huawei’s gear and even taking out what they already paid for. Japan and other vassal states have joined the bandwagon. So far, Germany is staying with Huawei and you can’t blame them, since they know Five Eyes are listening to every phone call made by Chancellor Angela Merkel and all top government and business leaders ( 

Countries that adopt Chinese 5G technology will not only avoid having Five Eyes giving them a 24/7 data proctology exam, but Sino-gear is much cheaper and superior to anything the West has to offer. That’s why all these countries bought Huawei in the first place. It won international tender after tender, leaving Eurangloland, Japan and Korea hanging dry. Absent the imperial toolbox, cheaper-better-faster always wins the day. Now, for being US whores, they get to take out billions of dollars/euros of superior, lower cost Chinese equipment and pay more for less, so Washington and London can record their every web search, phone call, voicemail, text message and online purchase made. 

The West can only slow down China, not stop it, while only increasing this nation’s resolve to succeed. China was totally cut off from the Western world, its technology, trade and finance, 1949-1976. During this Mao Era, the Chinese built the atomic bomb, nuclear missiles, launched a satellite, made numerous scientific discoveries and tecnological innovations, while transforming the country into a heavyweight industrial and agricultural force. They did very fine, thank you, without Eurangloland, and the Chinese nation is preparing to do the same for Made in China 2025. 

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China Tech: Invention, Innovation, Technology, Research and Development – Past, Present, Future – 5,000 Years of Progress. A China Rising Radio Sinoland Living Document.

Postscript: I am pleased to report that along with Germany, India and France are continuing to work with Huawei. Together, Huawei and ZTE represent over 30% of global telecom equipment sales (, both ranking in the global top ten for this sector. As well, they are both global top ten smartphone suppliers ( This, in spite of Uncle Sam trying to destroy both of them. In fact, Huawei should leapfrog Apple in 2019, with a projected 250 million unit sales ( to take the global number two position.

Further reading about the US kidnapping Meng Wanzhou, from the Chinese’s perspective: 


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