China Rising Radio Sinoland is now offering hot-off-the-press videocasts covering China’s latest science, technology, military and infrastructure developments!

In addition to my regular China Rising Radio Sinoland journalism and books, I am now doing short, cutting edge news flash video reports, happening in real time, available on Patreon.

The Chinese people have concrete, long-term plans to be the world’s #1 STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), R&D, space, military power, infrastructure and global trading hub (BRI: Belt and Road Initiative) within in the next ten years, which will have a huge impact on you and your country into the 21st century, regardless of where you live.

How they do it is also critical to understanding their continuing successes and challenges, as well as what the West is doing to respond to the longest running and most ambitious socioeconomic development plan in human history. What China’s 1.4 billion people have been undertaking since liberation in 1949 is an unprecedented, colossal juggernaut. Nothing prior to it even comes close.

Information coming out of the People’s Republic is nonstop and a challenge to stay on top of. China Tech News Flash is your key to stay up to date and in the know.

These special posts are concise, relevant, interesting and informative. Thanks to my knowing Mandarin, living, working and talking with Chinese people for 16 years from all walks of life, and traveling to almost every province across this vast land, they will include insider analysis for the knowledge you need to understand how China and the world work together and compete against each other. China Tech News Flash will tell you what the headlines are really saying and what it all means for your future.

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After you sign up, I hope you will let me know what areas you would like me to research and investigate, for ongoing videocasts. I promise you a prompt response at my email below.

Sino-Best and Happy Double Twenty Chinese Year of the Metal Rat,

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