TRANSCRIPT: Introducing “JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague!” You are going to love it.


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Introducing “JB West & JB East present: See You in The Hague!” You are going to love it…


Here we go. James Bradley and I believe that the covid indictment brought before the International Criminal Court [the ICC] in the Hague is currently the most important legal document for all of humanity. It will have a profound positive impact on world history and will hopefully usher in a more just and equitable life for the global 99%.

Due to its fundamental critical importance to you and your family’s future, we are introducing JB West and JB East present: “See you in The Hague”. Regularly on this website, we will share overall developments on the Western-perpetrated covid plandemic and peoples’ responses to it around the world, as well as news that is heavily censored and encountered via psychological warfare, otherwise known as psyops in the West’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine, the BLPM.

With James and I providing the panoramic outlook, our goal is to inform you and inspire you to get involved and take action, at whatever level works best for you. This is a collective effort for all of humankind, because you deserve justice and compensation. James and I bring years of experience in research and writing on this subject and global news. So, we encourage you to sign up for our free Substack announcements and our Telegram channel, where we will make regular posts of our efforts and added news. Links provided,

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Before James and I took this decision, my goal in 2022, was to finish one of my three incohate books, while producing a China Rising Radio Sinoland/China Tech News Flash! article/podcast every four days. JB West and JB East present: See you in The Hague! is going to take time to coordinate and produce. Thus, I may have to reduce my articles and podcasts accordingly, so as to have time to finish my books. But, given the importance of the ICC indictment and what it means for your future, I hope you will understand.

We thank you, hope you will join us on a regular basis and can get engaged. You can start here which has documentation and audiovisual media to share and discuss. Thank you and goodbye.


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International Criminal Court Covid Dec 2021

More details and connections can be downloaded here,

Joint Declaration on War Crimes, by Jeff J. Brown and James Bradley-English

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You deserve justice and compensation!

As always, take the information presented here, research it for yourself and come to your own conclusions.


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