TRANSCRIPT: JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #19T- Today’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine began in the USA and Britain during 19th century. Audio-video discussion.


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JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #19- Today’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine began in the USA and Britain during 19th century. Audio-video discussion.


James Bradley: Hello, this is James Bradley. They call me JB East. I’m here in New Zealand. Today I get to talk to Jeff Brown. He’s JB West, way out there on the coast of Normandy in France. Now everyone knows that Jeff Brown is a noted author and commentator. How many people have listened to Jeff Brown in his broadcast career? Hundreds of thousands? Millions of people have read or listened to Jeff. Now, one constant with Jeff is that you’ll hear him refer to the BLPM. It’s the Big Lie Propaganda Machine.

This is something that Jeff has trademarked: The Big Lie Propaganda Machine. It’s 2022 right now and we’re getting some of it, we just went through Russia, Russia, Russia, virus, virus, virus, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine and now we’re again in Russia, Russia, Russia, and trying to open up China, China, China. The propaganda is thick. The propaganda is heavy. So, I thought it would be just great, not only for me, but for the audience to talk to Jeff Brown about the Big Lie Propaganda Machine.

And one quote that Jeff sent me was just startling. People might remember that William Casey was director of the CIA under Ronald Reagan. Remember William Casey, the guy with the big thick black glasses? I think you do. In his first meeting, in his first CIA staff meeting in 1981, the director of the CIA William Casey said this: “We will know that our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”.

I’m going to do it again, folks. This is the head of the CIA talking to CIA employees and this has been documented. “We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”. So, my question to Jeff is, what’s going on? And how did this start? So, Jeff Brown takes us back to the 19th century and the origins of the Big Lie Propaganda Machine.

Jeff J Brown: Well, thank you, James. I really appreciate it. And this is one of the hardest topics to talk about with Westerners, because we have all been so brainwashed from the wombs of our mothers that we have freedom of the press, that we have freedom of expression. It’s in all the Western constitutions and it’s almost biblical you cannot refute it, you cannot question it. But if you can get over that brainwashing and really see how we have been manipulated for the last hundred and fifty years, it really puts the headlines in perspective.

What happened, modern media first became concentrated in the hands of the 1% after the US Civil War in the 1870s to 1890s, I call them the trillionaire dictators of the day. Of course, they were billionaires, but in today’s dollars they were and are trillionaires. This is the dynasties of Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbilt and Morgan among others. And of course, James, you have written all about who were today’s billionaires in your two China books, about the US narco-cartel families flooding China with opium, morphine and heroin.

They all bought up the most important newspapers and magazines of the day. People don’t know that. They think they just write what they want. No, they don’t. After the invention of radio, they took control of this new mass media too. And in both cases, those that they could not buy up, they controlled most of the rest by blackmail, bribery and extortion of the owners, editors and journalists. So, that’s how it started.

James: Jeff.

Jeff: Yes sir.

James: Who? Gives us some names. Put some muscle on the bone here. Who is doing this and where are we?

Jeff: Well, back then the four big, they were billionaires back then. This is the Rockefeller family, the Carnegies, the Vanderbilts, the Morgan’s, and then, you know who would be today’s billionaire narco families better than I do, the Delano’s…

James: Well, Jeff, can I say the Delano Family? Folks, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, where did he get his money? He lived like a gazillionaire. He has Hudson and Manhattan homes. He had a big family. He was a public servant. Where did he get the money? His grandfather Delano was the American opium king of China. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s fortune was based on drug dealing in China by his grandfather. And I just want to make that note. Go head, Jeff.

Jeff: Anyway, people at that level, the one percent of the day, which included all these families, they founded Harvard and Princeton and Yale and all the other Ivy League schools and they were the ones who were buying all the magazines and newspapers of the day. And we have to give Theodore Roosevelt… He was the very conflicted person. But he did do an admirable job of trying to control these family business monopoly trusts of mainly steel, railroads and oil, but he did ignore their control of the mainstream media.

And that of course, you have written a lot about Theodore Roosevelt yourself, James, so you know what I’m talking about. At the same time in the United States, all these people were buying up the media of the day. The richest of the rich buying up the media at that time.

Meanwhile, Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm the First, and the Second with their Chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, they were outclassing Britain in every way. I mean, their ships, their manufacturing, their industry, their science, their technology and infrastructure were all bigger, better, faster and cheaper.

Not to mention that Germany was developing a very high level of cultural refinement. And this is juxtaposed with 450 years at that time, of Spain, Portugal, France, Holland and Britain, they had all gotten very fat and lazy with global piracy, pillage and plunder of human and natural resources in their colonial empires. That’s not the way Germany was doing it. Like China, Germany was succeeding by hard work and visionary planning. This scared the bejesus out of the elite 1% in Britain.

Because in the 1890s, Britain was the undisputed world hegemon, and they knew they could not compete honestly and fairly with Germany. They preferred the easy plunder and genocide of colonialism. So, someone you know a lot about James, in 1891, Cecil Rhodes created the Secret Society, and this is where we’re getting into the Big Lie Propaganda Machine. It included the Franco-British Rothschild banking family and the English royal family, which ironically is of German origin, along with a cabal of like-minded aristocrats.

This is no exaggeration, they laid out a plan to control the entire world, including suborning the up-and-coming United States. So, you were the one that told me about this James, in your two China books. This diabolical vision was driven by Anglo-Saxon, racist Aryan superiority. I mean, these people really bought into the Aryan myth of White supremacy.

James: Hey, Jeff.

Jeff: Yeah.

James: Okay, let me do a little on Cecil Rhodes. I lived in South Africa and you know, it has a statue, the monument in Cape Town to Cecil Rhodes. And so, we’re going back to the 1890s, a sickly kid named Cecil Rhodes comes from England, and he goes to South Africa, and he’s backed eventually by the Rothschild family. Now, Rhodes, look at that name Rhodes. There was a country called Rhodesia, that’s now Zimbabwe.

I bring that up to show you the reach of Cecil Rhodes. He was dreaming of roads and cables from Cape Town to Cairo. He was like the Emperor of Africa. You’re talking diamonds. You’re talking gold. And the Secret Society that Jeff is going to refer to, it was really the beginning of today’s New World Order. This incredibly wealthy and eventually powerful guy, Cecil Rhodes gets what he calls his Band of Brothers together.

At one point, he had twelve of what he called his Apostles. And, you know they had this vision of recovering the US, that the UK would reconnect with the United States and the White race would rule. This is the beginning of the concept of the New World Order. So, Jeff, take us to this conflict between the UK and Germany and the Boer Wars and whatever, I’ll hand it over to you.

Jeff: Okay. Yeah, I mean, it’s like a comic book evil plot. It was a really diabolical vision and it was driven by this Anglo-Saxon, racist Aryan superiority. The biggest impediment to this goal of total global domination was ever more powerful and superior Germany. Therefore, Cecil Rhodes, the Queen of England, the Rothschilds, and as you talked about the Twelve Apostles, they decided to destroy Germany with war.

And remember, this is 1891. We’re talking 23 years before World War I. So, how did they get started? They decided to create the Boer Wars (1899-1902) and that was their test tube. For those of you who don’t know, this was England’s takeover of South Africa to turn it into a British colony of Whites and basically overrule the Dutch Boers, who had been there for hundreds of years. And it was here that the Secret Society realized they could only achieve its global goal by winning the Boer Wars.

If it controlled the media, think about what I just said, they realized that they could not achieve their goal of winning in the Boer Wars and becoming Masters of the Universe, essentially of the planet Earth, if it did not control the media. They knew they had to be able to bring the worst lies to the citizens with relentless propaganda. Thus, just like the trust titans in the US, they bought up all the major newspapers in Britain and blackmailed, bribed and extorted the several that remained the “independent free press”.

They were doing this across countries in Europe, bribing newspapers in Italy and France to demonize Germany, in order to go to war. So they were, it’s not Hitler who came up with the Big Lie, it was this British Secret Society, they used big lies, fabrications, fake news. They crushed all opposition voices, and the Secret Society went into high gear in 1904 after the Boer Wars had ended, after they learned all the mistakes that they made in the Boer Wars.

In 1904, they began to actively manipulate media and the public’s reality to push Germany into a devastating war to destroy it. And unfortunately, they sucked in France, Belgium, Russia and later the USA to pull it all off. This happened in 1914 to 1918 and was called World War I. And what’s amazing to consider and hard to accept is that France and the Anglo-Saxons, you know, of course Russia dropped out with the Communist Revolution in 1917.

But France and the Anglo-Saxons and of course, you can throw in Belgium. They lustily organized and implemented the slaughter of 22 million people in World War I and 23 million more casualties to achieve their goal of utterly laying waste to once-mighty Germany. That’s what World War II was all about.

James: World War I.

Jeff: World War I. I am sorry. It was what I call the Big Lie Propaganda Machine. It was so utterly successful. I mean, if you can lie and brainwash the entire world into slaughtering 22 million people and having 23 million more casualties to achieving a geo-political and economic goal to destroy Germany, for which they considered it a massive success story.

James: Hey, Jeff.

Jeff: Yeah.

James: Before we continue, can I say something for the listener?

Jeff: Sure.

James: Jeff is talking about the Secret Society and listeners might think that’s Jeff’s term he’s making it up. No, that was their term. It was the Secret Society. Folks, we’ve got to go back and realize that in the time zone that Jeff is talking about, companies like Sears and JC Penney started printing catalogs, and these catalogs would get into the mailboxes of farmers across the United States.

And farmers, who, this is a time, you know, had no radio, no TV. They would see a woman in the ads and they would write letters to these women. You know what I mean? The lack of sophistication of the ordinary person seeing an image. They would try to communicate with the models in the JC Penney catalog. So, the people were naïve, because they hadn’t seen much.

And you have this highly educated and extremely wealthy elite who have a plan to control the masses and they did it with the Secret Society. They created World War I and they got the sons of Americans to go on ships to go fight for a cause that is, you know, it’s in Edward Bernays (book: Propaganda). So, I just wanted to bring the listener back to that time, so they see the impact of these controllers.

Jeff: Absolutely, James and this Big Lie Propaganda Machine was so successful in wartime. They were not about to quit. I mean, this Secret Society and the Western trillionaire dictators, as I call them, it was so successful. They were on a roll, and it marched on post-war. They kept the Westerners brainwashed and basically controlled, what I call sheeple, you know, sheep people.

There’s very interesting of course, James knows all about this character. There’s a very interesting person in twentieth-century history and his name is Edward Bernays. He was originally from Germany. Interestingly, he was the nephew of Sigmund Freud, but he emigrated to the US, and he actually began his propaganda work in 1912 in the United States in the medical sector, which should ring a bell for all of us these days, with the covid plandemic.

Then, during World War I, he was on the Committee of Public Information, which was basically a propaganda machine to get people in the United States to hate Germans. And as James just said, be willing to get on a ship and go across the Atlantic Ocean, to get blown to bits in the trenches of the Somme. Bernays focused on drumming up support for World War I, and he did it domestically and abroad.

And get a load of this, James, Bernays referred to this work of brainwashing Americans to go to war against Germany, which of course is what Woodrow Wilson promised would never happen. Bernays called it psychological warfare. So, it was not the CIA that invented psychological warfare, it was Edward Bernays using the model of the Secret Society. And as a result of this, into the 20th century, he honed all of these skills to brainwash and control the masses.

He wrote his seminal book in 1928, which was simply called Propaganda. And he laid it all out, how to brainwash the masses into babbling sheeple, and how it would be done by wealthy, secretive, invisible, powerful elites. And that would be the Secret Society and their cohorts in the United States.

James: Hey, Jeff.

Jeff: Yeah.

James: Can I add a little bit about Edward Bernays?

Jeff: Sure, please. Yeah absolutely.

James: So the listener, I mean, when Jeff has the Committee on Public Information you might think it’s a PTA committee or something. I just want to emphasize that you know this was Woodrow Wilson, the president of the United States and he gets Edward Bernays and these guys, Walter Lippmann and they’re basically asking how can they use psychological warfare to program Americans into World War I, Edward Bernays.

If I say bacon and eggs, everyone listening to this, if they’re American, they grew up with bacon and eggs you know, how would you like your bacon, if you want your eggs over-easy, but it was Edward Bernays who taught Americans to eat bacon and eggs. There was no concept before Edward Bernays got clients who needed to sell eggs and bacon. Women smoking cigarettes. Women didn’t smoke cigarettes.

Edward Bernays went to psychologists and studied why women did not smoke cigarettes and why they might. And he organized a parade down Fifth Avenue in New York City, where women held cigarettes as torches of freedom. It was the beginning of the women’s movement, and they held cigarettes that made front pages across the country. It was sensational.

And all of a sudden, woman who wanted to be cool, you know in the 1960s, it was burning their bras. Edward Bernays got cigarettes into the mouths of women for the American tobacco companies. He had clients, like presidents of the United States, CBS, NBC. So what Jeff is talking about here is big-time huge with Edward Bernays.

Jeff: By the way, anybody who wants his name, it is spelled Bernays. Edward Bernays’ book Propaganda is so old now, it’s almost a hundred years old. So, there’s no publishing rights on it, just type in Bernays propaganda PDF, you can download it and read it. It’s really, really quite fascinating.

What’s really interesting is that someone did see the light here. Someone knew how important it was that this Big Lie Propaganda Machine was being used to control and brainwash the people and that was US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And he actually did what his distant cousin Theodore couldn’t do. During the New Deal, from 1932 on, he really hammered hard the US BLPM. The trillionaire media trusts were broken up and henceforth, after the laws that he passed, could control the concentration of media in the hands of just a few people, which for most of us accept now, it’s just normal.

The law limited what one person or entity could own, a limited number of newspapers or magazines or radio stations or TV stations. And they could not cross-invest. This is very important. You had to pick your medium. For example, US President Lyndon Baines Johnson, he owned 29 TV stations in Texas, but that’s all he could own. He couldn’t go out and start buying newspapers and he couldn’t go out start buying magazines. He maxed out with TV stations, which is what the law allowed and that was it.

We have to tip our hats to FDR, he knew what was going on, he was no fool. Unfortunately, the Anglo-Saxon BLPM continued anyway and where do they do it? They did it by spy agencies, like the British MI-6 and the US’s Office of Strategic Services the OSS, which morphed into the CIA in 1947. And of course, we all should realize that they use their imperial toolbox of assassinations, blackmail, bribery, extortion, fake news, which is psychological operations or psyops, and false flags, which are black operations or black ops.

With this, they were able keep the mass media on sheeple control message. And as James pointed out at the beginning of our discussion tonight, William Colby came out and said it, you know, our goal is for every American to believe whatever, that it is false. You know, they control it. That’s the Big Lie Propaganda Machine.

James: William Casey.

Jeff: Oh, I am sorry, William Casey. Excuse me.

James: Can I interrupt for a second?

Jeff: With pleasure.

James: There’s something else going on here at the same time. And that is in the World War I Era, a bunch of very powerful Americans and Brits got together, and they created the Royal Institute of International Affairs in England, which is now referred to as Chatham House. And then in America in New York City on 68th Street, still today is the Council on Foreign Relations. You know, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went to the Council on Foreign Affairs satellite office in Washington. And she joked, it’s so nice to have your office down here. Now, we don’t have to go to New York to be told what to do.

Folks, look into the Council on Foreign Relations, they are running the government. When President Obama was elected president, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations emailed Obama his cabinet list, it was just a simple email, you’ll choose this person for Secretary of Commerce, this person is going to be Secretary of Defense. It was decided in the Council on Foreign Relations. So, it’s the same thing that Jeff talking about. Jeff started with Brit Cecil Rhodes doing the Secret Society.

One of the goals was to connect with the United States. So, look at these connections. We’re moving from muscle to bone. We’ve got the Rhodes scholarships. We had the Council on Foreign Relations connected to Chatham house, Skull and Bones in Yale. They meet in the Tomb. What’s one of their goals? It’s a connection with Britain, you know? So, these connections that Jeff is talking about, this history of the Secret Society, it’s not some historical dusty fact that Jeff is talking about. It is alive, it is muscular and it exists today.

Jeff: It is our headlines, it’s absolutely true. Of courses, this is a subject that, James knows very, very well, with all of his writings and living and working in Vietnam. The CIA and the US military, they took Bernays’ World War I psychological warfare to a new level during the Vietnam War, with their Phoenix Program. Douglas Valentine wrote a wonderful book called “The CIA as Organized Crime”. He basically said that the CIA is the organized crime syndicate for global capitalism (

They used this idea of psychological warfare in the Phoenix Program and of course, it used all the tools of that imperial toolbox I was talking about, assassinations and everything else, to transform reality. They were literally able to transform reality into a dystopian simulacrum. And I couldn’t even imagine living in Vietnam, at least the southern part at that time, which is where they did this, and what would be later called, the blue pill Matrix, the now-famous movies, The Matrix.

This whole concept of the Phoenix Program was literally taken back to the United States and became national policy. And so, James says these rich powerful people hand Obama the list of the people that he’s going to nominate for his cabinet. That’s not democracy. That’s not democracy at all. That’s a totalitarian regime. So, you know, I have to pick on Bill Clinton.

A lot of people love him. I am not terribly fond of him, but it was not until US President Bill Clinton pushed it in the 1990s, that FDR’s restrictions on media ownership were abolished. Didn’t happen under Ronald Reagan, it didn’t happen under George Herbert Walker Bush. Republicans know what happened under Bill Clinton, a Democratic president. Clinton was also the one who removed all of the FDR’s regulations controlling banking, savings and loans, retail banking and investment banking, so they could be allowed to merge together. This, thanks to Bill Clinton.

Thereafter, in just twenty years, at least in the non-communist-socialist global media, it has all been consolidated today into 8-10 transnational conglomerates. They have sucked up book publishers, magazines, newspapers, radio, TV, cable networks, movie studios. I can also say music studios, social media platforms, internet sites. It is common knowledge, you do some research, that they all work hand-in-hand with the CIA and MI-6 complex.

So here we are today, back when Lyndon Baines Johnson only on a few TV stations in Texas, we now have Time-Warner, Comcast, Disney, Sky, and all these massive multi-billion-dollar media conglomerates, they now own and control roughly 90% of the non-communist- socialist media around the world. They are rich, they’re powerful, they do not represent our interests. They promote the interests of their agenda, the agenda of the trillionaire elite, the Secret Society.

James: Jeff. So, folks, look how cool. I mean, Jeff started in the 19th century with Rhodes and then in the 1990s, years later, we have Bill Clinton, allowing the consolidation of media companies, which means the Secret Society, just a few people are pulling the levers of news.

Folks, where did Bill Clinton go to school? He went to school in Oxford. Why did he go to school in Oxford? Because he was a Rhodes scholar. And in Oxford, he learned about the necessary connections between the United States and Britain, George Herbert Walker Bush, and George Bush, and Secretary of State. What’s his name? The big jerk who’s the wind surfing jerk in Massachusetts (note: John Kerry?).

Jeff: Oh, Blinken?

James: No, no, no Secretary of State. He’s now working in energy, it isn’t worth it.

Jeff: Okay.

James: But these guys you know, learn about Skull and Bones, the same thing, they plugged into the Council on Foreign Relations, which is plugged into London, you know it’s a full circle. And what’s the significance of that move by the Rhodes scholar? By the way, Susan Rice, who’s running the White house right now is a Rhodes scholar. Look at all the Rhodes. Jake Sullivan, who is National Security Director right now, under Joe Biden, Rhode Scholar there, it’s a club and they all are reading from the same script. Jeff tells us what’s the significance that there’s six companies controlling all these media companies? So what?

Jeff: That’s unfortunate, people say, “So what”? But today in 2022 in capitalist countries, we are confronted with the Big Lie Propaganda Machine. It is frightening in scope and reach. And it’s not just in the United States and England, it’s in France. My wife and I watched it during the French elections here. It is like brown shirt-jackboot media. It just marches in total unison, and they all say the same thing.

It’s not just Anglo-Saxon countries, it is in virtually every capitalist country in the world. They are now able, not just to the United States and not just in Western Europe, like back in World War I and later in World War II with the CIA. They are now able to brainwash and control the vast majority of the people around the world. It’s frightening. It’s Orwellian. It’s dystopian.

What’s so sad about it, is 95% of the people out there don’t even recognize it and don’t say anything. Edward Bernays is surely smiling in his grave. Then William Casey, his quote about everything the American public believes is false, it’s not just America, it’s France. It’s Germany. It’s the UK. It’s Japan. It’s South Korea. It’s all of the countries that are basically vassal states of the Western Empire, they’re all in this Matrix.

This blue pill Matrix that the Wachowski Brothers, of the movies, presented, is a simulacrum of reality and it’s causing things like Ukraine. The war against China, the war against Russia, all the horrible things going on in South America with sanctions against countries like Venezuela and Bolivia, and Westerners lap it up.

I love your quote, James when we talk on the phone, “If it’s on the TV, it must be true and if it’s not on the TV, it’s not true”. People turn on CNN, they turn on MSNBC, other than Tucker Carlson who’s wonderful, they turn on Fox News or Sky Network or whatever. And they see it on France TV, Tele-1, Two, Three, Four and Five. They turn it on and they watch it. It’s got to be true because it was on TV.

James: Jeff, can I say something about that?

Jeff: Yeah.

James: I was living in Vietnam, I have a daughter in Taiwan and as covid began to generate in late 2019, early 2020, I happened to be sailing from Hong Kong to Japan and, you know, in other words, I was very in touch with Asia. I had an apartment in Saigon, daughter in Taipei. I went to school in Japan years ago. And I was in a position, not because I’m bright, but because of where I was, to realize that, a plandemic was coming. Taiwan was the first one to ring the bell.

So, I did research, saw that a plandemic was coming towards the United States. Plandemic, plandemic, whatever, that some chaos was coming. So, I put together what I thought was a pretty tight warning and sent it to my email group, and all I got was abuse. That couldn’t be, you know, CDC hasn’t said anything yet. Well, I was a month earlier than the CDC and they have to be right? I beat them by a month.

But, everything I told these guys was true and all they did was abuse me. Said I was crazy, until it appeared on TV. As soon as what I was saying exactly appeared on MSNBC, then it was true. It took a friend of mine to end on a positive note. I would just like to suggest to listeners how I avoid the Big Lie Propaganda Machine.

What I did was kind of really wake up, well my last book is about the Big Lie Propaganda Machine, filling the American public about China, from the Franklin Roosevelt administration 1933 through, let’s say 1950, and America was so surprised when a guy in a cave, Mao Zedong took over in 1949… That was when Joe McCarthy was able to sell, “Who lost China”?

In other words, Franklin Roosevelt and Time Magazine and Pearl Buck, the biggest author of the twentieth century, had so propagandized America that Chiang Kai-Shek was going Christianize China, there’d be potluck suppers in churches across China, you know. Jeff is laughing but it’s true.

Jeff: Yeah, it’s true.

James: Americans had been so propagandized that they were shocked by Mao Zedong: “Who lost China”? Okay, then I emerge from that book, and I see Russia, Russia, Russia against Trump. And I see the same propaganda machine. So, I sat down, and I actually made lists and I’m suggesting to the listeners and my number one requirement was, “Has this person or media outlet or channel on YouTube or newspaper or magazine ever lied people into a war?

Or right there, you’ve got to eliminate the Washington Post, New York Times, LA Magazine, Foreign Relations Magazine, Time Magazine, you know, on and on and on. You have to eliminate Joe Scarborough. You have to eliminate Sean Hannity. You know, it isn’t left or right. So, anyone who has propagandized us into war, you know, I just I dumped them and made a list. No more listening to them, cut the subscriptions, you know, you cannot read it.

I mean, I cannot read them by my new rules, you know, and then another interesting thing, I found who’s been right in the past. So, I look back to, you know, the Iraq War, who was saying that this was a potential war crime? Who’s saying that there was no WMD? Who’s saying that this was a big lie? Find those people and stick with them. Then, the second that they lie, I dump them. But who told the truth in the past?

The 2008 financial crash, who’s telling the truth about that and the banks? Who predicted it? That’s how I got my financial advisor. My financial advisor Peter Schiff was correct about the two-thousand-dot-com bust; he predicted the 2008/2009 housing bust. And so, I stuck with him, he was right, and he has been right. If he gets things wrong, I’m going to dump him. So, there are sources out there.

And I suggest, you know, when I was young and I was going to say, young and stupid, but I still am. Now, I’m old and stupid. But when I was young and stupid, I graduated from the Wisconsin History Department, which at that time, was number two or three in the United States. My history professor said, James can you stop by my office to say goodbye? So, I had a private meeting with him, and he said, James, what do you read?

He said, you have to do an accounting and inventory of what you read, every six months of your life. He says, because what you’ll do is you’ll subscribe to three magazines and two newspapers, and they’ll just keep coming into your house. He said, you have to do an inventory and if they told me the truth, if they’ve been incorrect over the last six months, then there are other sources I should be looking at. He said, you do an inventory of what you are looking at. Don’t be lazy and just let the stuff come into your house. Don’t be called brain-dead, be aware of what you are reading. And then he said, by the way, what you are reading, you have to be reading books.

I mean, I’m 68 and I have friends with master’s degrees, PhDs, lawyers and their diet of reading has been the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and Washington Post. You have to add books. My measurement of a book is if you drop it on your foot and it does or doesn’t hurt. You know, you can read a book a week.

I was reading four or five books a week. You know when I was writing, I broke my neck and can’t read right now. So, I’m listening to books for hours and hours. read books. Determine that your sources have been correct in the past. Determine that your sources have not been part of the Big Lie Propaganda Machine that gets us into war and good luck.

Jeff, I don’t know if you have any positive suggestions for the audience.

Jeff: Yeah, I think what you’re saying, people say oh, I want it to be balanced. I want to know both sides. Well, there is no both sides. There is none – everybody’s biased out there – but you have to be sure. And as James says, you’ve got to find sources that are biased and right. So, I don’t look at mainstream media at all, as I get enough of it just by osmosis, because it’s surrounding me.

So, BBC, The Economist, all the American mainstream newspapers, the only TV program I watch is Tucker Carlson, because he’s actually quite good most of the time. And that’s it, you know, every day, I look at the Global Times in China, I want to see what the 85% non-Western world, how they view the world. Because remember, Western countries only represent 15% of the human population. Thus, I want to find out what the other 85% think. So, every day I check Global Times in China.

I check RT in Russia. Although now you have to the VPN in the West, because they’ve censored Russia. I also check Sputnik News to I get a Russian perspective. I check PressTV in Iran. So, I get I find out how Muslims, you know, they basically represent one billion Muslims around the world, how do they feel about what’s going on? And then for the Western Hemisphere I always check every day TeleSUR in English, which is a media outfit in Venezuela, so I can find out what the anti-Western-imperial countries in Latin America are doing.

And that way I get a nice round of perspective on what’s going on in the world and I check them every day. I also keep finding some really good websites. The Saker is good for Russia and also has French, no one probably speaks French here, but I found some good sites in French. But as James said, if you just sit there and wait for the New York Times to land on your front porch every morning, and that’s as far as you go, then you’re going to be brainwashed by the Big Lie Propaganda Machine.

You’ve really got to get out and beat the bushes. I found out about South Front lately for Russian and Ukrainian news, on the war in Ukraine. So, there’s a lot of really, really good people out there. James’s is sending me people whom he likes, and I send him people whom I like. It’s out there and you got to just go out and find it.

I think it was in my second book, China Rising ( I listed a page and half of news sources that I look at regularly. So, as James said, you need to develop a list and you need to keep looking and checking and verifying, and I like his “marching us to war”. Well, that’s the entire Western mainstream media. So, I don’t watch it, I don’t read it and I don’t listen to it.

James: I think that’s it. You’ve got to discipline yourself. And so, the test of whether they marched us into war, has TeleSUR propagandized a large population in war? NBC News has. Jeff, one thing I want comment on. Jeff said what the sources he likes, but really, it’s beyond personal likes. PressTV in Iran, did they propagandize a large population into a war, no. Tucker Carlson, no.

The rest of Fox News, I don’t like. Hey folks, Joe Scarborough, Sean Hannity they have sold war. They are weapon salesmen. Tucker Carlson is not. You know, this is not about what I like, this is about facts. RT is this and that. Well, come one, wake up folks, has RT propagandized, you know, a major war? South Front? So, Jeff and I are talking about sources that have integrity. You can find your own. But have those tests, if they propagandize us into war. Have they been correct in the past?

Look at the Secretary of Defense and the President of the United States and National Security Jake Sullivan, they’re all saying Ukraine’s going to win. Well, let’s just go back to Afghanistan. They said Afghanistan is going to hold. We are going to win there, right? And the Taliban took over. They were wrong. They are liars. Don’t listen to them. Who said that the Taliban was going to take over? Who said that America was failing in Afghanistan? Find sources and test them.

Were they right the year before? Oh my God, this source I don’t like the way he talks. I don’t like his channel. Let’s say it’s not about like. Was this person or this channel correct three times in a row in past history? Then stick with them. Do you like the Washington Post logo? You like the sports pages? No, no, no, get that garbage out of your life or else, you know, you just continue to be in that garbage bucket. So, Jeff I think we have done the history of the Big Lie Propaganda Machine.

Jeff: Absolutely. Thank you.

James: I think we have shown a map of how to get out, how to pull off the tentacles, the octopus tentacles of the Rhodes, the Big Lie Propaganda Machine, all the way from Cecil Rhodes to Bill Clinton to Jake Sullivan, Susan Rice today.

Jeff: Yeah.

James: So, I don’t know if you have anything else to add, Jeff?

Jeff: No, thank you very much and we should maybe check back in a month or two and review especially, as Russia will inevitably become victorious in Ukraine, it’s going to shock a lot of Westerners. That might be a good time, maybe in a month or two to come back to review what we covered today, and look at it from a different angle.

James: It’s not going to shock Jeff, because he’s on the ball. If anyone is listening to this, is surprised by what Jeff is saying, then you don’t check your sources. So, let’s sign off. JB East here in New Zealand saying thanks for listening, folks. And thank you, Jeff Brown for all the years and years of work that you, JB West have done on the Big Lie Propaganda Machine.

Jeff: Thank you very much, James. We will talk soon. Bye, bye.

James: See you.


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