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Pictured above: Europe has some of the most arrogant, corrupt, feckless, oligarchic, authoritarian leaders in the West. They are splay-legged whores for Washington, the City of London, Wall Street, Armaments and Pharmaments. Exhibit #1: France’s Mini-Me Micron. Only Orban of Hungary and Vucic of Serbia listen their citizens.

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Just a few comments about the European Union legislative election that just took place which I voted in. It’s really fascinating how dysfunctional so-called Western democracy is. I am a card-carrying member of the Communist Party of France. I mean, to be honest with you, it’s not much. I mean, it has been totally gentrified and ossified and hollowed out since the 1950s. But I’m a member in spirit and it could be more along the lines of what China is doing.

But anyway, I am a card-bearing member. And it’s crazy that yesterday I voted for the right wing, The National Rally (French: Rassemblement National, pronounced [ʁasɑ̃bləmɑ̃ nɑsjɔnal], RN) Le Pen. That just goes to show you how dysfunctional Western democracy is. In 2022, my wife and I in the first round voted left wing to avoid Macron and then when Le Pen got into the final round, we voted for Le Pen, the right-wing to avoid Macron. So, we’re not voting for anybody. We’re voting against people. Then we did the same thing in 2017.

We voted left-wing in the primaries and then for Le Pen. Of course, I’ve written about this the Big Lie Propaganda Machine brainwashes the people to make sure that Le Pen is the competitor against the mainstream candidate because then no one wants to vote for Le Pen. So, we did that twice. We didn’t vote for anybody. We voted against. However, in this case, this year, I would say I voted for the Rassemblement National.

And that is because the left wing in the West not just France, but the left wing in the West had its glories in the United States during the Franklin Delano Roosevelt New Deal up until he was assassinated by the deep state actually by the British, which I’ve also done a post on (https://seektruthfromfacts.org/cwg/franklin-roosevelt-was-assassinated-by-the-british-just-like-abraham-lincoln/). And it was okay; the people were being served by the Democrats in the United States. I’m talking about the 99% who were being served by the Democrats up until the 70s.

And since then, the left in the United States and everywhere else in the West has just become absolutely corrupt, putrid, and nauseating. It’s pathetic to watch. And, they have completely abandoned the people. Unfortunately, the Republicans in the United States aren’t any better. Both of them the Republicans and the Democrats are members of the capitalist 1% elitist party to serve the 1%. The right wing in Europe is better. It’s really interesting.

The right wing in France actually has a platform that is very much like Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s back in the 1930s and the 1940s. And so, they have a very socialist platform. They just want to get rid of all of the millions of illegal immigrants, get rid of wokeism, and be French again. We’re just completely overwhelmed with wokeism and illegal immigrants, and it’s destroying the country.

France had the same thing. After 1945, after World War two, they had what they called their golden 30 years from 1945 to 1975. And after that again the left wing started caring less and less about them than the right wing. Again, both of them not being very effective for the 99%. And since Sarkozy got elected in 2007, the 99% don’t even exist in the eyes of the leadership in France. It’s all for the Rothschilds, all for the City of London, all for the Military-Industrial Complex, all for the pharmaceutical companies.

They don’t give a rat’s ass about us, which is the same thing in Canada and the United States and Australia and New Zealand and everywhere else in the West. And, just watching the results yesterday and today, you can just see that Western so-called democracy, it’s a performance. The leaders are performing for each other. They’re performing for their supposed constituencies. It’s just all one big entertainment. It’s like a TV show. And then the people pathetically protest. Nothing happens. The leaders do whatever the hell they want.

They don’t give a shit about us. In Western democracy, the leaders care about us only as long as it gets them reelected to have power so that they can corruption, money, wealth, etc. The 1% in the United States allowed Roosevelt to have his new deal because it was either that or probably socialism was going to take over in the United States and the same thing in Europe, they just had more socialism than the United States as far as programs and medical care and housing, etc.

And now, of course, again in the 1980s, when the United States, the neocons, and the neoliberals took over officially, they were able to walk through the front door of the White House and into the halls of Congress and that was the end of Roosevelt’s New Deal, which was pro 99%. It just took the Europeans longer. It didn’t really start badly in France until Jacques Chirac left office and then Sarkozy and then Hollande and then Macron the last three presidents, it’s just like in the United States, they’re all the same.

It’s just the same damn party with different names, different party names, etc. but they’re all loyal whores beholden to the Rothschilds, the City of London, Wall Street, the Military-Industrial Complex, and the pharmament with the big pharma selling their weapons. And that’s where we’re at. It’s really, really, really frustrating. The only thing that happened is, is that Macron who is a Rothschild Pygmalion. I mean, he was picked out of nowhere and created and carved just like Pygmalion. The play. And just like Obama was the same thing. He was a Pygmalion that they picked out of nowhere to have their puppet do their work for them.

It was so bad. The right-wing won so big that Macron had to call snap elections on June 30th and then the run-off on July 7th. And I will definitely be voting as a French communist. I will definitely be voting for the right wing because they at least are trying to satisfy the will of the people. The people are sick of immigrants.

The people are sick of austerity, the neocon austerity, they are sick of their social programs being gutted to pay for the austerity that pays the Rothschilds and the City of London and Wall Street for forever increasing debt. And at least for right now, looks good in France and in Europe. Unfortunately, basically the Social Democrats in Germany, which is just a CIA NATO whore have most of the votes and I don’t know, at the European Parliament.

And of course, the European Parliament is the most corrupt putrid, pathetic organization that you can even imagine. Everybody’s corrupt there. Ursula von der Layen, all of them are just incredibly corrupt. Brussels is corrupt. You got NATO there keeping tabs on things. So, I’m not very optimistic, but at least hopeful with the snap elections on June 30th, we can maybe get the right-wing into office here in France because people are just disgusted with the left.

They’re an embarrassment every time. They get on television. They are an embarrassment every time they get interviewed. They are putrid. They are corrupt. They are feckless. They are worthless. They are an embarrassment to the democratic process just like Nancy Pelosi, Biden and their ilk, it’s the same thing. But I would even say here it may even be worse. I’m not sure. And of course, here they call it the far right. They’re just conservatives and right-wing.

But they have now got you cannot say right wing in Europe anymore, you have to say far right just they never say far left. They just say left-wing. But it’s always far right to try to demonize the conservatives and the right wing. So, I thought you’d like to hear about it. My European colleague China Writers group member, Frans Vandenbosch, did not vote as a protest and it’s required in Belgium you have to vote. If you don’t, you get a €250 fine. So, he may get fined for not voting (https://yellowlion.org/).

But in Belgium, what they call the far-right Flemish party won and it forced the Prime minister to resign. So, unfortunately, it could change things nationally in Belgium and it could change things nationally in France. But I’m afraid that the European Commission which will always be a sewer of corruption and influence and totalitarian, undemocratic, 1% governance, authoritarian, aristocratic whether the parliament will be able to do anything with the Social Democrats basically like in Germany having the most votes, I don’t know what if it’ll make any difference or not.

That’s the frustration of being a citizen in the West. And then we just got back from China for a month. And in fact, I spent three months out of the last 12 in China. And we’re moving back permanently. And you just see what’s going on there and the way their democracy works and how their protests work. There are 300 to 500 protests a day to get results. And no one gets maced. No one gets shot. No one gets run over. No one gets arrested. The people are listened to and the government serves the people and satisfies the desires of the people.

And that’s real democracy, bottom-up, people-driven, popular-driven democracy. Not our 1% top-down aristocratic, authoritarian, autocratic, so-called Western democracy which is just extremely disappointing to come back versus see how the people in China live and work and thrive and prosper. And then we come back here and we have to hold our noses at everything that we see. This is Jeff J. Brown signing out. China Rising Radio Sinoland and the founder of Seek Truth From Facts Foundation and the China Writers Group. Thank you.

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