Jeff J. Brown’s work on Seek Truth From Facts, 8-15 June 2024

2024-06-08Amarynth and Eric go to Russia, Matt to Africa, Cynthia back in time, and Jeff takes you on a Sino-stairway to heaven.
2024-06-09Thomas talks AI, Ramin on “EU-icide”, Pepe on Western genocide, Metallicman on humanity’s zeitgeist and Jeff takes you on a little Sino-trip.
2024-06-09Patrice Greanville breaks a leg and his personal best: 32, count ’em 32 articles, interviews and videos to boost your knowledge.
2024-06-10CWG Visual Editor keeps finding hard-hitting images with a message, for all your social media. Over 50. Just copy and paste. Thanks, Magnus! Here’s six for starters…
2024-06-10No recession in 48 years, no real estate bubble since 1949, yet Sinophobes keep praying for a China-crash. It will never happen. WHY? China Rising Radio Sinoland 240610
2024-06-10Godfree compares Covid in China and USA, Thomas shares a Sino-poem, Amarynth goes for Covid biology, Gerald pairs a Mao poem with Thomas and you can travel vicariously with Jeff in China.
2024-06-11Jeff serves tea and a little Mao, then answers Sputnik on Ukie-Nazis; Pepe reports from St. Petersburg, Matt exposes Zionists and Cynthia discusses Gladio. Where else but China Writers’ Group?
2024-06-11Kwan’s koin’ krazy on me again. Ko Kwan Ko!
2024-06-12I just voted in Europe’s elections. The people are pissed off! Here is what you need to know. Part 1 of 2. China Rising Radio Sinoland 240612
2024-06-12The Smell of War – versus a Fresh Breeze of Peace and Cooperation?
2024-06-12CWG member Billy Bob with Ben Tóth and the latest topical outline!
2024-06-12Pepe on the new, better New World Order; Frank on capitalism, Peter on the West’s march to war; a hot, new outline from Billy & Ben; and Jeff waxes all about Chinese calligraphy as an artform.
2024-06-13Psst… Don’t tell Uncle Slaughter this, but China has had the world’s #1 economy since 2014!
2024-06-13Amarynth has four for ‘ya, Cynthia and Matt on Poe and Beethoven, Pepe on the mess called Europe and Jeff shares an open secret nobody wants to admit – even the Chinese!
2024-06-14Hong Kong has been in my life since 1990. After recent visits, my reflections on its past, present and future. China Rising Radio Sinoland 240614
2024-06-14CWG Visual Editor has 50 more copy-and paste-images to make your social media stand out. He spends hours on the web collecting them for you. Thanks, Magnus!
2024-06-14Godfree on death of the dollar, Frans talks the explosive topic of racial IQs, Peter K. covers the West’s Worldwide Wehrmacht, Pepe explains Russia’s war preparations, and Jeff gets a Sino-haircut.
2024-06-15‘D-day’ and WWII Examples of the Fake Reality Offered Up by U.S. Corporate TV News Programming.  By: Jay Janson
2024-06-15‘D-day’ and WWII Examples of the Fake Reality Offered Up by U.S. Corporate TV News Programming. By: Jay Janson
2024-06-15Guest submissions from China Writers’ Group members Eric, Magnus, Chua and Jeff. Four videos and an article. Have a great weekend…
2024-06-15Thomas on WWII lies, Kwan times three, Cynthia with an invitation, Matt on culture wars and Jeff on HK. Not a bad CWG line-up for Father’s Day! Enjoy being with family…


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