China Writers’ Group work on Seek Truth From Facts, 16-23 June 2024


2024-06-16Patrice lays out 24 mind-improving gems for you, on this Father’s Day! Share them with Dad! Best gift ever…
2024-06-17CWG Monday: Christopher and Caren on false flags, Amarynth with Jeffrey Sachs, Gerald shares Mao’s poems, Eric recommends Soviet movies and Irina shows off her incredible USSR/Russia film work & blog.
2024-06-17CWG member Billy Bob’s partner Ben Tóth publishes another outstanding talking point list!
2024-06-17Peter Koenig is guest on an Aussie show, Pepe Escobar coves BRICS & Palestine, Billy Bob+Ben Tóth list it all out for you, and Godfree Roberts discusses diplomacy.
2024-06-17China is much greener than the US and Europe. Two graphs prove it.
2024-06-18Dr. Kwan Lee, Amarynth Flower and Jeff J. Brown review fellow CWG member Pepe Escobar’s new book, “Eurasia vs. NATOstan”.
2024-06-18China is revolutionizing connectivity, commerce and trade with its immediate neighbors, using modern railway services.
2024-06-18West/Israel keep harvesting organs and Ukraine is selling children to Western pedophiles. Old news: JB West and JB East reported on this in 2022. It’s a multi-billion-dollar criminal cartel.
2024-06-18War Conference – Burgenstock, Switzerland
2024-06-18Jeff on the geopolitics of vehicle plates, Eric on global harmony and rebalancing, Peter K. on war in Ukraine, Matt with Mel K. and Cynthia on Mafia history.
2024-06-18A look at China’s education system versus the West. Different cultures, expectations and outcomes. China Rising Radio Sinoland 240618
2024-06-18Chinese air force is surpassing the USA. Good luck Uncle Slaughter defending Taiwan Province!
2024-06-18Don’t forget, if the West attacks North Korea or China, they are treaty-bound to defend each other – since 1961!
2024-06-18Japan is so occupied by Uncle Slaughter, it’s embarrassing. 100,000 Yanks.
2024-06-19Manufacturing, industry and infrastructure vs. military expenditures. China chooses butter, the West chooses guns. Can’t have both.
2024-06-20Magnus with tons of social media visuals, Thomas on our zeitgeist, Kwan talks Chinese scientists and Jeff on Green China.
2024-06-20Kwan fires off four hitting on deserts, Africa, hypersonic missiles and nuclear power. Jeff covers China connecting East Asia like a circuit board.
2024-06-20Getting caught up: Pepe on Putin, Amarynth says it’s worse-than-Abu-Gharib, Eric covers dark histories of dead US presidents, and Jeff has bad news for the US Air Force.
2024-06-23Richard Cook, author, journalist and American historian, wow us with his hopeful new book, “Our Country, Then and Now”. China Rising Radio Sinoland 240623
2024-06-23We Watched Them Murder Many Thousands of Captive Children in Their Concentration Camp! Woe Unto Us. By: Jay Janson
2024-06-23Four brilliant China Writers’ Guest Submissions: Jay Janson, Don’s Substack, Indi and Chris Hedges, with a focus on USraehell’s relentless genocide in Palestine.



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