China Writers’ Group work on Seek Truth From Facts, 24-30 June 2024


2024-06-24Ukraine – Russia: Towards a Peace Agreement – An Alternative Peace Conference in Flühli, Switzerland. By: Peter Koenig
2024-06-24Patrice Greanville lays on a score of articles, interviews and videos for your learning pleasure. Enjoy!
2024-06-24China Writers’ Group brings home the information bacon! Cynthia Chung, Peter Koenig, Matt Ehret and Pepe Escobar keep you company…
2024-06-24Ben’s latest outline for co-hosting the “Blowback” show with China Writer Billy Bob
2024-06-24Getting CWG caught up: Gerald, Ben+Billy Bob, Matt and Cynthia
2024-06-24Six well-chosen CWG Guest Submissions to expand your horizons, with some background posts to deepen the experience.
2024-06-25CWG Tuesday: Amarynth covers Assange’s freedom plus a Peru update, Thomas with a poem and photo, Matt on all things Canada (en français) and Peter on Putin and Russia
2024-06-25Kwan’s Korner is so kool. Kick back and keep up with the global zeitgeist. Your survival could depend on it!
2024-06-25Julian Assange is Free! – We All have the Power to Be Free. By: Peter Koenig
2024-06-25Why is home ownership in China twice as high as in the West?
2024-06-25Pepe with two video shows, Matt on conflicted Japan, Peter discusses Julian Assange’s release and Jeff covers home ownership in China vs. the West.
2024-06-26Corruption is crushed in China, which helps explain its ongoing socio-economic success. The West is a lost-cause sewer. Part 2. China Rising Radio Sinoland 240626
2024-06-26Russian and Chinese Human Rights Reports on the USA
2024-06-26Pepe is on fire with two for you, ditto Cynthia, Eric on the psyopcracy. Then, Jeff shares Russia’s and China’s jaundiced look at Uncle Slaughter’s “human rights”: it’s downright ugly.
2024-06-26Chinese employees are being given expanded say in how their companies function and decisions made. Capitalism NOT!
2024-06-26Ben+Billy Bob with their hot, latest Current Event Summary!
2024-06-27Ben+Billy Bob with their Current Event Summary, Amarynth on the ground covering the Bolivian coup d’état, Jeff exposes Japan’s grotesque Yankee occupation and Kwan does Ukraine & Palestine.
2024-06-27Four fantastic guest submissions brought to you by Seek Truth From Facts…
2024-06-27Amarynth is on the ground in S. America covering the US coup d’état, Pepe explains the bitter truth about Julian Assange and Jeff shows why Chinese workers have the most say in their company decisions
2024-06-27Five colorful graphs: electricity, highways, steel, cement and shipbuilding are all you need to see about which country has the world’s biggest real economy. It’s not Europe or Uncle Sam.
2024-06-28Magnus with a fresh load of visuals for your social media, Jeff with five colorful graphs; Irina Boyko’s running Russia blog, movies and songs; Pepe on Russia’s patience running out.
2024-06-2810,000 thanks to Cat McGuire for her valuable support!
2024-06-28Julian Assange – Looking Forward by Looking Back. By: Peter Koenig
2024-06-28Population growth and aging is cause for concern in China. Even more so in USA, UK, S. Korea, Germany, Japan and Thailand, to name a few.
2024-06-28Patrice, Matt, Ramin and Peter do you and China Writers’ Group proud… Dive in!
2024-06-30Four thoughtfully chosen CWG guest submissions for your Sunday brain arsenal.
2024-06-30Amarynth x3, Chet on Chinese cinema, Cynthia riffs on NWO propaganda and Jeff covers China’s population problem. What else but a China Writers’ Sunday?
2024-06-30Chicken Little sells well, but post-1949 China will NEVER have a real estate or economic crash. NEVER! Here are three reasons why.
2024-06-30Eric on the West’s plan for WWIII, Gerald publishes a great Mao poem, Matt exposes Evil Albion and Jeff covers the Big Lie Propaganda Machine’s Sino-Chicken-Little fetish.
2024-06-30Today I voted in France’s elections. What a humiliation for Western civilization! The US is even worse. Part 2 of 2. China Rising Radio Sinoland 240630


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