Weekly Review: China Writers’ Group work on Seek Truth From Facts, 1-7 July 2024. Please share widely so that others can catch the CWG sails!


2024-07-01Kwan lays on NINE – count’em – NINE brain-boosting articles/videos just for CWG fans. I’m dying here! Kwan, are you taking speed pills? Kwan, please take a rest!https://open.substack.com/pub/jeffjbrown/p/kwan-lays-on-nine-countem-nine-brain
2024-07-01Patrice must be taking speed pills too. OMG, 34 – count’em – 34 posts this week to keep your article/video/interview quiver full! Have at it!https://open.substack.com/pub/jeffjbrown/p/patrice-must-be-taking-speed-pills
2024-07-01Have a cup of Sino-tea with me! This is how the Chinese drink tea during their workday. With photos.https://seektruthfromfacts.org/cwg/have-a-cup-of-sino-tea-with-me-this-is-how-the-chinese-drink-tea-during-their-workday-with-photos/
2024-07-01Ramin on Russophobia, Patrice with two truth bombs; Amarynth on pedophilia and related, Jeff on the West’s organ harvesting/child trafficking cartel: the need to know.https://open.substack.com/pub/jeffjbrown/p/ramin-on-russophobia-patrice-with
2024-07-01Thomas with a lovely poem and photo, Matt on Mormons, Peter with a triple- header and Jeff invites you to share a cup of Chinese tea, with photos to make it more fun!https://jeffjbrown.substack.com/p/thomas-with-a-lovely-poem-and-photo
2024-07-02Amarynth on the SCO, Irina on the loss of the USSR, Matt sings the Canadian national hymn and Jeff compares guns and butter.https://open.substack.com/pub/jeffjbrown/p/amarynth-on-the-sco-irina-on-the
2024-07-02Four China-Writer guest submissions chosen just for you!https://jeffjbrown.substack.com/p/four-china-writer-guest-submissions
2024-07-02Class War Films: Let Your Life Be a Friction to Stop the Machinehttps://seektruthfromfacts.org/guess-submissions/class-war-films-let-your-life-be-a-friction-to-stop-the-machine/
2024-07-03Nima R. Alkhorshid hosts Jeff J. Brown on his outstanding “Dialogue Works” Show: we cover China, Ukraine and Palestine.https://jeffjbrown.substack.com/p/nima-r-alkhorshid-hosts-jeff-j-brown
2024-07-03Godfree on Sino-diplomacy, Kwan on kaput Japan, Ramin on the White Trash Revolution and Frans reviews 50 non-fictions books covering China. Where else but China Writers’ Group?https://open.substack.com/pub/jeffjbrown/p/godfree-on-sino-diplomacy-kwan-on
2024-07-03Chinese lives: Mr. Cai, taxi driver.https://seektruthfromfacts.org/cwg/chinese-lives-mr-cai-taxi-driver/
2024-07-04First-time visitors to China are gobsmacked at everything they see and experience. New visa-free policy is changing hearts and minds.https://seektruthfromfacts.org/guess-submissions/first-time-visitors-to-china-are-gobsmacked-at-everything-they-see-and-experience-new-visa-free-policy-is-changing-hearts-and-minds/
2024-07-04CWG kicking bahookie! Kwan has a two-fer, Jeff talks to a Chinese taxi driver, Frank with an oldie on Palestine and Chua on gobsmacked, first-time visitors to Sinoland.https://jeffjbrown.substack.com/p/cwg-kicking-bahookie-kwan-has-a-two
2024-07-04Four awesome CWG guest submissions: Class War Films, Jay Janson, Ray McGovern and Science.orghttps://open.substack.com/pub/jeffjbrown/p/four-awesome-cwg-guest-submissions
2024-07-04West’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine puke on Xinjiang and Chinese Muslims is neck-deep across our Pale Blue Dot. Here are 11 articles/videos that pull the plug, including three by Jeff J. Brown.https://seektruthfromfacts.org/cwg/wests-big-lie-propaganda-machine-puke-on-xinjiang-and-chinese-muslims-is-neck-deep-across-our-pale-blue-dot-here-are-11-articles-videos-that-pull-the-plug-including-three-by-jeff-j-brown/
2024-07-04Eric on Dualistic Thinking and Ego, Cynthia with a historical double-header, Matt covers Sino-Russian space advances and Jeff washes away Big Lie Propaganda Machine puke.https://open.substack.com/pub/jeffjbrown/p/eric-on-dualistic-thinking-and-ego
2024-07-06CWG has tastefully selected four disparate guest submissions just for you! Savor each morsel…https://jeffjbrown.substack.com/p/cwg-has-tastefully-selected-four
2024-07-06Frank on Trans, Pepe with a bombshell video, Matt extends you an invitation and Jeff makes a very informative reply to a comment on Seek Truth From Facts.https://open.substack.com/pub/jeffjbrown/p/frank-on-trans-pepe-with-a-bombshell
2024-07-06Ben+Billy Bob walk you through all the current headline highlights.https://seektruthfromfacts.org/guess-submissions/benbilly-bob-walk-you-through-all-the-current-headline-highlights/
2024-07-07Fun CWG Sunday: Ben+Billy’s headline highlights, Godfree’s NATO nub in the Pacific, Cynthia on Deep State Aaron Burr and Magus has more award-winning visuals for your social media. Download them all!https://open.substack.com/pub/jeffjbrown/p/fun-cwg-sunday-benbillys-headline
2024-07-07Everybody internalizes that the CIA/Mossad/Military/Banksters killed JFK, not to mention his brother, MLK, MX, Black Panthers, musicians and thousands of others.https://seektruthfromfacts.org/cwg/everybody-internalizes-that-the-cia-mossad-military-banksters-killed-jfk-not-to-mention-his-brother-mlk-mx-black-panthers-musicians-and-thousands-of-others/
2024-07-07Amarynth has boots on the ground in Latin America x3 and Jeff exposes the West’s psychopathy of assassinations.https://open.substack.com/pub/jeffjbrown/p/amarynth-has-boots-on-the-ground
2024-07-07Dr. Kwan Lee takes you to 7th heaven across the globe! Read one a day this week to savor them all…https://open.substack.com/pub/jeffjbrown/p/dr-kwan-lee-takes-you-to-7th-heaven
2024-07-07Nima R. Alkhorshid hosts Jeff J. Brown on his excellent “Dialogue Works” Show: we cover Ukraine, Palestine and drill down on China and Taiwan. China Rising Radio Sinoland 240707https://open.substack.com/pub/jeffjbrown/p/nima-r-alkhorshid-hosts-jeff-j-brown-b8
2024-07-07Eric on the West’s long decline, Gerald with one of Mao’s most famous poems, Matt on Conan Doyle’s hatred of Poe and Frans with some lovely vignettes of China. Where else but CWG?https://open.substack.com/pub/jeffjbrown/p/eric-on-the-wests-long-decline-gerald




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