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English / 中文:New HSBC evidence clearly shows Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou’s 2.5-year, US-forced detention in Canada has been a geopolitical, imperial kidnapping from day one. China Rising Radio Sinoland 210704 / 汇丰银行的新证据清楚地显示,华为首席财务官孟晚舟在加拿大被美国强迫拘留2.5年,从那天起,这件事就成了地缘政治的帝国绑架。崛起的中国210704.

现在可以看博客用21不同的语言. 点击一下在下面左边“TRANSLATE”的标记就找到你的母语! 卜杰富 (Jeff J. Brown) 写的 je**@br***********.com Pictured above: Huawei Canada’s just released statement about Meng Wanzhou’s ongoing, US-led detention, going back 2.5 years. Of course, Meng is innocent, but Western courts are corrupt finger puppets of the 1% elites and always have been. So, the jury is still out, pardon the pun. 上图:华为加拿大公司刚刚发布声明,称孟晚舟被美国拘留,可追溯到2.5年前。当然,孟是无辜的,但西方法院是腐败的手指傀儡的1%的精英把控着,而且一直以来都是。所以,陪审团还没有参与进来,原谅双关语吧。…

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