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Made In China: An Alternative To American Mayhem and Maelstrom, by John R. Hall, on Dissident Voice

    It is a pleasure and an honor to present to you an article written by John R. Hall, a journalist who contributes regularly to Dissident Voice (http://dissidentvoice.org/). He wrote this piece, after reading China Rising Radio Sinoland‘s Jeff J. Brown’s first two interviews with Kim Petersen (http://ahtribune.com/author.html?id=920) (see below for the interview links):…

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Kim Petersen interviews Jeff J. Brown: The Economic Resurrection of China, Part 2 of 3

  Well, at least the CIA does some things that don’t destroy humanity. The spooks at Langley put out this nice bar graph, showing China’s meteoric economic rise, while surpassing the US as the world’s biggest economy. Actually, this incredible growth goes all the way back to 1949. It’s just been accelerating. You know what…

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Kim Petersen interviews Jeff J. Brown: What does the rise of China mean for the rest of the world? Part 1 of 3

    China has its own brand of democracy that is mostly alien to the uninformed. Yet, it is working very, very well for the overwhelming majority of Chinese citizens. Pictured above, China’s preeminent political power group, the Politburo Standing Committee (PSC), with President Xi Jinping in the middle, is shown above, voting on a…

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