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China is Bigger, Get Over It. By: Dean Baker @ CEPR https://seektruthfromfacts.org/guess-submissions/china-is-bigger-get-over-it-by-dean-baker-cepr/ Two revealing China-focused guest submissions on Seek Truth From Facts: Zhang Weiwei from the inside and Dean Baker @CEPR from without. https://jeffjbrown.substack.com/p/two-revealing-china-focused-guest Doomed by decoupling. The West falls further behind. By: Godfree Roberts. Member of the China Writers’ Group. https://seektruthfromfacts.org/guess-submissions/doomed-by-decoupling-the-west-falls-further-behind-by-godfree-roberts-member-of-the-china-writers-group/ Servant of the…

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TRANSLATION MENU: LOOK UPPER RIGHT BELOW THE SOCIAL MEDIA ICONS. IT OFFERS EVERY LANGUAGE AVAILABLE AROUND THE WORLD! By Jeff J. Brown Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff Downloadable podcast at the bottom of this page, Brighteon, iVoox, RuVid, as well as being syndicated on iTunes, Stitcher…

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