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Asia will replace American dominance by 2030- Jeff J. Brown on the Guadalajara Geopolitics Institute Show 161122

    Author Jeff J. Brown was invited on Hrvoje Moric’s Guadalajara Geopolitics Institute Show, to talk about his newest book, China Rising- Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations. China’s place at the front of the world stage is where it belonged for 5,000 years of human history. Only during its very shameful colonial period, 1839-1949, when…

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Project for a New Eurasian Century: Guadalajara Geopolitics Institute interviews Jeff J. Brown

  China Rising Radio Sinoland author and geopolitical analyst Jeff J. Brown joins professor and journalist Hrvoje Moric, on his radio program at the Guadalajara Geopolitics Institute, to discuss China’s Project for a New Eurasian Century. Why is China so interesting? What is the Great Western Firewall? How is the American Empire’s decline enabling China’s…

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