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Mao Zedong died this day in 1976. China Rising Radio Sinoland 170909

By Jeff J. Brown Mao Zedong’s death not only shook China, it shook the whole world, since he was 20th century’s most influential world leader. I didn’t say the best, since that is very much an opinion, although 98% of the Chinese would say so. But the most influential, the most important in the 1900s,…

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John R. Hall interview-dissident voice in the desert, host Jeff J. Brown-China Rising Radio Sinoland

    John Rohn Hall, pictured above, trying to put the world in proper perspective, in New Mexico, USA (Image by John R. Hall) There are millions of sane and sage voices out there, in the sea of humanity, shouting down and standing up to the Princes of Power, heroes and heroines all. John Rohn…

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