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60 Seconds over Sinoland: China’s 360-degree, zoomable, quantum satellite photos will knock the eyes out of your sockets!

By Jeff J. Brown   Pictured above: Shenzhen atop the Ping’an Finance Center, looking towards Hong Kong. Using China’s amazing quantum satellite program, you can zoom in, see people smiling, read car license plates and then move around 360 degrees to explore some more. Amazing…   f you find China Rising Radio Sinoland‘s work useful…

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Part 9 of 44 Days Beijing Radio AM774 Interview with Bruce Connolly – from Kangding, Sichuan up to Tagong, on the Tibetan Plateau.

      NOW IN 22 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. CLICK ON THE LOWER LEFT HAND CORNER “TRANSLATE” TAB TO FIND YOURS! By Jeff J. Brown Pictured above: a look down at the scenic vista of Tagong, on the Tibetan Plateau, from the imposing, sacred Mount Jinire, overlooking the town. Photo from the book, 44 Days Backpacking…

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