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Western Big Lie Propaganda’s newest smear against the Chinese people: Handmaid Tale baby factories. China Rising Radio Sinoland 190318

By Jeff J. Brown Women of China! Flee the country or run for the hills NOW to keep from being turning into a Communist Party of China baby factory machine! Baba Beijing is coming to get you, lock you up and control your uterus… gimme a break, puh-LEEZ! Unfortunately, Western propaganda brainwashing works around the…

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Part 11 of 44 Days Beijing Radio AM774 Interview with Bruce Connolly – from Xichang, Sichuan to and across Lugu Lake into Yunnan.

    NOW IN 22 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. CLICK ON THE LOWER LEFT HAND CORNER “TRANSLATE” TAB TO FIND YOURS! By Jeff J. Brown Pictured above: a Mosuo boatswain ferrying Jeff across Lugu Lake, from Sichuan to Yunnan. Photo from the book, 44 Days Backpacking in China, by Jeff J. Brown.     Thousands of dollars…

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