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Everything You Wanted to Know about Communism & Socialism, but Were Afraid to Ask 16.1.13

  Political expert Caleb Maupin (www.calebmaupin.info) and analyst and author Jeff J. Brown join in a fascinating discussion on communism and socialism. Are they the same? How have they compared around the world over the last century? Is modern China capitalist or socialist? What happened in the USSR? Can or should socialism or communism replace…

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It is time to talk about the “C” word

  Jeff J. Brown has been busy over the winter holidays. While focused working on a specially commissioned book for the publisher, Badak Merah, he just interviewed journalist and commentator, Caleb Maupin, in the first of a series.   Only recently has Jeff, thanks to thousands of hours of research and writing, finally started to…

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Origins and realities of Europe’s Post-War Socialism-Capitalism 15.12.30

    Political expert Caleb Maupin (www.calebmaupin.info) and analyst and author Jeff J. Brown join in an incredibly informative and interesting discussion on Europe’s postwar socialism-capitalism. Why did Europe become so socialist after World War II? Who really benefited from it and who paid the cost? Is it and alternative model in competition with American…

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Baba Beijing Is King of Kool, Greanville Post–Dispatch from Beijing, 44 Days Radio Sinoland, 15.7.10

Editor’s note: we STRONGLY recommend that you stop here and read this original article on The Greanville Post. We cry “uncle” here in Sinoland. TGP‘s production work, visual presentation and added information make it well worth the effort to enjoy it there. To quote Carly Simon and Marvin Hamlisch, nobody does it better. You will…

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Jeff J. Brown, 44 Days Radio Sinoland on Truth Jihad and No Lies Radio, with Dr. Kevin Barrett, 2015.3.9

Join Jeff in Beijing for his China Rising Radio Sinoland Show. He discusses news and events about China, at home and around the world – information you almost never see and hear behind the Great Western Firewall. China is way too important to not have an insider’s perspective on how its leaders and people are…

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Red Letters – The Diaries of Xi Jinping

                          19-year old Xi Jinping, in 1972, visiting his family in Beijing, from his Cultural Revolution education in rural Shaanxi Province (image from book, The Governance of China, by Xi Jinping, and Photoshopped by Jeff J. Brown).   Check out my newest book…

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