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Dr. T.P. Wilkinson is one of the most insightful, deep thinkers in the business. Check out his first six China Writers’ Group essays: Unbecoming American Series.

                            Unbecoming American: The Puritan Nation https://seektruthfromfacts.org/drwilkinson/unbecoming-american/   Unbecoming American: Pedagogical panopticon https://seektruthfromfacts.org/drwilkinson/pedagogical-panopticon/   Unbecoming American: After the Fall: Another important reason to prevent Donald Trump from returning to the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue https://seektruthfromfacts.org/drwilkinson/after-the-fall-another-important-reason-to-prevent-donald-trump-from-returning-to-the-1600-pennsylvania-avenue/   Unbecoming American: Journalism and entertainment: Tucker Carlson…

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