Michael Bautsch is fighting WEF tyranny for citizens’ medical freedom and safety, with updates from Europe and New Zealand. JB West and JB East present: See You in The Hague! #34

Pictured above: Michael Bautsch, an everyday person, a citizen who is sacrificing and giving much for the betterment of humanity.



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It was wonderful having Michael Bautsch on the show today. Here is an everyday person, a citizen who is sacrificing and giving much for the betterment of humanity, by exposing the lies and genocide of the ever-growing techo-fascism spreading across much of our Pale Blue Dot.

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Real life consequences are happening from these so called lifesaving vaccines!  See what is actually happening to people and don’t be blind anymore.


When TYRANNY becomes law, REBELLION BECOMES DUTY – Thomas Jefferson


Michael Bautsch | DDB, LP & MDB Ventures, LLC

Enjoy an informative, shocking, yet ultimately hopeful show.


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International Criminal Court Covid Dec 2021

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Joint Declaration on War Crimes, by Jeff J. Brown and James Bradley-English

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