The Putin-Xi summit will go down as one of the most life-changing events since WWI: meaning YOUR life. JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #52

Pictured above: Xi and Putin are Great World Island brothers, whose goal is to end 500 years of Western rape and plunder of the Global Majority.



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James Bradley: Hello, this is James Bradley. I’m called JB because those are my initials and it’s JB East talking here because I am in Saigon, Vietnam, watching out for this part of the world. And my buddy JB, his name is Jeff Brown. JB West is way over there in the West. JB West, how are you doing?

Jeff J Brown: Doing great, James.

James: Hey, let’s talk about the world. Let’s talk about the Great Schism. Let’s talk about the largest change in our lifetimes. I mean, Jeff and I were born in 1954. Stalin was in Moscow, and if you’re an American, you didn’t have to know much about the rest of the world. China had a bunch of pig farms, and Russia was walking in mud. Most people didn’t have indoor toilets. And if you were an American in Chicago, the foreign country you wanted to know about was New York or Los Angeles.

And that was enough because America was ruling the world. Maybe a trip to London or Paris if you were really out there, but you didn’t have to know much more than the West was leading. Now we have the emperor from Beijing who went to see the czar in Moscow. The emperor went to the Middle East. This is a world-shaking event happening. And Jeff and I were discussing that it’s not being put into perspective by the Western media. The Western media is looking at little events like riots in Paris, and Xi went to Moscow, and there are tiny little articles.

But I’m lucky because I’ve got JB West out there with a big brain who can help us put this into perspective. And the perspective I’m thinking about folks, take out your globe. Take out your map. Instead of if you live in South America, instead of looking at the Americas, or if you live in Europe instead of looking at Italy, move the globe. Go over to the map and look at the great Island. Halford Mackinder in 1904 talked to the British Geographical Society about the Great Island. Look at the Great Island. It goes from Europe to Shanghai. It goes from Mongolia down to India.

That landmass, Harold Mackinder said whoever controls the Great Island is going to control the world, and the Great Island is being knit together from Beijing to Iran, from Saudi Arabia to Shanghai, and from Shanghai up to Moscow. And that’s THE perspective that Jeff and I thought we could bring to this. And look it, I’m way out here in Vietnam, and if I stretch my arm out to Jeff and we shake hands, he’s out there on the coast of the Atlantic, our arms go across the Great Island. So, big events are happening. We need about three hours to get this all in, but we’re going to try to do it in 40 minutes. So, Jeff, a guy who’s lived all over the world, start us out. What’s changing? Why, how, who, what, why, how, and when?

Jeff: Thank you, James. I really enjoyed that introduction. Got me excited. I think history will show that the trip by Xi Jinping over Spring Equinox, March 20th-21st in Moscow to meet Vladimir Putin (The President of Russia) will go down as one of the most momentous in modern history since Versailles after World War One and Yalta after World War Two. Xi Jinping has actually been saying for quite a few years in his speeches, “We are experiencing changes in the world that have not been seen in the last 100 years, which would take us back to Versailles after World War One”.

I think there are three quotes that pretty much sum up what took place there. Remembering that China is the world’s biggest economy, not in exchange rate terms, but in Purchasing Power Parities. Even the IMF and the World Bank have said that China is the biggest economy. That’s all the way back to 2014, it’s the world’s biggest exporter, the world’s biggest importer, the world’s number one manufacturer, and its partner, it’s a comrade in arms, Russia, the most resource-rich country in the world, with arguably the most powerful defense/military on the planet, working hand in hand together.

And when Xi Jinping got off the airplane in Moscow, this is what he said. Xi Jinping, upon his arrival in Moscow, uttered the most seditious words from the point of view of the West,

China is ready to stand together with Russia to guard the world order based on international law, not on the “rules”, invented by someone, but on the law.

And he emphasized that. And then when he left, as he was leaving, Xi during his handshake with President Putin before going to the airport together,

We should push forward these changes that have not happened for 100 years. Take care.

And then a final quote is that Russia just yesterday came out with a new concept of foreign policy called Russia is the stronghold of the Russian world. It’s not very long, but one of the key quotes that came out of it is and I repeat,

Our country intends to prioritize the elimination of vestiges of US dominance, investigate cases of development and deployment of biological weapons, counteract Russophobia, and fight for historical truth.

So now NATO, the collective West has two from, as James just pointed out, the World Island of Asia. Now, the West is having to confront these two countries and these two very visionary leaders, who clearly have set out a plan to dethrone the United States specifically, and then more generally, its vassals in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Israel. They are now going to literally flip the rules-based order from the West, used to dictating the terms, to a multi-polar win-win balanced global policy. Thank you, James.

James: Thank you for that. Just pick a little bone with the word confront. Yes, we do have to confront that. I think they’re not being confrontational. They’re looking to unite the Great Island. They are looking to, they want peace. I mean, Xi went to Moscow and said, let’s have a peace plan in Ukraine. Putin doesn’t want more war. Xi does not want a fight over Taiwan. And I think the confrontation if there is any, is coming from the Western end. And I looked at this, I’m sure you’ve seen it. Ipsos, a Paris-based multinational market research firm, just came out.

They surveyed 30 economies and the Chinese people came out among the happiest.

So, you can look it up.

Edelman. Everyone knows Edelman, the public relations and marketing consultancy firm in New York and Chicago. They said that 89% of the Chinese said that they trust their government. In other words, I’m looking at the American media and the American media is showing Xi and Putin as two dictators with their boots on people’s throats. And America’s the land of the free. And our military has to bring freedom.

That’s all over. I mean, this rules-based order was invented after World War Two. After World War two, Russia was bleeding 30 million dead. There was no China right after World War two. China was in a civil war. Chiang Kai-Shek and Mao. So, with China and Russia down, America just drew lines and borders all over the place, especially in the Pacific. And now we’re trying to uphold that rules-based order.

And China and Russia are now on their feet and they’re not trying to push us, push America, they’re trying to say, hey, it’s a new day. We’re in the lead. Let’s have peace. Let’s not bomb these pipelines. Let’s treat the Iranians and everyone as humans. Jeff, I’ll talk a little about the money, about the dollar, but could you first talk what’s the significance that one day Iran and Saudi Arabia popped up in Beijing shaking hands? What’s the difference between a Sunni and a Shia? And what does it mean that these two shook hands in Beijing?

Jeff: Well, first off, James, thank you. You did bring up a really good point because I forgot to mention the Russian New concept of foreign policy. One of the last lines in it is, as you talked about, peace. Quote,

The main goal in the near abroad is to turn the region, being the World Island of Asia into a zone of peace, good neighborliness, and prosperity.

And so, what you just talked about is obviously very much on the minds of, as you said, both the Russians and the Chinese.

You asked the question, what does it mean to Saudi Arabia and Iran to make peace in Beijing in terms of America not being at the center, in terms of Shia and Sunni? For centuries since the founding of Islam in the eighth century, the Sunni, and I don’t want to get into the long history, but it’s about family dynasties, basically two-family dynasties in early Islam and they lived in almost total peace for hundreds of years until the West began to colonize the Middle East or what’s now called Western Asia.

And the British, with their Divide and Conquer, King of Divide and Conquer saw that they could divide the Arab world along Shia and Sunni lines. And so, they began to foment this supposed argument about the family dynasties. And it worked beautifully. And it has kept the Muslim world in division now for the last 200 or 300 years. So, Saudi Arabia is considered to be the banner holder of the Sunni sect which is the largest sect in Islam. And Iran is considered to be the banner holder of the Shia group sect.

And they are right across from each other in the Persian Gulf. So, the fact that they are going to now work together is absolutely earth-shaking, because the last thing the United States and its vassals in Europe want in the Middle East is peace. They do not want peace. The United States and the British have troops in most of the countries in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, UAE, and Oman. And so, they don’t want to leave and they want to be there and have a military presence. So, this is a big deal.

And Saudi Arabia is the most powerful country in the Arab world. Iran is the most powerful country in the Shia world, if you will. And so, these are basically the two most powerful Muslim countries that are now holding hands. And, of course, this is also causing Israel to have apoplectic seizures, because they also want to try to control the goings-on in the Middle East. So, the fact that it took China to get these two sides together, after decades and decades of enmity is earth-shaking.

Because the Middle East has always been, since the early 1900s, Lawrence of Arabia and all that. Since the early 1900s, the Middle East has been the stomping grounds of the United States and Britain, and France to a lesser extent. And now all of a sudden, the comeuppance of China coming in and actually getting these two peoples to work together is extremely important for the potential for world peace. And economically, Iran is already a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. And Saudi Arabia wants to be a member.

They just got admitted for observer status and it’s expected that they will now be a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization by August, which again, as James pointed out, id the World Island, not just to Iran, but now across the Persian Gulf, in fact, all the way to the Red Sea in Africa. So, this is a big deal. And I would also like to point out that not only is the World Island locked tight with Russia and China, but don’t forget that North Korea, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, they are a thorn in the side of Western hegemony.

Then we also have Belarus, which is a very close ally of Russia and faces the borders of the Baltic states in Europe. And we also, of course, have Iran. And although I think James and I can probably keep our fingers crossed, India is showing extreme independence from Western hegemony, although they do pay some lip service with some military cooperation. But you take all of those elements, and even James, Vietnam, they’re cooperating. I mean, it’s just Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. It’s just the whole Asian region is coming together to de-dollarize and completely separate itself from, as James pointed out, the post-war quote “rules-based order” which is basically the United States telling everybody what to do. Thank you, James.

James: That de-dollarization.

Jeff: I’m sorry.

James: Can I pick up on that?

Jeff: Oh, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely.

James: The audience, okay, let’s look at that globe, get back to that map. And what does it matter, this Great Island? I mean, you might be saying you don’t live in Kazakhstan and you don’t have any plans to go to Tehran. So, what does this matter? Let’s talk about the fact that the dollar runs the world. And there are more hundred-dollar bills outside of the United States than there are inside the United States. And why does the dollar run the world? Well, America won World War Two. So, at that point, we had more gold than anyone in the world.

We finally had more gold than Britain. So, this is what basically bankrupted Britain. FDR said, “Churchill, you want some ships and munitions to save yourself, send the gold over from the Bank of England”. So, we had the most gold. So, we had the Bretton Woods agreement in 1944, and the Bretton Woods agreement set out the new financial system. And that new financial system said that in all your different countries, you don’t have to base your currency on gold like before.

You can back it with the US dollar because we’re so trustworthy and we’re so dominant. We’ve got all the gold. So, the dollar’s as good as gold, good as gold is the dollar. So, you, Cambodia, France, or wherever, you base your currency on the dollar, we will be trusted to base the dollar on gold. So that was the Bretton Woods agreement. And something happened in the shadows after Yalta when FDR met with Churchill and Stalin in Crimea in Yalta towards the end of World War Two. He did something Churchill didn’t like.

He went down to the Suez Canal and met with the King of Saudi Arabia on a boat called the Quincy. And he made a deal with the King. He said to the King, you supply America with oil and we will back you up militarily. Well, Churchill had Iran, British Petroleum, and the British Navy was getting their petroleum out of Iran. So, FDR copied Churchill and made a deal with Saudi Arabia. So, we were getting our oil from Saudi Arabia. Well, the Vietnam War came along. We printed too many dollars in the 1960s.

LBJ’s Great Society printed money, printing money, and all those dollars flooded into Vietnam. Well, the Vietnamese banks were French. And those dollars went to Paris, and Charles de Gaulle all of a sudden had a lot of dollars that he was literally putting on ships sailing over to New York and they would wheelbarrow them down to the New York Fed and say, here’s a bushel of dollars, give us gold. And De Gaulle was draining the gold from the United States. And John Connally, the Treasury Secretary, said to Nixon, hey, we’re going to be out of gold here.

Look, our gold reserves are going down. So, Richard Nixon went on TV in 1971. I remember it. And I didn’t know what it meant at the time, but he said, we are going off the gold standard. We are temporarily going off the gold standard. And now the US dollar was not backed up by gold. For the first time in history, no currencies were backed up by gold, folks. I’m talking about 5,000 years of history. I’m not talking about 20 to 30 years. For the first time in 5,000 years, all the currencies had no anchor. They were just floating.

Folks, before 1971, there wasn’t this FX market, where we had all these floating currencies, and the value changed day by day. That didn’t exist until 1971 because things were anchored to gold and gold’s value stays the same. Now all of a sudden, the American empire could print unlimited dollars. They were not pegged to gold, and you saw an explosion of inflation since 1971. Look at house prices of $10,000, houses now cost $1 million. A family of four could live on $20,000 in the 1970s. Now they need $200,000.

So that’s because we went off the gold standard. All this inflation happened and we could have all these wars. Our wars exploded after the 1970s. Well, but why did the dollar maintain any value at all? It’s because Henry Kissinger and Treasury Secretary William Simon went to Saudi Arabia and said to the Saudis, hey, you’re giving us oil. Why don’t you do this? You denominate your oil in dollars. In other words, you can only sell a barrel of oil for dollars. That will make the treasuries around the world have to have dollars.

So, the Vietnamese Treasury in Hanoi, and the New Zealand Treasury in Wellington, had to have dollars. So that created a demand for dollars. It made the dollar continue to have value even after it wasn’t based on gold. Well, what happened after Biden came out of Afghanistan? This is not reported in the American press. When Biden pulled out of Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia was shocked. And they kicked out American troops in the dead of the night. And Russia came in and signed a security agreement with Saudi Arabia.

Now Saudi Arabia is agreeing to sell their oil in other currencies. They will now accept Chinese money for their oil. This is not being reported. Brazil has just agreed with China that we will sell our soybeans and other products to China for Chinese currency. Russia and Iran have just agreed to trade. We don’t need to settle our trade in US dollars. We will agree to do it in our local currencies. France is just agreed to buy some things from China in Chinese currency.

Folks, what we’re talking about in this Great Island theme that, Jeff and I, are talking about is going to affect every single American in your pocketbook. Once the spring comes loose and its months away, maybe years away, but it’s not ten years away like we used to think, it’s very close that this de-dollarization is going to become a steamroller and the dollars in your American pocket going to be worth much less and you will be buying goods from overseas and you’re going to pay a lot more.

America’s not making toasters and TVs and shelves and printers and all that stuff is going to change the standard of living in America. And guess who’s got the gold? China’s got the most. Russia is been buying gold. Folks, look at who’s been purchasing gold. All these countries on the Great Island – Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Kazakhstan, and Russia – are buying gold in record amounts that have not been seen since the 1960s.

So, if you want to protect yourself, dump your dollars, buy some real estate, buy some gold or silver. De-dollarization is happening and it’s happening because of the powers-that-be on the Great Island. So, Jeff, what should we talk about here? We’ve talked about the money. We’ve talked about security. How about the military? We’ve got the South China Sea. We’ve got the Chinese Navy, and we’ve got Ukraine. So, the American army has Ukraine and the United States Navy has the South China Sea. You want to take Ukraine and I’ll take the South China Sea.

Jeff: Okay. I would like James, let me just add first off, your story about Charles de Gaulle was absolutely delicious. I did not know that story. And as much as he disliked and distrusted them, and knew the Anglo-Saxons, probably better than any world leader of his day, that does not surprise me that he did that. I would also like to point out that just this morning the members of ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, which includes Vietnam, where, of course, James lives, are discussing doing all of their trading in their local currencies.

They’ve already signed up for it. Now, the banks would just have to get it all together. And they’re even talking about Southeast Asian citizens being able to pay… So, for example, a Vietnamese is in Malaysia and could use their national debit card to buy dinner in Kuala Lumpur. So, this is again and they specifically pointed out that they are trying to de-dollarize. And then and also just this morning, James said it’s like a steamroller. It’s really, really starting to build this tide of de-dollarization.

I just read 15 minutes before James and I got on the air that India and Malaysia have agreed to be able to do all of their trading in the Indian rupee. So, this is incredible, it’s almost like a logarithmic picking up of the pace. James said we’ve been talking about this for years and years and now it seems like it’s really starting to come to fruition. Thank you for letting me interject on that, James. Did you want me to take Ukraine? Is that what you said?

James: Why not? I mean, what I see is that America has to poke the Great Island. They tried to split it through Afghanistan. The British have historically tried Iran and Afghanistan. And now they’re nibbling at the sides, the South China Sea and Ukraine.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah.

James: Well, you will give Ukraine an update and I’ll do the South China Sea.

Jeff: All right. Well, Ukraine is obviously, as James and I have done over 50 reports and a number of those have been about Ukraine. And Ukraine, since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990, has been cesspool of Western criminality: child trafficking, organ trafficking, money laundering, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, the Democratic Party, and Bioweapons. It is absolutely a black hole of evil that is being financed by the West. So that was all good and well until Russia got fed up with the genocide of Russophone citizens in Ukraine since 2014.

And even James pointed out in a previous show, they were working with Nazis. The US and Britain were working with Nazis in Ukraine since 1945. So, this is a bad country for world peace. And nothing has changed for 75 years. So once Russia went in and said, we’re going to protect our people and now they have integrated basically the eastern fourth of Ukraine into the Russian Federation, the people voted on it just like Crimea did back in 2014. I don’t understand… And James knows much, much more about military history than I do.

But I don’t know if they’re delusional or they’re obviously psychopathic. But for NATO to have completely misjudged Ukraine because they’ve been planning this. They’ve been poking, as James just said, “Poking the bear since 2014, trying to get Russia to go in and expecting an easy victory and expecting Russia to collapse, expecting the economy to collapse, expecting them to run out of missiles in two weeks, expecting the soldiers to be ineffectual and even though it was the Russians that beat the Nazis in World War Two.”

That sure as heck wasn’t the Allied forces, who came in doing mop-up duty in Western Europe. So, it’s just been a complete and total disaster for the West, the collective West. And it is what has triggered all of this de-dollarization. So, the blowback is that Ukraine, and I don’t even call it the Ukrainian war I call it the NATO-Russian war in Ukraine.

The NATO-Russian War in Ukraine is causing this massive surge in de-dollarization around the world, because if they can freeze Russia’s assets, supposedly $300 billion around the world and tell everybody they can’t read Tolstoy and listen to Tchaikovsky, every other country knows that it could happen to them next and especially China. So, my personal interpretation is that China will not be able to settle a peace agreement between Russia and NATO because the West has now doubled down on Ukraine and is going to push and push and push until the last Ukrainian is standing.

And once that happens, I think Russia will have no choice but to just keep moving west and reincorporate the entire territory of Ukraine, all the way to the European borders of Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, and Moldova. They have to because otherwise, the West will continue to try to do an Afghanistan, like try to make Ukraine an Afghanistan in Europe against Russia, which is what Jimmy Carter and everybody else after him did with the Taliban in Afghanistan. So, it’s a sad situation, but I think it is the catalyst that has changed the world.

And it woke up Xi Jinping in China. It woke up everybody in Africa. It woke up everybody in Asia. It woke up everybody around the world that this “rules-based order” wears no clothes anymore. And we now know it has exposed itself to massive genocide, massive war crimes, bioweapons, and massive international criminality on a scale that we cannot even begin to imagine all the way up into the halls of power in Washington, in Europe also. So, that takes us to the South China Sea, James.

James: Well, I’d like to go to America and look at the American media, the propaganda. Russia’s aggressive. Putin’s a dictator. Xi is aggressive. He’s a dictator. The polls are showing that the Russian people are behind Putin and the Chinese people are behind Xi and they’re very happy. And there’s no homelessness in the streets of Moscow and Beijing. The citizenry isn’t fighting each other. How happy are Americans? It looks like a different picture. And just end this. Let’s go back to the Great Island and look at that big hunk.

And then let’s look at the history of World War two. Jeff just talked about Ukraine. So, let’s go to World War Two. What happened? The Nazis went into Ukraine with tanks and tried to get to Moscow. What, 30, 40 million people dead. In Flags of Our Fathers (, I wrote that 85% of the German casualties were killed by a Russian, and I never got criticized for that. Some people said 90%. So, America didn’t beat Germany. Germany tried to invade Russia. And you can’t do that. And right now, we’re playing a loser’s game. Alastair Crooke just gave an interview with Judge Napolitano.

It’s online, on YouTube, and the great Alastair Crooke, Former British intelligence, just said that what he thinks is that Biden is computing for his reelection to be a war president. I want to be like Lincoln and FDR, and I’m going to push the war button. So that’s the ridiculousness of the American outlook. But look at the history of the Great Island. You cannot beat Moscow. Now let’s jump over to the Pacific Ocean. How did that work in World War Two when Japan went into China? Most of the Japanese soldiers who died in World War Two died in China.

They didn’t die in Hiroshima. I mean, my dad was brave and Hiroshima was a great Marine victory but there were 20,000 Japanese there. There were millions of Japanese soldiers in China. And most of the Japanese soldiers died. You cannot invade China. It’s ridiculous. What are we talking about picking a fight over Taiwan? Taiwan was part of China forever. The Japanese, with American encouragement in the late 19th century, took over Taiwan. I documented it in two of my books. In 1945, America took over Taiwan from the Japanese.

It was not originally a Japanese island. It was Chinese. And then Chiang Kai-Shek. We supported Chiang Kai-Shek in the Chinese Civil War. We were on the wrong side. And instead of the loser losing and surrendering to Mao, the US Navy allowed Chiang Kai-Shek to jump into Taiwan. It’s like the British Navy came and got Robert E. Lee in the Confederacy and put him in Haiti. I mean, it’s unnatural. Taiwan is naturally part of China, and about 50% of the Taiwanese are polling that they’re fine with peaceful reunification with China.

That’s the future. And if the American military backed off, we’d save a lot of money. Xi does not want to invade Taiwan, but Taiwan’s part of China. There will be violence in the South China Sea if America picks a fight. And the fight is ridiculous. The US Navy is in trouble. Ships are colliding with each other. We could go into it. It’s too long of a story to say how powerful China is on its coast. So, if America would calm down about Taiwan, and calm down about Ukraine, there would be peace on both sides of the Great Island.

America is not going to be the number one economic leader in the world. But that doesn’t mean that America can’t be a great number 2 or 3. I have a sales background. Jeff has a sales background. I sold a lot to companies that were richer than me, and it made a great life. America could innovate and think of how to make customers out of China and Russia and how to contribute to world peace. And you know what? I hope we do.

So, Jeff, what say we wrap it up there? I say JB East is signing off from Vietnam.

Jeff: And this is JB West signing off from the D-Day beaches of Normandy in France. Thank you.


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