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Jeff J Brown: Good morning. This is Jeff J. Brown, also known as JB West, but I’m JB East today in China with my good friend JB East James Bradley in Saigon. How are you doing, James?

James Bradley: I’m doing great.

Jeff: What do you want to tell us today? I know you got something on your mind.

James: Well, I just wanted to babble a little, if that’s okay. If you could just. You might as well mute and go to sleep, and I’ll just talk for a while and wake you up later.

Jeff: I’m ready.

James: Okay. There’s a big event. I was just interviewed last night about the Hiroshima G7 meeting, and I thought of the G7 meetings of the past. You know, they really meant something when big, powerful presidents were meeting with powerful Japanese prime ministers and real leaders of France and Germany. And it meant something to our lives. And then you look at these little pygmies meeting and Joe Biden, the leader of the free world, shows up and he basically says to the G7, hey, guys I’m your leader but I was going to go to Australia.

But you know what? I got to go back home because we’re going broke. I’ve got to get involved in these debt negotiations raising the debt ceiling or else the whole world is going to collapse because of American debt. So, I got to go. You know, I’m strong. Believe in America. I’m your guy. But geez we’re almost broke. I have to run home. It’s a completely different world. The president of the United States cannot stay out in Asia because he has to get home because of the debt negotiations. Well, I’m here in Asia. I’m in Vietnam.

We’re looking at that. America maybe cannot pay its bills. And the debate within the United States, the politicians, Janet Yellen, the treasury secretary, all say we need to raise the debt limit because America pays its bills. We’re not going to default. What are they talking about? I don’t understand how that’s digested by the American public. The reason that we have debt is because we don’t pay our bills. You know what I mean? Let’s say I have this unbelievable debt like I’m an individual and I have a $5 million debt that I can’t repay.

And then I walk around town and I say I pay my bills and what are you talking about? The reason you have a $5 million debt, James, is because you don’t pay your bills. If you paid your bills, you wouldn’t have a debt. We’re $31 trillion in debt because we don’t pay our bills. Look it, people don’t realize this. If you look at the American economy, let’s say since George Bush Junior. If you look at the economy people’s debate was, oh, the Trump economy was great and the Obama economy wasn’t, and the Biden economy.

I’ll tell you about the American economy. It’s a hall of mirrors. It’s based on debt. George Bush Junior and George W Bush doubled the debt. Now, just a minute. Let’s say I’m an individual leading my life and I say I’m doing pretty well financially. Well, just a minute. You doubled your debt. The reason you’re driving a Mercedes is because you took out more loans. The reason that you have a Rolex watch, James, is that you took out more loans. The reason that you can go to that spiffy haircutter is that you took on more debt.

You’re not paying your way, James. You increased your debt. You doubled your debt. It’s a problem. So, George Bush’s economy, he doubled the US debt. So, from George Washington to George Bush, from George Washington to George Bush, you take that total American debt and what George Bush did to keep the economy going doubled the debt. So, Obama comes in. What did he do? He doubled the debt. Folks, look at this in perspective. See, you’re looking at the economy or how’s the employment numbers?

How are these numbers? Well, underneath that, you’re doubling the debt. It’s not a true economy. Now if you double the debt from Bush doubles the debt. Well, if Obama then doubles what Bush doubled. And this is true, you can look at the numbers. This is a big problem. America is not profitable. The country is not running on all cylinders. It’s running on debt. Now Trump comes. And that was I mean how many times have we heard the Obama economy was tepid and Trump has made the best economy in the history of the United States? Maybe it’s the best economy in the whole universe.

If you go to Mars, you can never find a better economy than the Trump economy. Well, what did Trump do? He doubled the debt. This is an enormous mountain now. Bush doubles Obama doubles. And then what does Trump do to run his economy? He doubles the debt. Folks, we are broke. The economy, everyone’s running around getting jobs and driving on the highway. You’re driving on a mountain of debt and the thing is not working and Asia can see it. So, Joe Biden comes over to Asia, looks at his watch, hey, guys, I’m your leader, but I got to go home because we’re going to go broke.

I got to get involved in these debt negotiations. Okay, Mr. President, we salute you. You’re our leader. The second Joe Biden takes off, they telephone Beijing. Hey, you’re our number one trade partner. Is everything okay? You know, this is Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Singapore. Americans are not getting the correct picture when they look at their press. They look at the American president coming to reassure the allies. Now, what did the G7 say? The core of the G7 message this year was that they were going to stand up against the economic aggression of China.

Yes, Mr. President, we’re going to stand up against the economy. What are you talking about? That’s a joke. Those are words put together for American consumption. And at the second Biden’s plane came off, those words were tossed in the wastebasket burnt up, were shredded. And all those leaders it’s as if they’re looking at the airplane flying off to America and the second Biden’s airplane is out of sight, those leaders in a meeting in Hiroshima then turned completely 180 degrees around and looked towards China.

There’s 1.5 billion Chinese. That’s economic. They are not doubling their debt. They are paying their way. They are buying material. They are the biggest trade partners of all these countries. So, the American press is talking about American power in Asia and confronting China. And it’s a joke. We’re out in Asia here. You know, there’s no home. I’m in Saigon. There’s no homelessness here. The economy is going straight up. Vietnam’s not doubling its debt. Vietnam’s biggest customer is China.

Nobody in Vietnam is talking about China’s economic aggressiveness. Nobody in Vietnam or Korea or Japan is talking about that that we have to beat up China. They’re all talking about flying to China to get some more orders to do to build a bigger business. And then the United States has the G7 saying look at the economic aggression of China. Hey, hey, just a minute. Joe, didn’t you steal a quarter of $1 trillion from Russia? I mean, this is a thief who just went into a bank, came out with the money, shot the teller dead, and said, we need more law and order.

Joe Biden stole a quarter of $1 trillion from Russia illegally. Just took it, just turned a button, and took it. The US Treasury stole it. And then we fly to Hiroshima and say, watch out for the economic aggression of China. So, I’m saying all this not to criticize the United States, but to kind of wake-up American listeners that you know, I wish I could grab you all and bring you out here to Asia and you could see the world as it is and you could see America. Asia is looking at America falling apart.

Asia is looking at downtown San Francisco, one of the used to be one of the richest retail areas in the world, all boarded up. And you don’t want to go there because you don’t want to have to clean feces from your shoes. I said in an interview the other day. I said there’s more freedom here in Asia than there is in America. And they said, what do you mean? And I said, well, there’s the freedom to walk down the street at 10 p.m. A woman in a short skirt can walk around Saigon at 11 p.m. She’s not going to get whistled at.

She’s not going to get hassled. She’s not going to have to step over the homeless. She’s not going to be panhandled. It’s dead safe out here. You know, you’ve got the freedom to live. Freedom to grow. And that’s what Asia wants. They want to be like Singapore. They want to have the freedom to start a business, freedom to operate, freedom safety or obedience to laws, and security in their homes, and America is losing that and setting a bad example. And I’m sad because I came out here to Asia in 1974 to go to school in Tokyo, and we were in America.

We were building the new roads. Disney World had just opened up. We were the magic Americans and now we’re not. We’re not setting that example. Asia doesn’t want to have a liberal democracy like America with its veterans on the street and migrants stuffed into hotels. They’re ripping out 150,000 parking places in New York to put in little one-bedroom, two-bedroom cardboard houses for migrants. So just imagine you worked all your life you’ve got a couple of kids. You live in Greenwich Village.

You know, you’re making some good money. You’ve got a $1 million apartment in Greenwich Village, one of those winding streets. Your kids play tic tac toe out in the street, nice and safe. Now the New York police are going to rip out all the parking spaces and close your street from front to back, close it off, and drop in like three prefab homes. And you’re going to have people who don’t speak English living in the middle. I mean, there are people overlooking Central Park that are going to be overlooking porta potties.

I mean, it’s just it doesn’t make sense to the Asians looking at this disorganization of American society. So that’s one thing about the G7 is that the press makes it look like big America’s flying in and is still the leader, but they’re not. As soon as Biden took off, all everybody else looked at China. And then I also wanted to talk. I’ll make I mean, I’m joking that I’m advertising my last book, The China Mirage. I’d like to talk about the similarities between my last book and what’s happening today. My last book was called The China Mirage.

And what it was about was that we had a Democratic administration, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. And we had a press. Pearl Buck was the number one author of 1930. She’s the only person in the 20th century to have a number one book two years in a row. Imagine that. Flags of Our Fathers was number one for six weeks which is amazing. Pearl Buck was the number one for two years in a row. The Good Earth. A story about the good. How the Chinese are just like Americans. And you know, we were in love with the Chinese.

These noble peasants from the Good Earth book. And then Henry Luce founded Time magazine Fortune Sports Illustrated, and he was a missionary son from China. And he propagandized that the Chinese were just the most lovable people on earth. And the Good Earth movie came out and Americans went to it and they cried. We loved the Chinese. And Franklin Delano Roosevelt said China is the number one democracy after America. So, we had this imagery of China just like we have this imagery of Ukraine today.

A friend of mine flew home to Connecticut to see your mother, and she said, Dad, I went from JFK. Then I go up to Connecticut and we get off Highway 95 and we’re in the suburbs, the hills of Connecticut. And there are all these Ukrainian flags out. And this woman said she said, what do all these mothers who go shopping every day, what do they know about Ukraine? They all have Ukrainian flags out. Well, that’s how it was with China in the 1930 and 40s and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt administration.

But China was being run by a ruthless dictator, Chiang Kai-Shek. There are pictures of him holding the Bible. This is a guy who slept on top of dungeons. This is a guy who liked to watch his opponents tortured to death. This was a vicious guy, but he understood that Americans wanted to Christianize China. So, he wrote articles like Why I Love Jesus. That got published in the US press. And we were supporting this vicious dictator. And the reality in China was he was this vicious dictator. But in the United States, he was presented as a guy who was going to bring democracy to China.

FDR told America that China under Chiang Kai-Shek, was a democracy, and then there was evil in China. The evil was up north. There was a commie named, oh, we don’t even want to say his name. He’s a commie. I mean, he’s just a terrible guy. Okay, I’ll say his name, Mao. Oh, my God. There’s this terrible Mao guy who’s trying to ruin Christianity in China, and he’s trying to destroy democracy in China. And we have to support Chiang Kai-Shek. Now, how are we going to get democracy and Christianity in China? With Bibles?

No, no, no, no, no military-industrial complex. See, if we give another million dollars to Chiang Kai-Shek in terms of arms, Christianity is going to bloom. There are going to be churches on every hill in China, and then there’ll be potluck suppers in the basement. I’m exaggerating, but this is what the US press was like under the entire FDR administration. And the parallels to now look at Chiang Kai-Shek is in the South. He’s a Democrat, and then Mao’s in the north, the dirty Commie in the north. We got to get him.

Look at today, Zelensky’s in the middle of Europe. He’s a Democrat. And then look up north, there’s this dirty commie named Putin. Oh, what a dirty name. Putin. So, it’s black and white. The good is Zelensky. You know, Harper’s magazine, somebody sent me a Harper’s Magazine article and it’s incredible. The article begins by saying, our efforts in Ukraine are approved by Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates. That’s in the opening article. So, it’s like a green light. Hey, the number one vicious neocon in the United States says it’s okay. Bobby Gates and Condoleezza Rice.

So, it’s like, hey, this article is okay to read if you’re a Washington Post, New York Times War pig. And then it begins with two paragraphs of the most vicious attacks on Putin. He’s an aging blood-soaked authoritarian, they said. Let’s look at it. I don’t know if Americans are not looking at the world accurately. Let’s put two guys up on stage, Josep, Biden, and Vladimir Putin. Now in the audience, let’s put the entire world Nigerians and people from Ghana and people from Vietnam and Cambodia and India and China.

And then look and say, who is the aging authoritarian blood-soaked guy here? Joe Biden, who came went into the Senate in 1972 supported the Vietnam War, supported the Grenada invasion, supported every war America did. Brown University in its Cost of War project, just estimated that America killed 4.2 million people in its post-911 wars. Well, just a minute. Wasn’t Joe Biden a senator who supported the invasions of Iraq and Syria and Libya? Wasn’t Obama bombing nine countries at one time?

Didn’t Obama say, I’m getting pretty good at this killing? Didn’t Secretary of State Hillary Clinton call the Libyan invasion my war? Wasn’t Hillary Clinton the person who said that the South China Sea is to be contested, that she’s the one that started the problem there? Wasn’t it Obama who said to pivot to Asia, which meant we’re not making enough money with IEDs in the Middle East? Let’s pivot over to China and then we’ll make a tremendous amount of money preparing for war with China. I mean, who are the warmongers here?

Did Putin go, like, all the way out to Australia to bomb Sydney? Is Putin going way down to Chile to bomb Valparaiso? America is going all around the world to bomb. We have a thousand bases around the world. The Pentagon will say 700. But they don’t even identify all the actual bases that we have. China has three. Who is the blood-soaked authoritarian warmonger, Vladimir Putin or Joe Biden? What is Harper’s Magazine talking about? And I’m not defending Vladimir Putin. I don’t like any war anywhere.

But come on folks, Zelensky is a Chiang-Kai-shek who’s fighting for democracy. Zelensky is a Nazi. He is supported by and with Nazis. And I’m not using the word Nazi as a pejorative. I’m using it accurately. When the German Nazis went into Ukraine, they had a lot of buddies who agreed with them. And the Ukrainian Nazi machine was vast and killed a lot of people willingly. After World War Two, this Nazi machine in Ukraine was reignited by the CIA. Who did Barack Obama use to topple the democratically elected government in 2014?

Ukrainian Nazis. Who put Zelensky into power? Ukrainian Nazis. Who is shutting down the Ukrainian Free Press? Who is arresting the priests and the churchgoers? Who is stomping out all dissent in Ukraine? Ukraine Yunnan Nazis. Americans are supporting Ukrainian Nazis. And Putin is from the point of view of Moscow, it’s like Hitler, too, coming up. Ukrainian Nazis are on the border with Russia. The Russian people are reverberating with this threat. It’s like Americans know Pearl Harbor.

Well, let’s say Japan bombed Honolulu again, came in, and bombed Pearl Harbor. Well, that would have a historical ring to it. The Japanese bombed Pearl. This is Pearl Harbor too. Even though it was 70 years ago, there would be a historical connection. Well, guess what? Hitler’s Nazis, when they came to attack Russia, they came through Ukraine. Nazis and German tanks. Now there’re the Ukrainian Nazis and German tanks. And the Russian public is understandably reignited in this patriotic fervor, and it’s not being presented correctly to America.

So read my book, The China Mirage. You’ll see a Democratic administration FDR. You’ll see an American press, Henry Luce, Time magazine, and Harper’s Magazine. You’ll see American author, Pearl Buck. Look at all the Hollywood people going over to meet Zelensky. Look at the leader of the Republicans, the leader of the Democrats. Mr. Holley, I can’t think of all these Hollywood names, male and female, who have been over there genuflecting on Zelensky. It was the same thing in 1930. Everybody wanted their picture with Chiang Kai-Shek, this great Democrat.

And right after the photo session Chiang would go to his desk and write out orders on who is going to be jailed and killed and tortured. And it’s the same with Zelensky. He’s hailed as the Winston Churchill of Europe. I mean it’s a huge propaganda move. So, in 1930, we supported a vicious dictator. We put the surface propaganda ID that he was a dictator. We gave Chiang Kai-Shek more money than we spent on the atomic bomb. People don’t realize that. We spent a fortune on Chiang Kai-Shek. How did it turn out?

Well, the Chinese people want Mao, but the Americans wouldn’t recognize it. Chiang was a loser from the early 30s, but he kept in power because the Americans kept supporting him. Zelensky’s a loser. He’s losing on the battlefield. You know, he’s a comedian who played the piano with his penis. He’s supported by Ukrainian Nazis. He’s shut down all his press just like Chiang Kai-Shek. And he would be nothing. He wouldn’t be in power if it wasn’t for American money and American arms. And we’re on the wrong side again.

So, in 1930, we supported Chiang. In the 1940s, we supported Chiang, and then at the end of World War Two, we kept supporting Chiang and there was the Chinese Civil War. There was no reason for the Chinese civil war. Chiang would have been a loser without American support. But Americans, just like with Ukraine, we put in the money, we put in the arms of a losing cause. We called it democracy. And guess what? Mao won in the end. Well, guess what? We’re putting money in with Zelensky, and Putin is going to win in the end.

It’s inevitable. And I’m not cheerleading for Putin. I’m with Trump in the sense I’d like just to stop the dying. I don’t care about winners and losers. My point is, is that history is repeating. We’ve done this before. We were on the wrong side of the Chinese civil war that put us on the wrong side in Korea and then that put us on the wrong side in Vietnam. Now we’re on the wrong side of history supporting this dictator in Ukraine. And I wrote the book China Mirage, thinking, well, we won’t be this stupid again.

Americans won’t be fooled by propaganda again. A Democrat administration is not going to be able to put this baloney over on the public again. But you know what? It’s happening again. So those are two things that are on my mind, Jeff, that I just wanted to talk about from out here in Asia. The world looks a little different, and I wish Americans could get another perspective and that we could take care of our homeless veterans rather than sending more military equipment to Zelensky. It’s 5 billion here, 7 billion there.

We’re almost up to $200 billion, and how many secret dollars? No one will ever know. Well, we just cut 50 million people off the Medicaid rolls. We can’t afford it. The president of the United States can’t go to Australia because he has to go home because America is going broke. We have to borrow money from China to pay for it. I always joke that if you take an aircraft carrier and 5000 sailors on it, and they sit down for lunch and each has a hamburger, that’s 5000 hamburgers. Sixty percent of those hamburgers are paid for by borrowing from China.

We’re going to send an aircraft carrier out to defend Taiwan, and for every shell there, 60% of that shell was paid for by borrowing from China. We’ve got to wake up. Let’s do what RFK is saying. Let’s close the bases, bring the troops home, protect the southern border, and get these veterans off the street. This is an embarrassment for the United States to have money to buy a single rifle or a single bullet and we have veterans in cities all across the United States. California is a mess.

In New York City, I was a professional speaker, and I was in cities all over the country all the time. I’d give a speech in Dallas, go to Orlando, go to Seattle, go to Chicago. And whenever I’d see a homeless guy, I’d walk up to him and ask, ‘Excuse me, sir, what service were you in?’ They’re almost always a veteran. This is a shame. Let’s invest in America and stop investing in these ridiculous propaganda situations. So that’s all off my chest, Jeff. I don’t know if you have any questions or comments.

Jeff: Well, I feel like I just got a Ph.D. in modern history. It was brilliant. Thank you. Let’s leave it at that. This is JB West in China signing out.

James: Okay. JB East is down in Saigon. And Jeff, talk to you soon.

Jeff: Bye, bye.

James: Bye, bye.


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