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What is the meaning of democide?

(ˈdɛməʊˌsaɪd ) noun.

The killing of members of a country’s civilian population as a result of its government’s policy, including by direct action, indifference, and neglect.

Leaders speak of Democide

The Kissinger Report & U.S. Government Policy to Depopulate the Planet

Why Leaders Lie


Arborist questions Maui WildFire


Tucker – War with Russia

Col. MacGregor: ‘Ukraine Is Being Annihilated'”



Jeff J. Brown: Good morning, everybody. This is Jeff J. Brown, aka JB West, with my good friend and comrade James Bradley, aka JB East in Saigon. How are you doing, James?

James Bradley: I’m doing really well, but here out in the East, it’s evening. So 8 p.m. here. 8 a.m. for you.

Jeff: Yeah. I’m back home visiting my family in Oklahoma, so we’re exactly halfway around the planet, 12 hours apart. What’s on your mind, James?

James: Well, I want to do a podcast called “The Cancer Within”. And I’m in Vietnam right now. It’s September 2nd, and they’re celebrating Independence Day because, on September 2nd, 1945, Ho Chi Minh stood up in Hanoi and said, “All men are created equal. We have independence. There’s one Vietnam.” And then the French and the Americans fought Ho Chi Minh for 30 years and then finally 30 years in 1975, there was one Vietnam when Vietnam kicked the final Americans out.

I want to talk about image making because Ho Chi Minh said there was one Vietnam. The Vietnamese, they are in Vietnam. For 2,000 years, there’s been one Vietnam. And when I was a kid, I was told there were two Vietnams. I was told there was a North and a South. And the New York Times said there was a North and a South. And President Johnson said there was a North and a South. And Walter Cronkite said there was a North and a South. And I was shocked when I came to Vietnam and interviewed Vietnamese. They never thought there was a North and a South.

They thought there was one Vietnam. In other words, Jeff is in Oklahoma, and if Argentina came to Oklahoma and invaded it, and then back in Buenos Aires, the newspapers drew lines and said, “Here’s North Oklahoma, here’s South Oklahoma. You know, maybe the people in Argentina would believe it, but no one in Oklahoma would believe it because there’s always been one Oklahoma. So, I mean, Ken Burns did a documentary on the Vietnam War. It’s one of the stupidest, most inane things. I watched it here with Vietnamese friends and they’re like, what?

There was a North Vietnam and the American soldiers came to root out the North Vietnamese infiltrators in South Vietnam. What are they talking about? Every Vietnamese was against the Americans. You know, it was only the bribed and whatever. My point is, that America put a building here that they called the Presidential Palace. They bribed a bunch of people to say there’s a legislature. And then Walter Cronkite showed you that on TV back in America. And America believed there was the North and South but the Vietnamese never did. What I’m trying to say here is, is that sometimes we believe our government and they’re just lying.

Now, John Mearsheimer, everyone should know the name John Mearsheimer. If they don’t, he’s the political scientist expert on the Ukraine-Russian War right now. And you can listen to him. But he wrote a great book called “Why Leaders Lie”. And he wanted to understand why would Biden lie to President Xi in Beijing or why would President Putin lie to President Biden. And he studied the issue and he was shocked that leaders don’t lie to each other internationally because Putin knows what’s going on. You can’t lie to him.

So, in other words, here in Vietnam, the Vietnamese knew there was one Vietnam. The Americans didn’t lie effectively to the Vietnamese. They lied to their own people. They got my brother to come to Vietnam and fight as a marine under false pretenses. John Mearsheimer’s book, Why Leaders Lie, says that leaders don’t lie to each other. They lie downward to their own people because their people will believe them. Leaders lie downward because the people will look up to a father complex and believe the government.

And this is not evil leaders, leaders all over the world of all stripes do this. I mean, Vietnam was one big lie. The administration with Afghanistan for 20 years said we are winning. It was one big lie. And folks, there you’re not going to be saved by the Democrats or the Republicans. This is a uni-party thing. The executive, the Congress, and even the courts are on the take in America and they’re after power and money. They’re not evil. This shouldn’t be a surprise. Read Shakespeare. Read anything about human nature.

People are after control and power, and we used to have some checks and balances in the United States. But that’s all gone. And we have a Uni-Party, and the Uni-Party is lying to us. So, what are they lying about?

Let’s talk about the word Democide. Democide is a noun that is defined as the killing of members of a country’s civilian population by the government including by direct action, indifference, and neglect. Democide is the government killing its people. We can imagine that our government would go and kill 3 million Vietnamese.

We can imagine that the Spanish could go kill somebody or that the British could put Indians in a cannon and shoot them out of the cannon. But now in this modern world, the governments have agreed to kill their own populations, and it’s called democide. Now, Jeff is going to put up a number of links. One of the first ones is leaders speaking of Democide and you can see a Twitter link that will have leaders from Prince Philip to Bill Gates to Vice President Kamala Harris talking about how they’re going to thin the herd.

Kamala Harris just two months ago said with electric vehicles and reducing the population, we can overcome our environment. What? Reducing the population. You can see Harris and Gates and the WEF leaders there talking about it, folks. Now people say, “Oh conspiracy theory and why?” Why would people do that? Who’s doing that, James? Why would they do it? You know, the who and the why is a stupid question. That’s what kept the JFK assassination a mystery for three decades. Who would do that? Who’s behind that?

Why would they do that? Stop with the who and the why. Look at the what. Look at the what. Look at the film of JFK. They shot him from the front. They shot him from the back. And then they shot him from the front again. Look at the what. Multiple shots. That’s all you got to know. The who and the why set it aside because what’s his name? J something Prouty. He’s the CIA liaison to the Joint Chiefs of Staff that Oliver Stone used as an advisor for the movie JFK. L Fletcher Prouty. L Fletcher Prouty knew the CIA.

He knew the military. And he said the key is the who and the why question. As soon as you can say, Oh, it’s Oswald and he’s crazy communist. Oh, the who and the why satisfied. People won’t look at the what. For 30 years, people did not look at the what of the JFK assassination because they got the who and the why. Stop with the who and the why with this democide question. Look at the what? There are 400,000 Ukrainians dead. How many people have been killed by the bioweapon injections worldwide? 10 million? 20 million?

Joe the Plumber just died at 49 years old. What’s he doing? Oh, cause unknown. Jimmy Buffett just died. Why? Bruce Springsteen is sick. Why? Don’t forget the why and the how. Look at the what. The population is sick and people are dying. Democide is occurring. If you want to look at some background, look at another link that Jeff will put up. It’s called the “Kissinger Report and US Government Policy to Depopulate the Planet 1975”. Kissinger and the State Department are talking about how there are too many people.

The upper level will be 8 to 9 billion and sirens have to go off when we hit 8 to 9 billion. Well, folks, in 2019, we hit 8 billion. And guess what? Sirens went off. Read the Kissinger report on De-population. They have a bunch of euphemisms saying, the wealthy of America have agreed that we cannot have the underclass growing in Africa. What? What? The wealthy of America. Does that mean David Rockefeller, sponsor of Henry Kissinger? Read it. It shocking there, folks. It’s right in front of your eyes. Look at these links.

The leaders are saying they are out to depopulate you. Another link is called “Maui Fires and directed energy weapons”. Another link is called “Arborist Questions Maui Wildfire”. An arborist is somebody who looks at trees. Now, folks, again, the who and the why. I mean, forget all that. Look at these videos. It’s unbelievable. They have all these California wildfires and these Maui fires that they’re calling wildfires. And they have these cars melted into the ground, glass and aluminum. These experts on the videos will explain the temperatures and all this stuff. That’s not my purpose of me.

My purpose is just to direct you to this stuff and stop with the why and the how. Open your eyes and look at these videos. You’ll see cars melted to the ground with a tree right next to them, standing green. You’ll see cars burning up inside wooden garages. The wooden garage is not burning, but inside the car, it’s so hot it’s melting the glass and the aluminum. This is microwave-directed energy lasers or something like that. Look at all the blue top houses of Oprah Winfrey and all the billionaires on Maui.

They painted it blue because these laser weapons don’t like blue. They like black and white and brown. But this strange blue that is on the roofs of these homes, the lasers don’t like it. Watch the videos. Folks, don’t believe me at all. Just Richard Pryor says, “Who are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?” Well, take your lying eyes and look at the California wildfires. They have cars going down the freeway in California and they burst into flame. There are no flames around. Cars are burned.

They’re microwaving this situation the Lahaina, part of Maui, that town that’s reputed to be the wealthiest, not wealthiest, but the most valuable real estate in the United States. They’re evaluating it somewhere between 4 and $6 billion, just the ground if you raze the buildings and then they can put in like $200-$300 billion worth of resorts. I mean, it’s a beautiful area. Well, they microwaved it. And you’re not seeing the press reports. They are lying to you. Look at the videos that we’re showing you and you can see that they wrapped the town in a black tarp.

There are miles and miles and miles of black tarp wrapping the city so that you cannot see what’s happening. They have arrested people who are going in to check out what happened in the town. Folks, it’s been two weeks and there are 1,000 to 2,000 children still missing. Our governments are killing us. They’re killing us with bioweapons, with wildfires, with floods. Did you know that the first 100-year event they’re calling the flood happened in New Zealand, Hawke’s Bay? Well, what’s Hawke’s Bay?

That’s the name of the most fertile growing area in all of New Zealand, just wiped out with floods once in a 100-year event. Then two weeks later, the Upper Hudson, very valuable farmland, very productive, just wiped out in a 100-year flood. Do you know that we can control the weather? Oh, James Bradley conspiracy theorists. Folks, look it up here in Vietnam over the Ho Chi Minh Trail in 1967, they were making it rain. When Lyndon Johnson vice president in 1962, came out of a meeting and he said something he shouldn’t have. He said if we can control the weather, we can control mankind.

He who controls the weather controls the world. We have weather control weapons. We can create the earthquakes that hit Syria and Turkey. We can create the rain. We can create wildfires with this microwave technology. Don’t believe me look at the videos and make up your own mind. Another video is Catherine Austin Fitts and I hope everybody in the audience knows her name. And the title is “Globalist Plan to Seize Assets”. If you give her 30 minutes of your time, she’ll explain why we’re going to get rid of cash and move to digital currencies.

They’re going to put a digital fence around us. They’re going to fence us in, and then they’re going to cull the herd. The plans are already in place. Another video is Tucker Carlson’s War with Russia. Now, Tucker Carlson is being interviewed and he says, hey just look at the facts. We started this Russia, Russia, Russia thing. We demonized Russia, we demonized Putin and we’ve spent $150 billion or whatever on this Ukraine-Russian war. He said, of course, we’re going to continue the war and bump it up. Then folks say, well we’re in a fight in Ukraine and will China come in and help. No, see, that’s not.

You don’t get it. Democide is killing your own citizens. It’s not about China. It’s about Chicago. It’s not about Russia. It’s about controlling Peoria. Don’t you see? As soon as the president says alert broadcasts from the Oval Office. Tallahassee was hit with a Russian nuclear weapon. And this is an all-out war with Russia. He gets to close down communications. He can close down the Internet. He can close down everything he wants and just put messages out through CNN or whatever that wartime martial law draft.

It’s not about fighting Russia. That’s the excuse that they need to control the populace. Folks, all of this is coming. And I can’t wait for Jeff to archive this podcast because everything I’m talking about is already starting. The final podcast is by the great Colonel MacGregor. If you’re not listening to Colonel MacGregor, you do not know what’s happening in Europe, in Ukraine, and with Russia. So, I asked a friend. A friend was talking about his I’m in Saigon and an English friend. He said I called my parents.

They watch the BBC every night for updates on Ukraine and he asked them how many Ukrainian troops had been killed, and his parents said 20,000. The BBC is saying 20,000 and Ukraine has a chance. Folks, wake up. Listen to Colonel MacGregor. He’ll tune you into how the Ukrainian government admitted over 400,000 dead. That’s like 2 million injured. Folks, if you haven’t seen them kidnapping 12-year-olds from the streets and mothers screaming, trying to get their kid back and putting that 12-year-old in a month of training and shoving them into the meat grinder.

If you haven’t seen videos of captured Ukrainian soldiers in Russia talking about how they were kidnapped, they were drugged, they were pushed to the front lines. You know, if you haven’t seen the Russian commercial that’s running on being broadcast in Europe, the Russians are saying to the Ukrainians that 400,000 of you have died. You don’t have to continue this. If you’re a soldier, surrender to us. We’ll feed you. We’ll take care of you. If you don’t, we’re going to have to kill you. And then there’ll be 500,000 dead. Stop the madness. So, the madness, according to Colonel MacGregor, could be stopped in about 20 minutes.

The president of the United States could telephone Kyiv and say, “No more weapons, no more money. We’re withdrawing all of our advisors. Any American is going to be out within 24 hours.” It would stop the war immediately. He said, “After we did it two weeks later, we could go to Moscow and negotiate with the Russians and the war is all over.” Folks, that’s the only way the war stop can stop if Washington stops it. But if you think that’s going to happen, you’re dreaming.

Get in a car and drive around the suburbs of Washington. McMansions are going up. The gray zone, who Max Blumenthal of the Gray Zone drove around the suburbs of Washington recently. It’s unbelievable. Rich man north of Richmond. It’s like, wow, boomtown, all these mansions going up, two-car garages, three-car garages. Let’s get two dogs. I mean, new car dealerships. America looks shiny and rich if you’re in the suburbs of Washington.

And all that money is because of the military, biomedical media-industrial complex. You know, Biden says we’re giving another 20 billion to Ukraine. It goes across the street to Lockheed Raytheon and General Dynamics and it gets paid out to the people with the mansions in the suburbs. We’re not going to stop that war. We’re going to stoke it and we’re not going to stoke it to capture Siberia. We’re going to stoke it to capture the minds of people in Peoria, San Diego and Tallahassee.

You know, it’s internal control. It’s democide. Folks, look at your government. There’s one measurement that you should look at Is life expectancy increasing or decreasing? Come on. I’m an American. It should be increasing. The life expectancy of Americans is decreasing. It’s democide. It’s there for you. If you look at the links that Jeff is going to provide, the story is there. Stop with the why and the who and all that stuff. Look at the what. So, Jeff, that’s what’s on my mind.

Jeff: Well, James, I am breathless and I can’t wait to put this together for all the fans out there. And it’s very, very disturbing. And we’ve provided a lot of useful information for people over the last couple of years. And I would say that this show that you just shared with us is at the top of the list. So, thank you very much.

James: You’re welcome. And I didn’t provide the solution, which I’ll copy from General MacGregor. He said, “If you think someone’s going to rescue you, if you’re going to look to the Republican Party or the Democrat, you’re joking. It’s a uni-party. He said, it’s a cancer and we have to excise the entire cancer. You can’t let any of it live. So, folks, let’s wake up, take the first step, look at these videos, and get the word out.

Jeff: This is JB West in Oklahoma City or Oklahoma, United States.

James: And this is J.B. East signing off from Vietnam, where it’s September 2, 2023. On September 2nd, 1945, Ho Chi Minh said all men are created equal. And I hope the United States helps us unite one Vietnam.

Jeff: Thank you, James. Bye-bye.


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