The Greanville Post and China Rising Radio Sinoland are combining forces for greater outreach!

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Hello, everybody. This is Jeff J. Brown, China Rising Radio Sinoland. Patrice Greanville of the Greanville Post and I are very proud to announce something extremely important. Patrice Greanville, of course, is the Editor-in-Chief of the Greanville Post. I am the Editor-in-Chief of China Rising Radio Sinoland, and I am also the Associate Editor of the Greanville Post and its China Desk Editor. Patrice Greanville, I’m very proud to say, hosts my China Rising Radio Sinoland website and keeps it from the scores of hacks and depredations tried by the deep state every day on my site as well as on his.

Over the years, we have slowly been strangled, we have been shadow banned, censored, just literally cut off having accounts canceled, social media accounts canceled. My YouTube account I have not been able to use now for two years. Patrice has been banned from almost all of the social media. Because we have been so viciously attacked, and it’s just getting worse and worse and worse, we have decided to combine forces in terms of outreach. We are combining our mailing lists for China Rising Radio Sinoland. In my case, it will be via Substack, which is now renamed under the umbrella Seek Truth From Facts Foundation. China Rising Radio Sinoland and the Greanville Post are members of the Seek Truth From Facts umbrella.

Thus, we’ll be combining our mailing lists, so that everybody will have a chance to see all of our work on both websites. And luckily for right now, Substack is not censoring, so all of you who are now on this combined-forces list will be able to see everybody’s work.

Looking forward to it, thank you for your attention, cooperation and continued support for both websites.

Have a good day.

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