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The China-Russia alliance is in full bloom – if you know where to look

This week, for the Moscow-Beijing Express, I conducted a web search on the popular internet engines, Google and Bing. I did this, to follow up on my previous Moscow-Beijing Express article, where I pondered if these two giants on the world stage were hopefully transforming the “Putin-Xi marriage”, into a truly long term, bilateral alliance,…

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Jeff J. Brown's 44 Days Radio Sinoland Interview on Truth Jihad Radio, 2015.4.25

  Join Jeff and the host of Truth Jihad Radio, Dr. Kevin Barrett (http://www.truthjihad.com), who is based out of beautiful Lone Rock, Wisconsin, USA. This is a fact packed, information filled 53-minutes of fascinating insights into false flags, 9/11, Ukraine, MH370, MH17, China, Tibet, Xinjiang, Xi Jinping, Western Empire, wars and the future of the…

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