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By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: Xi and Putin are here to save humanity from global capitalism.



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Sixteen years with the people on the streets of China, Jeff

This week, for the Moscow-Beijing Express, I conducted a web search on the popular internet engines, Google and Bing. I did this, to follow up on my previous Moscow-Beijing Express article, where I pondered if these two giants on the world stage were hopefully transforming the “Putin-Xi marriage”, into a truly long term, bilateral alliance, for the future.

Putin & Xi with Bear & Dragaon

Any questions about Russia’s and China’s long term cooperation were put to rest, after conducting research on what these two Anti-West colossi are doing, on a daily basis. (Image by / Note: cross-linked with The Saker, for my regular column there, the Moscow-Beijing Express. See  

See The Xi-Putin honeymoon is over-now it’s time to make the China-Russia marriage succeed long term or

What I found even surprised me and definitively reassured my hypothesis of hope.

I looked for “Russia + China” and “Xi + Putin”. In each case, behind the Great Western Firewall, there were a couple of recent entries, and then mostly dated drivel from 2014 and before. There is obviously a reason for this. It is called censorship and propaganda. It’s probably not the search engines’ fault. The carefully scripted Western narrative of supreme empire and global hegemony is happening in the newsrooms and editorial boards of newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations across Eurangloland. This is being confirmed over and over, as shown in this article, with accompanying videos: Top German Journalist Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake: “We All Lie For The CIA”

If you search for the same strings in Chinese though, you enter another reality, and I suspect the same observation would be true in Russian. The Chinese language web is saturated with articles, photos and videos of “Russia + China” and “Xi + Putin”, and it is up to today’s date and added to, with every bilateral contact and collaboration.

Since many, if not most Moscow-Beijing Express fans are not fluent in Chinese, I did the next best thing: I did the same searches on two of China’s biggest English language newspapers, the People’s Daily and Global Times. I could have added Xinhuanet, Baba Beijing’s global news agency and China Central TV (CCTV), but I found all I needed in just these two publications, to make the point of comparison between the West’s Orwellian Memory Hole and the unvarnished truth on the outside.

Just in the last three weeks, it is easy to see that the Sino-Russian alliance is in full gear. Wang Yi, China’s Foreign Minister announced on March 8th that,

The China-Russia relationship is mature and stable. Our comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination is built on a solid foundation of mutual support and mutual trust, the two sides have a strong desire to strengthen win-win cooperation. The relationship can pass the test of any international development and will not be weakened by any particular incidents.

The “international development” and “particular incidents” are of course, an oblique reference to everything the West is doing to surround, threaten and destroy China and Russia, from Eastern Europe and the Ukraine, to Hong Kong and the South China Sea. Minister Wang also reiterated the importance of Putin’s and Xi’s five face-to-face meetings in 2015 alone, which set the tone for bilateral relations. He did not mention that including officially announced phone calls, these two world leaders have met and talked a total of eleven times, since Xi Jinping became president in 2013. This intensity of leader-to-leader contact is quite extraordinary.

Wang went on to say,

China and Russia have strong economic complementarities and a significant desire to work with each other and (China) wishes to turn the countries’ strong political relations into more fruits of practical cooperation.

Sounds like a solid game plan for the 21st century, if you ask me. It also dispels Western propaganda, that the Russia-China alliance only favors the Chinese. Yes, China’s economy and population dwarf Russia’s, but in any case, that is true for the vast majority of the world’s countries. Chinese needs Russia just as badly, for its deep European history and understanding of Eurangloland, its geopolitical footprint across the Eurasian continent and being home to a people and their military, which are truly feared by the West.

With the eventual meltdown of the Western financial system happening in slow motion, and its commensurate global economic recession, China’s and Russia’s bilateral trade have equally suffered. After growing exponentially in the last ten years, cross border trade fell 27.8 percent in 2015, to $64.2 billion. Rock bottom commodity and energy prices, the latter of which is most certainly being manipulated by the West, to hurt Anti-West Russia, Iran and ALBA’s hydrocarbon producers, are the biggest culprit, as brilliantly exposed in Caleb Maupin’s speech at the Second Congress of the Trade Union Center of Brazil (CSB)

In spite of this geopolitical sabotage and the West’s faltering global, Bretton Woods economy, China’s Ambassador to Russia, Li Hui told the world on March 8th, that both sides are very upbeat about the future, via the Belts and Roads initiative (and by extension, Russia’s EAEU, the Eurasian Economic Union), and are continuing to sign numerous agreements and projects. China’s Minister of Agriculture, Han Changfu, stated that the two countries are also expanding investment and technology in his realm, an export sector that Russia hopes to exploit to even greater heights, in the future, as publicly stated by President Putin, at almost the same time.

People often forget that it was Joseph Stalin who early on, supported North Korea, in seeking its independence from Western colonialism. China’s People’s Liberation Army made sure of that, during the Korean War. See China, North Korea and the upcoming international sanctions-China Rising Radio Sinoland 16.3.10 Thus, it is no surprise that on March 13th, China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, met with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in Moscow, to declare their bilateral solidarity, to maintain stability on their neighboring North Korean borders. These three statesmen also declared that Uncle Sam’s intentions to install in South Korea its Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), would sabotage the regional strategic balance and foster an arms race. Why? Because Russia and China know that this THAAD system is not really meant for North Korea, but is fully aimed at them.

On March 17th, China’s state-owned Sinohydro announced that it had signed an agreement to build a bridge across Russia’s Lena River, in the Republic of Sakha. Costing a nearly cool $1 billion, it was reported that a comprehensive plan for the bridge would be submitted at the Eastern Economic Forum, in September, 2016. How many of you heard that there is now an annual meeting under this banner, feted by Russia? See 2015 Eastern Economic Forum to kick off in Vladivostok Now you know and with China having a huge common border with Eastern Russia, it is no surprise that it will be an enthusiastic participant in the years to come.

On March 23rd, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets praised China’s and Russia’s cultural theme years, including language, tourism and youth exchanges, as well as last year’s China-Russia Media Exchange. Cultural diplomacy is often poo-pooed in the West. But in two countries that have certified civilizational histories, these cross-cultural gestures have deep, symbolic importance for their leaders, governments and peoples.

Two days later, a high ranking Communist Party of China (CPC) official, Liu Qibao, called upon his country’s and Russia’s media,

…to play a positive role in promoting the integration of China’s Silk Road Economic Belt initiative and the Russia-initiated Eurasian Economic Union(EAEU) project.

Mr. Liu also pointed out to the world that this concept is based on Presidents Putin and Xi signing a Belts and Roads-EAEU integration agreement in May, 2015. Where did Mr. Liu say this? At the second China-Russia Media Forum, this time in Beijing. How many of you heard that China and Russia now have an ongoing media forum? Now you have.

And who else was there? Russian Presidential Administration chief Sergei Ivanov, who addressed this forum. Mr. Ivanov is President Putin’s executive day-to-day manager and his eyes and ears in the Russian government. Having Ivanov there was tantamount to having his boss there in spirit. Liu Qibao is head of the CPC’s Central Committee Publicity Department. The Central Committee is overseen by Xi Jinping, so he too, was symbolically represented.

If that wasn’t enough of a hint, Putin’s Mr. Ivanov met with more high level CPC members and paid a courtesy visit with Xi Jinping, to solidify his visit. Thereafter, Baba Beijing announced that,

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin attach great importance to the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership of the two countries… The close high-level exchanges demonstrate the importance of the relationship. China has always prioritized ties with Russia.

Now, the Russian Presidential Administration and its Chinese homologue, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee are going to working hand-in-hand, into the future, with Xi saying,

This is an important display of our high-level, mutual trust.

To kick off this new partnership, Xi and Ivanov announced that their two countries should work closely to settle hotspots around the world, these of course, almost all being perpetrated by colonial Eurangloland. They also underscored China’s and Russia’s 15th anniversary of their 2001 China-Russia Treaty of Good Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation, as a foundation for this team effort. How many of you heard about this treaty? Now you have.

That same week, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich invited China to participate in the construction of a high speed train (HST), between Samara and Tolyatti, in Southwest Russia. This, on top of the ongoing Sino-Russian Moscow-Kazan HST project, which is already underway, all fitting nicely into the aforementioned Belts and Roads-EAEU integration.

Simultaneously, Russia’s Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller was in Beijing, meeting Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli, to stress their bilateral commitment to energy trade, manufacturing, processing and construction, as well as to hammer out plans for the construction of the Western Gas Pipeline, to compliment the already started Eastern version. And it should be no surprise, the media was again told that this falls in line with Xi’s and Putin’s vision for bilateral cooperation. Not long thereafter, Russia announced that it is increasing its sales of hydrocarbons to China. Get the hint?

And then the geopolitical bombshell was dropped. China just announced that it was appointing its first special envoy to Syria, Mr. Xie Xiaoyan, a seasoned diplomat with years of experience in Africa and possessing a deep knowledge of the Middle East. Mr. Xie is surely not going to be palling it up with America and the European Union, both of which are the root cause of Syria’s unnecessary misery, since 2011. No, I suspect Xie will be in regular contact with China’s allies, Russia, Syria and Iran, to do battle against Western tyranny. This appointment has huge practical and symbolic implications for these four countries, as they work together to battle Eurangloland’s Worldwide Wehrmacht, especially in the Middle Eastern theater.

What was just described is three weeks of high level, high intensity cooperation between the world’s only hope from becoming slaves in a fascist world of Western dictatorship and perpetual war: Russia and China. I shudder to think about where we would be, without their ceaseless efforts to create an Anti-West vision of peace and shared prosperity for all, including humanity’s 85% non-White majority. Five hundred years Western of racism and genocide. Enough is enough. Go Russia! Go Vlad! Go China! Go XJP!


Why and How China works: With a Mirror to Our Own History



JEFF J. BROWN, Editor, China Rising, and Senior Editor & China Correspondent, Dispatch from Beijing, The Greanville Post

Jeff J. Brown is a geopolitical analyst, journalist, lecturer and the author of The China Trilogy. It consists of 44 Days Backpacking in China – The Middle Kingdom in the 21st Century, with the United States, Europe and the Fate of the World in Its Looking Glass (2013); Punto Press released China Rising – Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations (2016); and for Badak Merah, Jeff authored China Is Communist, Dammit! – Dawn of the Red Dynasty (2017). As well, he published a textbook, Doctor WriteRead’s Treasure Trove to Great English (2015). Jeff is a Senior Editor & China Correspondent for The Greanville Post, where he keeps a column, Dispatch from Beijing and is a Global Opinion Leader at 21st Century. He also writes a column for The Saker, called the Moscow-Beijing Express. Jeff writes, interviews and podcasts on his own program, China Rising Radio Sinoland, which is also available on YouTube, Stitcher Radio, iTunes, Ivoox and RUvid. Guests have included Ramsey Clark, James Bradley, Moti Nissani, Godfree Roberts, Hiroyuki Hamada, The Saker and many others. [/su_spoiler]

Jeff can be reached at China Rising, je**@br***********.com, Facebook, Twitter, Wechat (Jeff_Brown-44_Days) and Whatsapp: +86-13823544196.

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