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China Rising Radio Sinoland bilingual 1 October 2020 double celebration: China National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival-中国崛起的电台10月1日举行双语双重庆祝活动:中国国庆节和中秋节

NOW IN 22 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. CLICK ON THE LOWER LEFT HAND CORNER “TRANSLATE” TAB TO FIND YOURS! By Jeff J. Brown Pictured above: all the world’s China haters are praying that the country and its people fall. It is not going to happen for 10,000 years! 上图:世界上所有憎恨中国的人都在祈祷这个国家及其人民沦陷。 它不会在一万年内发生!   Become a regular China Rising Radio…

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60 Seconds over Sinoland-Happy Chinese New Year of the Pig from China Rising Radio Sinoland!

By Jeff J. Brown   f you find China Rising Radio Sinoland‘s work useful and appreciate its quality, please make a donation now. Money is spent to pay for firewall protection, since we get hack attacks almost every hour by neocon, imperial forces, who want to shut down your access to the truth. This is…

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