A living epitath for Obama, Cameron, Hollande, Netanyahu, Abdullah and their many other accomplices

A fitting, living epitath for the Assassin-in-Chief and all his many hired henchmen around Planet Earth. I regret few things in life, but voting for Obama and Hollande are two of them. This from Tacitus, as quoted by Michel de Montaigne, in his Essays,


One may reprove the greatness of soul of those two soldiers who answered Nero back to his face: one of them, when asked by Nero why he wished him ill, retorted: ‘I loved you while you deserved it; but since you have become a parricide, a fire-raiser [Nero lays claim to one of the first recorded false flag operations: he had 25% of Rome burned down to make room for the construction of his new palace, and then blamed Christians for starting it, so he could create fear and loathing among the Romans, and had a pretext to execute these new believers by the arena full – sound familiar?], a mountebank and a chariot-driver, I hate you as you deserve’; the other, asked why he wanted to kill him, replied, ‘Because I can find no other remedy to your continual misdoings’.


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Michelle Obama drone poster5

Michelle Obama drone poster4

Michelle Obama drone poster3

Michelle Obama drone poster2

Michelle Obama drone poster

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