Hackers, Hope and Hilarity in the Macabre World of MH370

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Dear Hacker: 44 Days in Sinoland is here, there, everywhere!

The post below, about MH370’s whereabouts must be getting close to the truth. Last week, someone hacked my website, removed the offending article, then changed the password, trying to shut me out for good. They were even so supercilious as to remove from my media library the included map of MH370’s route to the north into Afghanistan and Pakistan. They could just have easily wiped out my entire Reflections in Sinoland column, going back through last year, as well as all my media file images. But no, they wanted to send me a message: quit reporting about MH370, cyberwar and Chinese-American espionage.

I will not say how I was able to reopen the 44 Days website, but I did. I also had the site encrypted, so we will see what happens next. Game on boyz.

Are the offended hackers Blues or Reds? Crips or Bloods? Being a homeboy here in the Middle Kingdom, it’s very hard to say. The article surely offends Uncle Sam much more than Baba Beijing. But the implications are embarrassing and compromising on both side of the Big Pond.


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