A 44 Days Radio Sinoland Reality Map: If China Were the USA… China in the Americas, 2015.6.5



Map: If China Were the USA… China in the Americas


Created by: Jeff J. Brown, 44 Days Radio Sinoland & Publishing, www.44days.net

There is an old Native American axiom: to understand how someone feels, you must walk two moons in their moccasins. This reality map and its reference key say it all. Turning today’s real world on its head, this map is thought provoking and funny. It will challenge your notions of how China perceives the United States – and how Westerners see the rest of the world.
While perceptions are slowly starting to shift, 99% of the West and a majority of Asians still swallow America’s massive propaganda campaign against China. Read below the details about how you would feel, if you were a Chinese citizen or Baba Beijing (China’s leadership). Looking at this “upside down” reality map, you can appreciate why China has every right to (privately) hate the United States.


This is the reference key to the www.44days.net map of, “If China Were the USA… China in the Americas”. Each of the countries and regions portrayed in the Americas, with a Chinese flag, corresponds to a real life place in Asia, which is noted in parentheses below,


1. US Pacific Zone (= South China Sea): Since the end of WWII, China has been extremely hostile to the capitalist government in the United States. Due to Chinese fears of America gaining influence in the Americas – starting in 2011, China began moving most of its blue water navy off the coast of North America, around Hawaii, in the Gulf of Alaska (including numerous submarines), outside the San Juan Islands and Seattle, as well as within 22km of the Catalina Islands, off Los Angeles. Additionally, since 1945, China has been and continues to fly thousands of spy missions along America’s Western coastline. China tells the world that these high pressure threats against the United States are to “guarantee the freedom of navigation for vital shipping in the Pacific”. All of China’s supine, client states go along with this fiction and parrot the mainstream Chinese propaganda, even though it could trigger a nuclear WWIII between the two superpowers.


2. Yukon, Canada (= Afghanistan): Since the early 90s, China has kept tens of thousands troops and contractors in the Yukon, supposedly to control Canadian terrorists. But like in North Baja California (see below), there is a much more sinister reason. China’s secret services, the Ministry of State Security (MSS) has dramatically expanded opium production in this region, from nearly zero to over 6,000mt of opium. This MSS drug racket is worth billions of dollars, which it then uses off-budget to finance terrorists, such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Harum, as well as color revolutions around the world. China uses these various terrorist tools to overthrow anti-Chinese governments, especially if they have hydrocarbons or are strategically located, and need to be controlled by China.


3. Northwest United States (= Xinjiang): Since China’s creation of anti-Canadian terrorist armies around the world, starting in the 1980s with Al-Qaeda in the Yukon, China is now using its thinly veiled NGOs to send American separatists to the Yukon, for terrorist training, as well as train local American separatists in the arts of urban warfare and civil riots. These imported and local terrorists use their new found skills to create false flag attacks and destabilization of the US government. China touts its NGOs as beacons of universal values, such as the Chinese Dream, dictatorship of the proletariat, socialism with Chinese characteristics and building a moderately prosperous society in every way, but America knows better. China’s NGOs and many of it politicians call this part of the US, the “Republic of Northwest Pacifica”.


4. Southwest United States (= Tibet): Since WWII, China has spent and continues to spend many tens of millions of dollars in the Southwest United States, financing and training terrorist separatists, to infiltrate and commit false flags in the US. See Number 3 for details. Chinese politicians like to grandstand and call this American region, “Free Texzona”.


5. North Baja California (= Burma): Since the 1950s, China’s MSS has funded separatist Mexican rebels, along America’s southwestern flank, in order to maintain turmoil and a base for false flags inside the US. This is in keeping with China’s postwar policy of destabilizing and replacing America’s capitalist government, in order to install a puppet leader, so that China can balkanize the United States and plunder its human and natural resources. To make matters worse, the MSS controls all the opium and heroin production in North Baja, and uses its billions in profits to pay for regime change and black ops around the world, especially wherever hydrocarbons are found, or strategic interests are found. See Yukon, Canada above, for reference.


6. South Baja California (= South Korea): Since the 1950s, China has maintained nine big military bases, which house 30,000 People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers, in South Baja California, under the pretext of guarding against possible Canadian military adventures. China is also pressuring Mexico to maintain missiles in South Baja, ostensibly to protect Mexico from Canada, but everyone knows they would be aimed at the US.


7. Mexico (= Vietnam): After completely destroying Mexico and killing three million of its citizens, during the Mexican War, 1950-1974, China makes all kinds of secret, unrealistic promises to the Mexican government, while jerking the Mexican nationalists’ chain, to get Mexico to attack America’s biggest oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, ramming it with coast guard ships and firing on it with water cannons. This happened during President Xi Jinping’s visit to China’s vassal states in the American hemisphere, in 2013-14.


8. Belize (= Philippines): After kicking the Chinese military out in the early 1990s, something almost no other Chinese client state has ever done – in 2014, Baba Beijing paid off Belize’s key civilian and military leaders, in order to reoccupy it, with 1,000 rapid deployment PLA soldiers. This PLA brigade is ready 24/7 to attack the United States, when the time comes.


9. Cuba (= Japan): Since the end of WWII, China has maintained almost 100 military bases on occupied Cuba, with 50,000 PLA soldiers, a huge air force and navy, right on America’s doorstep. They are supposedly to resist Canada’s military schemes, but everyone knows they are there to destabilize, harass and eventually attack the USA. Lately, President Xi has been pushing President Castro and Cuba to amend its constitution, so that it can remilitarize and again be a powerful military threat to Uncle Sam.


10. Bahamas (= Taiwan): After WWII, with desegregation starting, a large contingent of US racists sailed to the Bahamas, aided and abetted by China, to be a separatist US government – the “real” United States – and not the evil, corrupt, capitalist one on the Mainland. China guarantees the Bahamas’ security and keeps it armed to the teeth against potential Mainland aggression. Baba Beijing also uses the Bahamas to saturate the US East Coast with nonstop propaganda on its “Radio Free China”, touting the Chinese Dream, while trashing Washington with lies, disinformation and lurid details of official corruption, innuendo and vicious rumors.


11. American Virgin Islands (= Diaoyu Islands/Senkakus): In 1971, just months before Mao Zedong announced diplomatic relations with Richard Nixon, he “gave” the American Virgin Islands to Cuba, using the pretext of a postwar agreement between China and Cuba. Occupied and controlled by Cuba, America still claims these islands as historically its own.


12. Brazil (= Australia): China has convinced satrap Brazil to keep 1,000 PLA soldiers at their military base in Salvador. Just recently, the PLA is in negotiations to get the Brazilians to maintain a fleet of tactical, nuclear armed Chinese bombers in Salvador, for rapid deployment to the United States, when the time comes. At China’s behest, Brazil is mulling over joining up with China in its heavy handed pressure on the US, by sailing navy ships along America’s coast, as well as flying spy planes over American islands.

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