Dean Henderson on China Rising Radio Sinoland, with Jeff J. Brown, 15.11.26

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y apologies for not posting this sooner. When Dean Henderson and I did our interview, my old 44 Days website had been down for over a month and when the China Rising website launched, I overlooked adding this one. Dean is a committed revolutionary and deserves to be heard.

Jeff is honored to have on his show today, Dean Henderson, author and geopolitical analyst, based out of the Ozark Mountains, in Missouri, USA. They discuss whether Western bankers have infiltrated the Chinese Communist Party and are in fact in control of China’s banks, as well as Russia and China cooperating in Syria together to fight NATO.

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Post-production note: in the interim, it seems to be confirmed that China’s military presence in Syria is not as important as it was though to be, when they show was conducted, although undoubtedly, China is sharing human and signal intelligence with Russia for Syria.

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