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By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: Sunshine Chong giving double thumbs up for a better, more harmonious world.




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Sunshine Chong and I have been communicating for several months via email and the more I learned about her, the more I was intrigued. There are not that many older Singaporean women out there who have written several books, keep a number of websites and blogs and who are radical anti-capitalists. But, Sunshine is the real deal. I am sure you will be just as impressed and full of admiration for Ms. Chong, as I am.

There are plenty of places to get to know about Sunshine, her work and dreams,

Sunshine can be contacted at: su**********@ya***.com

Sunshine’s website is:

Her blog and journalism are here:

Sunshine’s topical blog:

Her books can be bought here: or

Her site on Palestine:

Her site on World Harmony Day:

Her website on Zionism is:


Sunshine Chong’s Biography:

My name is Sunflower Chong Sun Wah and I’m 64 years old on 20 January 2019. I am a mother of 2 beautiful children and they are a son Gabriel Georges Habib, and a daughter, Greta Georges Habib, from my first marriage. For your knowledge, I have escaped from 2 husbands because they tried to control me and thought that I was crazy to chase an impossible dream to save the world 🙁 But if you don’t try you don’t know, right?

I am a radical and I live for my dreams and ideals. I’m here to serve and not be served because I’m a soul and a child of God. The joy and love of mine is to give hope to the people because without hope our existence will be empty. Hope fills our heart with the excitement to strive on to achieve great things.

I have nothing to my name but I’m artistically inclined hence I have a strong interest in the creative field with a keen eye for capturing and creating beauty. I’m a visionary, poet, author, community activist, freedom fighter, blogger, and architectural innovator. My books are proof and I need not say more.

My highest education level is ‘Life University’, which has shaped me into whom I am today, standing solidly on the rock of Truth & JUSTICE!!


Facebook Brother: Btw, your FB profile says you’re a Visionary. Gee, that’s cool! But does that mean you’re like Nostradamus and can foretell future world events?

Not really but guided by my fortune tellers from HK and Singapore and they had reviewed the gifts God had given to me, so if you don’t read the book Sharing my Vision of Architecture when I make the video My Heartfelt Video you will not understand what I’m talking about. For your knowledge I took the spiritual path and not the Capitalist path for success.

Gee I’m now intrigued by your personality. You’ve made me awfully curious!

In one sentence what I’m trying to achieve is to manifest the present of God Almighty 🙂 Research and Development into the spiritual sphere is so very intriguing and exciting to explore and discover the unknown 🙂

Yes, I agree. The subject is very interesting and intriguing. Like philosophy, it distinguishes the keen and intellectual mind that’s forever keen and thirsty for new knowledge of the universe from the ordinary mind.

And to reach the ultimate goal you must not step into the Capitalist world because it will rob you of your identity and make you disconnect with your most precious wealth God had given to you “Your SOUL”.

As a young child I’m only interested in one thing what is going to happen to me or what I will become when I chose the spiritual path for success instead of chasing the paper qualification who define your self-worth.

By taking the spiritual path many told me I will end up in the 4 walls of the prison or either end up in the metal hospital. In the eyes of my children and family they see me as a stupid fool chasing an unrealistic dream to bring the world in oneness thus World Harmony Day was born.


Why and How China works: With a Mirror to Our Own History



JEFF J. BROWN, Editor, China Rising, and Senior Editor & China Correspondent, Dispatch from Beijing, The Greanville Post

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