TRANSCRIPT: Is Wuhan coronavirus a hit job? This is a whodunit not to miss. “Uriah Heep”, our expert Sherlock Holmes solves the case!


By Jeff J. Brown


Pictured above: nobody can move around much in China these days, without being checked for coronavirus symptoms.
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Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

Note before starting: as promised, for those who prefer reading to podcasts, here it is, the written transcript of the interview with “Uriah Heep” (, on the China Rising Radio Sinoland Show. Light line edited was done to make it is free-flowing to read as possible. Enjoy and please share.

TRANSCRIPT: Is Wuhan coronavirus a hit job? This is a whodunit not to miss. “Uriah Heep”, our expert Sherlock Holmes solves the case!

Jeff J. Brown, Host: Good morning, everybody. This is Jeff J. Brown, China Rising Radio Sinoland, and I always have to remember this… in Chiang Mai, Thailand, after so many years in China. And today, I have on the show “Uriah Heep”. How are you doing, “Uriah”?

“Uriah Heep”, Guest: I’m doing fine. I’m doing fine. Thank you very much.

Jeff: Hey, listen, “Uriah” is an American ex-pat currently living in China. He’s a technology expert who has worked on secure locations for the United States military. He has been involved in the development of many unique and special systems and projects. He has been involved with legendary systems and programs that are today considered to be tin foil hat conspiracy theories. Since then, he is now retired and living a quiet life, quiet and peaceful life outside of the United States. So thank you for being on the show today, “Uriah”. Hey, well, listen, for all the friends, fans and followers of China Rising Radio Sinoland out there, “Uriah” is on the show today to talk about the Wuhan coronavirus. But before we get to that, please introduce yourself and tell us how you became a journalist.

Uriah: Sure enough, I was retired from my parent organization in 2006, and after decommissioning, I moved to China to start a new life and quietly retire in peace. Now, the funny thing is, after I was decommissioned, I became more motivated to write about my experiences and it became an obsession. And I couldn’t stop myself. I was like some kind of possessed. I just couldn’t stop writing. If you ever watched the movie Knowing by Nicholas Cage, it’s like that. I’m just sorting things out of me now. I’m forbidden to write about things that I’ve been directly involved in over the last 30 years. But however, I can write about contemporaneous events from my point of view, now. In the process, an insight into what the United States government is involved in and the kinds of things that I am aware of become apparent, if obliquely. Thus, I’m writing about food, I’m writing about animals and my experiences and my opinions. And if you listen to what I have to say, you can get a good idea of the true picture of what’s actually going on.

Jeff: Yeah, absolutely. Well, needless to say, the coronavirus is 24/7 in the mainstream media. It’s saturating the headlines. What were your first impressions when it really got picked up in lockstep, by what I call the Big Lie Propaganda Machine, the BLPM?

Uriah: Well, OK. First of all, to give you an idea. I write about my life and observations. One of the first things I wrote on my on my blog and on my post was the differences between Chinese playgrounds and American playgrounds. American playgrounds are for retarded children in wheelchairs and Chinese playgrounds are for trapeze artists. All right. It’s like my day. You’ve got five-year-old kids climbing up ladders that are six stories tall and all kinds of weird stuff like that. So, basically what I do is I write about what I see around me and I write about my life.

Now, the big thing is this Chinese New Year (CNY). People don’t understand, especially in the States, that Chinese New Year is a big event. It is not a one-day holiday, two-day holiday, a week-long holiday. Things close down for two weeks to a month. People spend their entire year saving up for the holiday. Factories close. People save up their money all year. They work really hard. And then in that one month, they live life. And it’s a celebration of eating and drinking that lasts at least ten days long.

And that’s what I was expecting. And so when we came up, we arrived. We met relatives, my family. We went up north and we had a meal and we started beginning the festivities, good food, seafood, fine libations and alcoholic beverages. We’re getting drunk and hugging each other. Everything’s fine and dandy. Then Chinese New Year’s Eve happens and it’s quiet. It’s like Christmas. It’s a quiet time with the family. And the next day, all the sudden, all of our cell phones light up. Everything’s canceled. Everybody has to go into their homes. Drones are flying all over the place. Police are making sure nobody’s in their cars on the roads. There’s car inspection checkpoints everywhere. Entire cities are locking down. Normally this week is just fireworks 24/7 for like two weeks. It’s to chase away the bad spirits. It all ended. It became quiet. It was like a zombie apocalypse. And it’s not just the town we’re in. It’s not just Wuhan. It’s not just Shanghai. It’s the entire frigging nation.

Our friends, or my friends who are in the military suddenly are called up to go to base. Everything became absolutely unreal. Meanwhile, I’m an American expat and I’m reading what’s going on. And it’s like cricket. It’s the U.S. news saying there’s nothing to worry about. The flu is worse. They said no nation puts their – but people listen – no nation puts their entire people under lockdown for the flu. Nobody does. Now, what’s different is that everybody’s got cell phones, so good. And we’re reading and communicating with each other. We use the WeChat application, we use QQ and all of a sudden people are taking videos and you’re seeing these videos. And some of the things that you’re seeing are the videos of how rapid and onset this illness is.

You’ve got a guy. He’s walks into an elevator. Suddenly he’s a little tired. He yawns and he collapses. He tries to get out of the elevator and he stumbles and dies. You’ve got a woman carrying babies on a bicycle, OK? She’s carrying her babies and she’s like, and then she collapses on the side of the road. You’ve got people walking up the stairs. And suddenly it’s like, I don’t feel good. And he dies. Sudden and rapid onset.

Now, while this is going on, you have the news about local communities calling up the militia and the lockdown of entire communities, villages and cities. Chinese militia is not like American militia. American militia, everybody’s wearing camouflage and AK-47s and all kinds of things. In China, you put on florescent orange attire and you walk around with katana swords, all right? head. They are locking down complete communities. Now, you don’t understand. China doesn’t have, well, they do have, but not that many. Most Chinese people live in apartment complexes, like mini-towns with a wall around them and their own police (station). Each one is locking down each building section. Each building section is locking down communities. Each community is locking down villages. Each village is locking down cities. It’s all amazing.

Meanwhile, you’ve got police drones up in the skies talking to people, telling them what to do. Roadblocks. People are putting up roadblocks. And people, like what’s a roadblock? What’s a roadblock? Sometimes it’s just a pile of dirt. Sometimes it’s just a sign saying, please stay out. We’ve got infected people here, very effective, let me tell you. And you’ve got people building cinder block walls right across the roads. They are not taking chances. The thing is and I’d like (you) to understand (what) underlines all this is the timing. This timing on CNY. This is the time of the mass migration. It this the time when everybody is drunk and hugging each other, kissing each other and sharing food and libations. This is a scene, the playbook straight from the movie 12 Monkeys, starring Bruce Willis, where this one guy creates this lethal viral agent and visits all these major cities and it totally goes all over the world and in the U.S. media, it’s completely in another world.

They’re saying it’s not as bad as the flu. Flu kills so many people. Instead, we’re getting impeachment stuff about how Trump is going to be impeached. And there is this battle and there’s this battle. Let me tell you guys a secret. Nobody (who) gives a fuck cares. Then we got the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash and gun rights in Virginia. I can understand the gun rights and Virginia thing. But, and then there’s this. The reports that this is all China’s fault. Chinese are dirty, Chinese are unsanitary. Chinese people are spitting all over the place. China, China, China is terrible.

And now on top of that, we got the strange illness, the strange virus. It is a Frankenstein virus that needs at least three host critters. OK, one you say is a rare bat, a rare bat. The second thing is some kind of snake. All right. Maybe a cobra. And the third is some kind of fish. And it has HIV insertions. People, this is a bioweapon. Tell me something that’s missing. That it is not a biological weapon. This is what a biological weapon is.

Jeff: Yeah, absolutely. Well, you wrote a really thought provoking and informative exposé on your website, Metallicman and I will include your link in the interview post. It’s speculating that the coronavirus first detected in Wuhan, China may be a genetically engineered bioweapon. In short, germ warfare. And so just please tell us about the history, especially recently, of viral outbreaks in China and who and why they happened. And it’s just so… And then this morning, I wake up and there is now (simultaneously) a deadly avian flu outbreak in Wuhan, which is just unbelievable. So please tell us what you know, just a little bit about the history you mentioned in your article about all the avian and swine flu since 2016.

Uriah: Ok. Well, to begin with, I’m not a germ warfare expert. I’m not an expert. I mean, I know what I know and I can’t talk about what I know. If you want an expert, you go to CNN. You got to go to MSNBC and you go to Fox. They have experts and they’re paid a lot of money. I’m doing this for free. I’m not an expert. I just observe things. And like I said in my introduction, I observe things based upon what I know over the last three, four decades.

Now, ever since the Trump trade wars, China has been racked with a long, ongoing series of biological events. And other events see, once the trade wars began, suddenly we have a virus that wipes out the poultry industry. OK? A virus that wipes out the pork industry and it’s propagated by drones. You don’t read this in the United States, it’s all over Chinese media: (there are) custom-made drones all over China. They’re spewing out these viral agents over all these remote farms. Then you have the pro-democracy protests, which are funded by the NED, which is a CIA branch, which, by the way, I know I know people are saying, oh, there’s no proof. Listen, people, China and Hong Kong are completely wired. There are video cameras everywhere. We have in China, China has video recordings, audio and video of Trump administration officials cutting deals with these people and training these people. All right. Pro-democracy protests, American invention. You have the terror events in Xinjiang and a suddenly awakened separatist movement in Taiwan. The arrest of (Huawei’s CFO) in Canada, banning 5G technology on the web, on using this technology, at least you’re gonna get brain damage from using your cell phone. So, as soon as American companies catch up with 5G technology, this narrative will change. Right now, if you’re an American, 4G is where it’s at. 4G is where it’s at. Stay away from 5G. Terrible Chinese technology.

None of this seemed to work because Chinese don’t give a fuck. I’m sorry. All right. I’m sorry about that. You can cut that later.

Jeff: I’m not going to cut it out.

Uriah: I know one of the problems, you see, that Americans have is Americans. And I’m an American. So, I kind of know America. (They) believe that China needs America more than America needs China. True? It’s not true. American exports to China are small potatoes. The largest exports (are) cotton and aircrafts. Chinese exports to America are also really tiny. Now, I know it doesn’t look that way, because seemingly everything in the USA is made in China. But Chinese exports to the USA are only eleven percent of their total exports by value. Eleven percent. We can, China could stop exporting to America and be down to 90 percent. It’s not going to break China. Thus, trade restrictions have a very small effect on China. And the only way for America to get China to abide to America’s desires is to use other means.

Other ways of persuasion and means apparently means revolution, death and biological warfare. And now we have this new very lethal, very contagious, very stealthy (virus). It’s got a two, two-week incubation age, where people are contagious as all get out. Viral attack. Coincidence? Listen. If there’s one thing I know, there’s one thing I know and listen to me here. There is no such thing as a coincidence.

Jeff: Absolutely. Well, so basically, it’s good to know that obviously the Chinese are going into such an amazing lockdown, because they know that this bug is not just some sort of bad flu. So that’s very interesting to know. And you just mentioned that there’s no coincidences as well.

Let’s talk about this. There has been some very curious foreshadowing that has happened just before the Wuhan outbreak. Give me a couple of minutes, because it’s quite fascinating. A foundation had been created to come up with global strategies, if there was ever a global coronavirus epidemic, which includes Bill Gates. They had a high-level meeting recently to discuss this very same scenario.

Uriah: John Bolton, by the way. Jeff. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jeff: John (Bolton)? What (really)?

Uriah: John Bolton and all these military, American military and powerful people were there.

Jeff: Then a couple of Chinese scientists were evicted from Canada’s level-4 – I call them bioweapon – they say biosafety, but I call them bioweapon laboratories. Then the Wuhan lab received an unannounced package of coronavirus from this same Canadian lab, whereupon the Chinese lodged a complaint. And then China and Russia have both made official complaints that the United States was using bogus NGOs to collect thousands of their citizens’ DNA, which was all sent back to America. And you mentioned Harvard University was involved in this too.

And then, this is the kicker. Two weeks before the outbreak in early December, three hundred U.S. athletes went to Wuhan for two weeks to participate in the Military World Games. And if you all don’t know what that is, it’s sort of like an Olympics where the athletes are, they’re athletes, but they have to be a member of that particular country’s military. Whereas obviously, these three hundred American soldiers had lots of opportunities to get out in the public and see all around Wuhan. I mean, we can’t make this stuff up. Yet, it happened.

Tell us about the Western Coronavirus Foundation, the brouhaha with the Canadian lab, the US hauling loads of Chinese and Slavic DNA back to laboratories and the huge delegation of American soldiers running around on the streets of Wuhan, just before the virus outbreak there.

Uriah: Yeah. I got to tell you, it’s funny. You’ll see these little articles in the papers and you’ll go, oh, that’s nice. They’re having military games and we’ll hang and nothing (is going) on. Oh, that’s interesting. You know, a complaint has been lodged. And so, you read an article and it kind of goes deep, goes into the trash bin. But then, when an event is triggered, it pops up in your mind. And I’m like, wait a second. And you start putting pieces together. And as I said, I’m possessed and breaking things. Well, for me, it’s a story I can’t really get into. But for me, when these events come, I can see the bigger picture. All right? Let’s just leave it at that. All right?

So, when this event occurred and I’m sitting in the middle of it, I’m wearing the masks, the gloves, locked in the house and all sorts of puzzle pieces start to fit together. Isolated, they don’t mean anything. An Olympic Games here, a complaint over there, an event in a lab over there. But if you put them all together, it points out a very, very damning picture.

Firstly. Let’s talk just a second here about the pork shortage, which was germ warfare by drones. Now you don’t hear this. You don’t read this in the United States media. But all over China media, it’s police (who) are arresting people and they’re picking up all these custom-made drones, that all these criminal elements have all over the nation. During the height of the Trump trade war, the drones were flying back and forth, spraying lethal viral agents to kill pigs. And this was during the height of the trade war. Each time an agreement was reached, the negotiation team from the U.S. placed more demands. Most of them were totally ridiculous and then they’d walk back from the table and things started pressuring China.

Now, the idea that drones would spread a virus is intriguing. And I’m going to talk to you as a technology wonk. Think about it for a minute. It’s not just that drones were being used. Who designed and modified the drones? You’re telling me pig farmers all over the nation decided to modify a drone? Who manufactured and modified them? So, these are professionally modified drones. Somebody designed them. Somebody got on a CAD system, designed the parts, went to a factory, had the plastic parts professionally injection molded, people. That takes at least 30 weeks to do, OK on a short run. All right. They had to have special electronics installed. Well, you can probably do that in somebody’s basement. But nevertheless, how were the drones in the south of China identical to those in the west of China? Identical to those in the north of China? Identical to those in the east of China? Somebody flooded China and agents with these professionally manufactured viral spraying drones. How can the pig farmers get a hold of the exact viral agent? It’s not just the drones. (Do) the pig farmers know how to create viral agents to kill pigs? Did they say, oh, that pig died? I will go over and extract the viral agent from it and spray it over here. No. How did they do it? How did pig farmers even know how to handle viral agents? Do you? Do you know how to handle a viral vial of viral agent and put it in a spraying system? Do you mix it with water? Do you make it into an aerosol? How do you handle it? It’s a pig farmer! And how did they know how to design, build and construct viral spraying mechanisms. Do you know how to construct the viral spraying mechanism? I’m an aerospace engineer. I know. And even that, I’d have to sit down and look it up. It’s not common knowledge.

Meanwhile, the United States media is not reporting on the drone use to decimate the pork industry. OK, so this event and suddenly the entire nation goes into lockdown. I have to ask: what’s going on? So, I did some casual sleuthing. In 2018, the United States patented a very similar virus. They set it up and applied for the patent in 2014. OK? Now, listen. The news media is saying it’s just a natural virus. If this virus was natural, why did the United States patent it? OK?

Then after that happened, all the Chinese researchers were shut out of related biological viral research ventures in the United States and Canada. Why were suddenly all these researchers put out during twenty-nineteen? Then you had that meeting that you talked about with the Gates Foundation. Not only were the power players, the Gates, military and political figures involved, but you had some neocons that were on the Trump trade negotiation team involved. Then, the very next day – the very next day – you have a meeting on Tuesday, Wednesday, the very next day, American military were in Wuhan. Two-week incubation period…

Jeff: And they were there for two weeks…

Uriah: And then the first cases pop up.

Jeff: And they’re not going to get sick because they’re Americans. Having all that Slavic and Chinese DNA aided to make sure that it mostly, you know, focuses on Chinese DNA.

Uriah: Yeah. So that’s something custom tailored. A virus that kills Asians, keeps the Caucasians safe.

Jeff: So, if this stuff, for those drones, I heard, you know, that it (the swine virus) was possibly developed at the Richard Lugar Bioweapon Lab in Tbilisi, Georgia. And they said there was a little outbreak in Russia, but nothing really happened, because the population is so, so sparse. And then it just like leapfrogged to China. And then it was just like leapfrogging all over China. So, what you’re suggesting then is, is that there is obviously some real fifth column saboteurs in China who do it. I mean, obviously, if a white guy was running around the neighborhood with these drones… Can they operate them from outside of China or are there obviously some turncoats in China doing this?

Uriah: The people they are arresting, I’ve seen videos of the people that they’re arresting (and they) are Chinese citizens. OK?

Jeff: So, they’re turncoats.

Uriah: And yeah, the Chinese are very closed mouth about it. But yeah, it’s obviously turncoats. OK. These are Chinese citizens and they’re pretty predatory.

Jeff: Wow. Sorry to hear that. Yes, on my list and going back. This isn’t the first horrifically mediatized flu outbreak against China. Going back to the 2002-2003 flu season, the SARS outbreak. How do you put it in perspective relative to what has happened in China in the last few years? I mean, they seem eerily similar. It’s just bizarre. It’s almost like, you know, rewind and repeat.

Uriah: It is rewind and repeat because they are similar. Wuhan is the very epicenter of the Han population. OK? It is in the middle of it. If you were to take a compass and draw a circle with one hand in the middle, you would cover 90 percent of Chinese population in the very center. But, if you want to go to a place that eats snakes and bats and everything, that would be Guangzhou, not Wuhan, OK? All right. Guangzhou has far, far more of these kinds of markets than Wuhan. And something I do want to say here. This is not something that’s developed in the last 10 years, this idea of eating wild critters. This is something that’s part of the Chinese culture for 5,000 years. All Right. If this kind of stuff would happen, it would have happened 5,000 years ago during the time of King… I can’t even pronounce his name. OK? So, in my mind, the SARS virus outbreak and everything were with viral agents that weren’t as powerful to accomplish the task. They were used as trial runs.

Now, the advantage of these trial runs is that the instigators who develop these systems were improving their weaponized research. So, is China open in combating it? Yeah. All right. The SARS outbreak wasn’t treated anywhere like this is being treated. And now that being said, I want to make it totally clear that China is treating this as a biological weapons attack with an unspecified adversary. OK? They’re not blaming anybody. They’re not pointing any fingers. There are not any editorials about this or that. But the military is out in full force. They’re implementing all kinds of procedures.

And the reason why I wrote this and the reason why I’m talking to you right now is because I am scared to my shivers, because when you keep pushing, you keep poking the panda bear, you keep on laying punches on the little kid, eventually there’s going to be a strike back.

America has never, ever gone through a hardship. Oh, we had a civil war and we had a revolutionary war. And yeah, America has been fighting far off wars, blowing up mud huts with fifteen-million-dollar weapons. America has never been to a Genghis Khan level event or the Chinese civil war. Yeah. Many people. You have no frigging idea. You have no idea how bad things can get. You think, oh, well, there will be a nuclear bomb on one city. Think about every city. You’ve got “Satan” Russia. Russian weapons disguised as a whale set off, causes US citizens (to have) a tsunami with radioactive water, wipes out about seven states in one fell swoop. Hey! Play around with fire, dudes. You’re playing around with fire.

Jeff: Hey, listen, one thing that you know, (along) with my friends, fellow writers and journalists. And you’ve also mentioned it, too, I find it curious that these mediatized viral outbreaks don’t happen in other places in the world. I mean, I was sitting there swimming the other day and I was just thinking of all these places, like the Nile Valley has 100 million people, plus their livestock concentrated on this narrow strip of land, you know, in less, much less sanitary conditions than China. Nigeria has almost 200 million citizens in very crowded cities with pigs and chickens living with them. Bangladesh has a hundred and sixty million people. Half the USA population living in an area the size of the United States’ West Virginia. Jampacked Jakarta, Indonesia. Eleven million inhabitants, which happens to be the same size as Wuhan, with open sewers running in the streets. And then, how about the tens of millions of people living in huge, squalid slums across Latin America? And then the most obvious cases, India, you know, 2.5 million children suffer from starvation there. And a million and a half of them under the age of five die every year, along with 700 million people who have no toilets, defecating and urinating everywhere. Why don’t these places and so many other perfect, socioeconomic Petri dishes around the planet not seem to have big viral outbreaks? And yet right now, it’s only China and Cuba that are under the gun. Cuba now has another brand-new Dengue fever. So right now, it’s China and Cuba. What’s going on?

Uriah: Well, people believe what they want to believe, OK? If you’re in America, you’re being fed the America media, which is a deep state. They tell you what you want to believe. They tell you that outside the American borders, it’s a dark, dark, dark place, squalor and terrible things. And you need to hide inside the United States. And Jeff, you know that’s not true. Now, you know, people in the rest of the world live in middleclass lives. They’ve got houses, lawns, ATM machines, tollbooths. All right? All right? They’re living, it looks in a lot of ways, it looks like suburbia in the rest of the world, OK? But, you’re being fed this nonsense and it’s creative, the nonsense that’s being fed to Americans. Very, very creative on both sides. All right? You’ve got the conservatives and you’ve got the liberals on both sides. It’s just media nonsense.

When the Hong Kong pro-democracy, democracy… America is set up as a republic, guys. But anyway, when the pro-democracy protests were going on, they had different groups dressing in different attire. You probably weren’t aware of that. One group would dress wearing all black, the Antifa wing. The other group would have American flags and Pepe the Frog. And then they had the embedded NGO journalists who would then take the pictures and everything (was put) in the conservative papers and put it to the liberal papers, so that the Americans were united in supporting the pro-democracy movement. That’s what happened in Hong Kong. Now we have what’s going on right now. There’s no need to pass the facts right in from your face. Germ warfare. It’s a tool being used by the United States government to control nations that cannot be persuaded by other means.

The attacks are only in China because China’s a rising nation and America does not want to share that rise. You do not… And this is my big problem I have right now. You do not get larger, you do not grow by putting other people down. But that’s exactly the strategy. The belief is if you collapse China, America will get larger. It doesn’t work that way. It never works that way. It doesn’t work that way in personal relationships. It doesn’t work that way with nations. So why are only these attacks against Chinese people and livestock, with a couple of exceptions like you just mentioned? Why not donkeys, cats, dogs, camels, snakes, frogs, turtles, birds. OK? I’m telling you, the intensity, the frequency is timed to coincide with the Trump trade wars. Every aspect of this event fits a biological warfare model, (it) does.

If there’s one thing I know, and I can’t tell you about these things, the propagation, the implementation, the type, the systems that this viral agent uses is a biological weapon. You don’t have to believe me. I’m not an expert. You can go to CNN. They’ve got experts. They’ll tell you that this isn’t… this is nonsense. Just keep in mind one point: the Chinese government is treating this as biological warfare, and that’s all matters.

Jeff: Well, obviously, where they’re at with their incredible reaction to it, it’s just unbelievable. Listen, going back to Wuhan, on the MSM and it has been going around saying that the coronavirus is not weaponized germ warfare. But if it is, it had to be released from the bioweapon laboratory based in Wuhan. Honestly, yet it really defies belief that Baba Beijing would put a biological weapon lab in the middle of a big metropolis.

And as a counterpoint, the U.S. bioweapons lab, Fort Detrick is far away from Baltimore and Washington, DC, inside a secured area of 490 hectares. And Briton’s is in Porton Down, which is isolated in the countryside, sitting in a two-thousand-eight-hundred-hectare safe zone. So, and I just saw something again, this is now going around. The Chinese have a bioweapon laboratory in the heart of Wuhan. Is the Wuhan lab a bioweapon laboratory? Or, if you want to use the correct (term) a biosafety level-4 lab, as determined and registered by the United Nations. If not, where does China have theirs? And how does the Wuhan lab relate to China’s other bioweapon facilities?

Uriah: All right. I’m not privy to Chinese military weapon facilities in development. I’m not. I’ve never been involved in designing weapons and systems for the Chinese. I have (done) them for the United States. So, I am well-versed in American military development programs. I’m a technology wonk. All right? That’s what I do. That’s what I’ve done. That’s my background. And I’m not talking about, you know, modifying SZU 39B. All right? I’m talking about the new stuff. The stuff that’s five decades advanced, maybe a century advanced, so I’ve been involved in special access programs since nineteen-eighty-one, the one I was involved in, my major one was a waived and unacknowledged one.

When you go into weapons systems development, you absolutely don’t want the general public to be aware of (it). You don’t want anybody to be aware of (it). It is terribly compartmentalized. It is. It’s just insane the level of protection you have. And basically, OK, I’ll use China Lake as an example.

China Lake is a weapons facility located in California. On that facility, you have to get through the base. Then the base itself is compartmentalized and you go from the base to the first compartment. Then within that compartment are other compartments and then you have to go through gates into those compartments. Then you have to go through gates for those compartments. All right? And then you have to go through another set of gates. Each one has guards and everything, that will shoot you down. I’ve even had a briefcase blown up. All right? Had it strapped on the back on my motorcycle, peanut butter and jelly sandwich in it. It doesn’t matter, OK?

When you go to these facilities, you have a badge and there’s these numbers on the edges of the badge and the ones you are permitted to access are marked. Not only are they marked, but the guards have a clipboard that tells you whether you have access that day for that period of time. It’s terribly, terribly restricted. Now, these development programs and these development facilities are not the same as people as what the people are saying are in Wuhan. Christ!

Look, I’m going to use an analogy. It’s my automobile analogy. All right? For those of you who’ve ever been to automobile factories, (they) are enormous. You’ve got groups over here that are designing things, groups over there that are researching things. Groups over here that are supporting things. Groups over there that are manufacturing the parts to go into production. All right? A lot of activity going on. And if it’s secret, it’s all secret.

Now you get a brand-new car, you drive it and it’s being in use. Suddenly it breaks down, well you have a car care center in your community that can open a manual and fix it. And if they don’t have the right parts, they can get on the phone and get a part delivered. OK, all right? So, the facility in Wuhan is the equivalent of a car care center. Oh, its only role is to identify a viral agent. All right? And come up with ways to suppress it. That’s it! It’s not a production facility. It’s not a manufacturing facility. It’s not an R&D facility. Now to the lay person, to lay person, Joe and Susie average, hey, they’re wearing masks. They’re wearing white coats. They have desks and computers… People listen to me. It’s not a R&D center for weapons development. They look quite different. They rarely do. And they’re large and they’re isolated. And so, when the media is promoting this and you’ve got these experts and these piddly doctors saying that, yes, there it is. There it is. There it is. Lordy, are Americans so dumb to believe this, that the Chinese, a nation of merit… have you ever gone to school with a Chinese student? No? No? (They) run rings around you. This is a nation of merit. And they would be an idiot, any idiot to put a weapons development research facility in the middle of a city that’s two times the size of New York City. Are they out of their minds? Of course, that’s not the situation.

So, listen, let me be very clear about this. And without saying too much. Just let it be known that high technology development programs by the Chinese follow the American model. The more dangerous, the more classified and the more critical the program and the project is, the more remote the location and access. Both the American and Chinese weapons research facilities are located in their Western deserts far away from casual visitation, and in China, that’s Xinjiang.

Jeff: Absolutely. Well, of course, China has all that, you know, they’ve got the Gobi Desert, they’ve got Xinjiang, I mean, they’ve got Qinghai, they’ve got a lot of wide-open spaces. So, well thank you for clarifying that. You wrote that many countries are testing and weaponizing microbes if not for offensive attack use, then to develop vaccines for them in case they are attacked.

And the West has a long, long history of using germ warfare, not only on its own people, but especially on its enemies. And a few that come to mind are Americans using it on North Koreans and Chinese, during the Korean War, Cuba’s swine herd was wiped out by African swine flu in nineteen-seventy-one and then in nineteen-eighty-one, then being attacked by Dengue fever, which is a close cousin to Ebola, and the Ebola virus is owned and patented by the U.S. military; Zika virus is patented by the Rockefeller Foundation. The U.S. maintains three bioweapon labs in West Africa and the Richard Lugar Lab outside Tbilisi, Georgia. In both areas, viral outbreaks have occurred among nearby people, with hundreds dying, as if they are testing these new viruses on the local population. Yet just about every country in the world, except Israel – no surprise there – has signed the UN’s Biological Weapons Convention, which is obviously being flagrantly ignored. Please tell us your general take on this global phenomenon and what it means for the future of the human race.

Uriah: Well, certainly the globe is undergoing change. I think everybody realizes it. The United States is undergoing severe change via the fourth turning model, which I actually believe is accurate. It is a dangerous time. Change is always uncomfortable. Now, things are cyclic. So, by 2030, things should stabilize and mankind will change with it. But in the meantime, this day, this decade is very dangerous. There’ll be a shake down of sentience into defined vectors. Most people don’t know what the heck I’m talking about. But sentience, human sentience is undefined right now, it’s all over the place and it needs to be set. It needs to settle into a defined sentience. “Will I be selfish or will I be helpful?”, basically. And it’s going to settle down. And that’s what this is all about. In short, the world could be a paradise, or a boring, terrible nightmare. And I have no idea what’s going to happen. And I cannot predict which. All I can do is sit back with my face mask in isolation. Well, hopefully the win-win concept being promoted by the Chinese and mutually beneficial love, cooperation and trade will win the day.

Jeff: Before we leave, before we say goodbye, what are your current plans as far as a journalism, etc.?

Uriah: Well, I’m continuing to work on my writing. Write about my life. I can’t stop writing. It’s maybe a mental illness. It’s just driving me crazy. I’ve just got to write, write, write. And I write about things that are important to me. And all kinds of things are important to me. Beer, a nice sandwich, girls, dogs, playing with dogs, kids. And that’s what I’m doing. There’s no particular journalistic fervor for any particular event. The only things that seem to strike me are in my mind, things that are so obvious based upon my experiences. My experiences are unique. And when it comes to development of weapons systems, high technology and other tinfoil hat stuff, I happen to know what I’m talking about. This is a biological weapon being used. It is being used by the American government without congressional approval and it is being used as part of the Trump trade wars.

And I know the trump card for them. Trump has a large following and he is doing what he feels is best. But I’m very concerned about it. And I’m going to tell you why, and I’m not knocking President Trump, because America needs him right now domestically. (But) not globally.

The problem is… when I was in my high school years, we used to go to these things called keg parties and basically, it’s a keg of beer in the woods. We would go out there and we would hang out and then we’d all hop into our cars and head home. Sometimes it would be a van. Sometimes it would be a Camaro. You know, and we would do that. And sometimes, you know, a lot of times people would be too drunk to drive. But, your only way home out of the woods would be to hop in that car and ride with this guy who couldn’t see straight, up and down the roads and all kinds of crazy (stuff).

And people that’s what’s going on in the United States right now. And we’re holding on for dear life. Do not be under the impression that poking China is going to have the same effect as bombing Syria. It’s not going to be the same effect as attacking Yemen, blowing up Libya. It’s not going to be the same as Afghanistan. It’s not a third world shithole. China has surpassed the United States on many, many levels. And this is a nation that is run as a meritocracy. The leadership got there through skill and ability, not from paying somebody for placement at Harvard, OK? They got there through skill and ability. These people know their business and they are handling it. And I am very convinced they’re handling it quite well. And this is a warning. This is a warning. Please heed what I have to say. This kind of nonsense has to stop. It has to stop. I love America. You don’t want to see, as I’ve said before, you do not want to see the Genghis Khan response.

(Now) I’m got to go play with my kids. And remember, I’m retired, so I just want to have fun all over and then I can continue just playing with my damn dog.

Jeff: Well, listen, you’re right. Thank you so much for being on the show. I know this is going to be widely, widely viewed by people around the world. And so hopefully, some people will hear what you have to say. And I agree with you. I mean, you know, you and I… I have lived in China for 16 years, and I understand exactly what you’re saying. And not far from you, we lived for three years in Shenzhen.

And so, thank you so much. I’m sure that we will continue to talk to each other, to communicate with each other. And I think we’ve become kind of e-mail pals. So, anyway, thank you so much for being on. And I’ll let you know when this is posted, so you can share it on your website and I’ll share your website with all the fans in the article post. Thank you very much. Bye-bye “Uriah”.

Uriah: Ok. Take care. Have a great day. Bye-bye.

Jeff: Bye-bye.




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