Trump represents the people. By: Amir Khan. One of three guest submissions about Trump and Trumpism.


By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: Amir Khan, is a deep thinker and caring writer for the global 99%, who has his finger on the zeitgeist, even when it takes him in directions he maybe thought would not happen.

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Note before starting: Amir and I got a chance to meet in Beijing and have been good friends and great comrades ever since. A professor in Dalian, China, he has written several books, one for which I interviewed him on the China Rising Radio Sinoland Show ( Amir is a deep thinker and writer who sincerely cares about social and economic justice for the global 99%. He has a knack for keeping his finger on the zeitgeist, even when it takes him in directions he maybe thought would not happen, meaning contrary to his core convictions.

This is especially true for Donald Trump. When fellow socialist and communists are discussing the positive actions and policies that Trump has implemented, or which were blocked by the deep state – efforts that no Republicans, Democrats and Western leaders have the courage to try or back, you know we are living in an aberrated world of hypocrisy, inverted totalitarianism – spewed out by the Big Lie Propaganda Machine (BLPM). For better and for worse, Trump and Trumpism have struck a chord in the minds and hearts of at least half of the United States, making them think and consider, on both the left and the right.

Thus, I tip my hat to Amir for writing his essay below. Enjoy a voyage of discovery. Fake liberals and phony conservatives will be running for the hills.

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Trump Represents the People

Amir Khan

The only one in America who has anything at all that can be construed as the people’s popular mandate to rule is Donald Trump. This is indisputable. Whether or not parliamentary democracies in general are actually capable of representing the people’s will is another argument entirely and not relevant here. The rules of the game are established at the outset. However compromised the people’s will is, has been, or will be (under Biden especially), we will have to proceed. However much the rule of law has been compromised is for each to decide. Though here too we will have to proceed.

How low can you go? How low are you willing to go? Comrades who deny that Trump actually has more of the people’s mandate are suffering from typical Left-wing infantilism, throwing temper tantrums at the prospect of actually backing Trump via the people, whom even Comrades have been told to detest over the past four years. Comrades will deny that they have been taken for a ride; part of infantilism is refusing at all costs to believe that one’s own so-called free choice itself has been manufactured. Democrats suffer from this malady most acutely; but it afflicts Comrades too.

Enough of that. What is going on now is clearly a power play. The Republican party is realizing, albeit rather slowly, that they have been hustled, badly, as one side of the inter-imperial civil war within the capitalist ruling class of America has shifted immensely, titanically, in favor of the Democrats. If one wants to cling to the idea that Trump in fact “hustled” the people who were too dumb to know any better (I do not support this sentiment), then the Democrats were in fact all too happy to let him do it. The Dems had no interest in appealing to the people in any capacity. They instead pitched their tents in the backyards of their donors, including Silicon Valley and Wall St. In the run-up to the 2020 election, the Dems sold-out the people to a vicious and irreversible degree. One begins to feel how much the DNC actually, truly, despises – I mean loathes – the people. At least granting that they have a type of power (if duped correctly) to forward one’s political agenda affords the people some manner of respect and recognition. It is beyond dispute that Trump is willing to bestow on the people (via his popular rallies alone) at least this minimal level of dignity.

After the people’s power as a check to the flagrant crimes of capital, all that remains is the rule of law. America as an institution is fast being hollowed out. Possibly only a carcass remains; this is obvious. But despite that, still standing is a political instrument designed for, and hence in some capacity able to weather, internal domestic maelstroms from extremely hostile and non-democratic forces. Mitch McConnell’s statement that “the Constitution gives no role in this process to wealthy media corporations,” and that the “projections and commentary of the press do not get veto power over the legal rights of any citizen, including the president of the United States” is telling here. The banally obvious import of such a statement is lost on Democrats who wish to remain in hysterical denial.

Furthermore, Devin Nunes has shown that there is a limit to propaganda narratives and corporate malfeasance if only because such powers are not enshrined in the Constitution nor guaranteed by anything within any preamble to any legal document from which fascist corporate domination (I mean the power of capital) can further entrench itself. One can portend the corporate/media powers that called the election wanting to argue that they had a right to do so as “free citizens” under a legal stipulation that recognizes them as legal individuals. At this point, Democrats really will have to face the question: how low will you go? Or perhaps Democrats will simply ignore the stakes, so long as Trump isn’t in the White House. Even Republicans do this (as long as their man is in the White House).

Republicans have two weapons left to counter this hustle. They are not indifferent. They understand that since the DNC has corralled an immense amount of corporate wealth and power behind its own agenda moving forward, the future for the Republicans and its hopes to rule, even if out of spite and not in the people’s interest in any way, are fast diminishing. Checks and balances still exist, i.e., the checks and balances of egos. The need to rebuke Democrats for exercising even the same agenda they believe to be their God-given right to exercise remains deep within the Republican psyche. Republicans understand that Trump is their last chance to hold the White House for the next decade or longer. If he’s gone, so are many Republican hopes. The Republicans will be exposed as losers and money backs winners. Rolling corporate propaganda moving forward will create a wall of misinformation that will be difficult to pierce in future. It must be pierced now.

Trump has the people on his side; future Republican leaders risk obtaining nowhere near fifty percent of American hearts and minds as the Bush-Cheney malingerers, who will no doubt reassert themselves upon Trump’s exit, will lead the Party to possibly forty years or more of wandering and electoral destitution. The people who support Trump will never again fall in line with the Bush-Cheney neo-con (more wars!), especially without an intense and immediate propaganda barrage at quick and easy Republican disposal. The Republicans now have the people as a weapon and for several more weeks upcoming. But it will not remain.

The only other weapon Republicans can wield is the rule of law. How long, or how well, or how tenacious its Senators, legislators, and lawyers can and must be to actually get the law to rule and work in its favor remains to be seen. Possible scenarios exist, though legal battles will be long and drawn-out. Justice Department investigators would be up against a phalanx of legal goons and mercenaries. Dems own the media. Dems have successfully canvassed and won over America’s most prominent and domineering constituents: its corporations. This is what I mean when I say the Republican Party got hustled. Dems spent (meaning Dems received) double what the Republicans spent (received) for Election 2020; the fact that Trump kept it close despite this mother-of-all-contingencies is an astonishing testament to the power of the people to act as a check to the power of capital. For this reason alone, and via the people, Trump deserves a place in the hearts and minds of all Comrades engaged in struggle against the power of capital.

Despite spending massively more (Dems spent 6.9 billion to the Republicans’ 3.8 billion), Dems’ return on investment is zero, with no Blue wave in either the House or Senate, and really, let’s be frank, nothing much to show for in the White House either. The Democrats lost every one of the key swing states on election night. Sleepy Joe and the Democrats could have viably hoped to have fraud put them over the top in one or possibly two of the swing states (George W. only committed massive palpable fraud in Florida alone). But all of them? After spending so much, how could this even be possible? Yet Trump made it possible. And when corporate thugs spend so much money they are, like any Kyle or Karen, perfectly entitled to what they bought and paid for. One begins to discern all around the power and brute-force of capital; an awesome sense-of-entitlement has saturated the news outlets and airwaves since election night. The push to make Biden winner at all costs is the push to insist that one’s defective product is in fact not so bad after all.

The election isn’t over. In the coming weeks, the Republicans will wise up to the fact that they have two weapons left in the battle to assert their right to control the political agenda of the imperial empire. They have the law and they have the people. If Trump exits, they will have only the law, to be further hollowed out and eviscerated by corporate lawyers for many decades to come. William Barr, I believe, understands this scenario very well if only as a threat to law and order. If he has fortitude and gumption to push hard and aggressively enough immediately, the tide can certainly turn. The possibility of Trump regaining the White House remains real. The people and the law pushed to its maximum efficacy together (by self-interested and equally craven Republican scumbags) can defeat a neo-liberal corporatist and globalist agenda. For this reason alone, Trump is a beacon of hope. He deserves the full support of anyone who sides with the people and/or the law against the onslaught of capital.



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