JB West and JB East present: See You In The Hague! #2-Dr. Reiner Fuellmich & His Team Of 1,000 Lawyers & 10,000 Medical Experts Start Nuremberg 2.0 Trial


Dear Friends,

Have faith. Stay strong. I have inspiring, hopeful news.

In addition to the International Criminal Court (ICC) complaint presented by JB East yesterday (https://chinarising.puntopress.com/2022/02/08/jb-west-and-jb-east-present-see-you-in-the-hague-daily-1-legal-actions-regarding-government-misbehavior-are-sprouting-worldwide-220208/), a team of over 1,000 lawyers and over 10,000 medical experts led by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich have begun legal proceedings against the CDC, WHO and the Davos Group for crimes against humanity…

You deserve justice and compensation!



JB West


As always, take the information presented here, research it for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

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