Chris McIlrath,, discusses Australia, China, East Timor, Covid and being a movie producer-director. China Rising Radio Sinoland 220210


By Jeff J. Brown

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It was great having Chris on the show today. We have been in contact for 2-3 years now and I find his life story and career path fascinating. I think you will too. Here is his bio,

Christopher Francis McIlrath, Director

1970: Assistant Editor, Earwig Magazine, Auckland, New Zealand.

1985: Engaged to develop software for the film and TV industry, and subsequently feature film marketing

Re-released Australian classic film “Stone” in Cannes 1988. Successfully negotiated sales in Europe, Asia and South America with Los Angeles agents, Trident Releasing. Later worked as Video Marketing Consultant in Los Angeles, USA. Secretary of Byron Bay Community FM radio, engaged in obtaining broadcast license, and an original station program host.

Chris has produced and directed a number of TV commercials and documentaries. He later acquired the international rights to the documentary “911 In Plane Sight: The Director’s Cut”, which was the top international film exploring the events of September 11, 2001.  Chris arranged the release and extensive screening of that documentary on TV and DVD internationally. Chris served as Chairman of Link TV, the community television broadcast station at Lismore, Australia.

Documentaries —

Chris produced and directed include: An hour with Stan Deyo; Two Hours with Bruce DePalma; WWII German Flying Saucers; Vaccination The Hidden Truth/Untold Story; Globalization – It’s All About Money; I’m Feeling Seditious; Conflicting Conspiracies East Timor.

Established website:

50% interest in TVE broadcast television Timor-Leste

Contact info:


Website:   email: ch***@zn***.tv

Ph/sms: +61-423738602   –  within Australia 0423738602

Ph: Timor-Leste (East Timor) or Whatsapp +67077323351

skype: chrismcilrath

Enjoy a fun and interesting conversation, with Chris walking around his 3,000-macademia-tree farm, trying to keep an internet connection going. No better in France. Mine crashed halfway through the interview. How I miss good broadband in China Thailand!

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