UPDATED: Never forget the US government’s bloody terrorism in Oklahoma City, 27 years ago today. It’s where today’s headlines began. Parts 1 and 2. China Rising Radio Sinoland 220419


By Jeff J. Brown

Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

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Part 1.

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Pictured above: you don’t have to be an engineering genius to see where the two bombs went off inside the Murrah Building, on the left and in the center front. The two bombs that did not detonate and which were removed that morning (caught on local TV film), were in the back and on the right. Just ask yourself: if a truck-loaded ANFO bomb parked at the midpoint of the building right out front blew up, and it would of course go in all directions equally, which is simple laws of physics, then why did it only go to the left, towards 10 o’clock?

Also, where the people are standing at a right angle (like a backward “L”) is where the bomb-laden truck was supposedly parked. Bombs explode in every direction, including down into the ground. The supposed 2,800kg of powerful explosives would have left a huge blast crater 1-2 meters deep. There was no blast crater, because there was no ANFO bomb truck. It all blew up inside the building.

The other obvious proof that there was no ANFO explosion was the total lack of a toxic cloud of carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide, which are the chemical by-products of the process. At least hundreds of the thousands of people in downtown OKC, going to work would have been made sick. There was never a mention of this, because there was no ANFO bomb blown up outside the Murrah Building. Our leaders were prepared to kill a few hundred innocents to test bringing down big buildings, but not the open-ended massacre of who-knows how many uncountable thousands in the area.

Their next test failed to bring down the World Trade Center in 1993. When 9-11 came in 2001, our oligarchs had done their homework and had a cap on the number who would die for American empire, a few thousand martyrs on the altar of obscene, 1% profits. It has all worked like a charm. Since that day, Eurangloland has been conducting Orwellian Perpetual War on global capitalism’s enemies, with no end in sight. Our oligarchs’ crimes against humanity should be taught in all MBA curricula, as a successful business model.

The evidence is staring you in the face, but the Big Lie Propaganda Machine (BLPM) inside the Great Western Firewall (GWF) brainwashes you. The US government blew up the Murrah Federal Building, yet they can make us believe anything, absolutely anything.

One of my greatest regrets was to not realize what a blatant, US government sponsored false flag was the April 19, 1995 destruction of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Two years ago, the whole, sordid, vile deed slapped me in the face and I felt like such an idiot not to have seen it for 22 years. Maybe it was too close to home, where I grew up.

Inside, a day care center full of children was leveled. It’s hard, so very, very hard to admit that our government, or at least significant elements within, pull off a constant stream of false flags to manipulate the citizens and turn them into cowed, fearful, brainwashed sheeple. The evolutionary impulse to survive, both as an individual and in a group (our peers and society), to deny and to compartmentalize manifest evil is overpowering, and it takes great courage and determination to accept the bitter truth.

The human brain has the most amazing capacity to bury cognitive dissonance and this weakness is exploited with violent vengeance, by the West’s deep state. Sadly, false flags ruthlessly work every time, which is why they are committed with frightening regularity. They want to keep us numb, afraid, feeling helpless and powerless, apathetic, obedient to the government and hateful of their targeted enemies. Adolph Hitler summed up the effective power of false flags perfectly,

Part 2.

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This exposé is the fruit of many hundreds of hours of research and reading. It is not even debatable. Case closed. The OKC Federal Building bombing was a US government terrorist act against its own people,

A US government lie exposed – the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. China Rising Radio Sinoland

Pictured above: left, Emmanuel Goldstein, whose name obviously has Jewish connotations, is the fictitious symbol for all the people to hate, in George Orwell’s “1984”. Right, the image of Osama Bin Laden, whose name obviously has Muslim connotations, is a framed up stooge for all the people to hate, in the Western false flag playbook. Different eras, different enemies to dehumanize and hate, with governments using the same exact methodology, to control and manipulate the masses, stripping them of their rights and wealth. Sadly, it works every time.

I remember very clearly the day the Murrah Federal Building was blown up, on April 19, 1995. I grew up in Oklahoma. It’s my childhood and adolescent home, so I obviously have some personal skin in the game. I was living in Beijing at the time. My mother’s job was in the vicinity of the attack, in downtown Oklahoma City (OKC). I was calling home frantically, to make sure she was alright. Turned out nothing happened to her. But a lot happened to the United States that day.

Looking back, we can now see that OKC was a 9-11 warm up, as was the Branch Davidian massacre http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/1999/09/waco-s04.html, exactly one year before this federal building bombing snafu. The citizens need to be psychologically bludgeoned into believing there are enemies everywhere, even on the inside, who look just like they do, so that they will happily renounce their civil and human rights, to be protected by the state. Stealing the people’s wealth comes later, after they’ve been fully softened up with hate and fear.

This is all happening in real time, as you read this, like a movie reel with a predictable outcome. The majority of American people are already conditioned to accept martial law and a fascist, military junta to rule over them, and the percentage of the population who would silently fall in line is growing by the day. The other Western countries in Eurangloland are simply further back on the exact same timeline, following Uncle Sam’s lead, since they are all controlled by the same oil companies, banks, CIA-MI6 complex, transnational corporations, worldwide military Wehrmacht and their marionette mainstream media.

What makes the Oklahoma City bombing so special is that it was a false flag gone wrong. As you can watch in the videos below, there were two other bombs already planted inside the building that failed to go off. It was clear that the intent was to level the building to the ground and kill every person inside, including all the children in the daycare center, not just the 168 hapless victims who perished. But only two of the four bombs detonated.

What is also clear is that it was a US government inside job. You don’t walk into any federal building as you please. They are as heavily guarded, access controlled and monitored as the White House and Congress. Only badge carrying G-men could have planned the attack and planted all the explosives.

The OKC false flag is incredibly unique because it did not go as planned. The Murrah Building was only partially destroyed. The masterminds in Washington, DC (WDC) were expecting a total wipeout of the place, with no evidence left behind, like 9/11. Please take 45 minutes to watch the Video #1 documentary. What is clear is that until the bad guys on the Potomac could fly to OKC and start their brainwashing propaganda, the local press had a precious window of freedom to report the facts, about three hours, the time it takes to fly from WDC to OKC.

During that time, unmanipulated, unintimidated journalists presented the truth: 1) there were two much bigger bombs removed from the Murrah Building, by the County Sheriff’s bomb removal squad, 2) all four bombs that were used in the attack were very sophisticated and would require experts to make and use. 3) there were no reports of asphyxiating, toxic gas in the atmosphere, which would have made the bomb site inaccessible for an extended period of time, until it cleared out, if an ANFO bomb had been used, as later reported. Instead, the place was crawling with Alcohol, Firearm and Tobacco (AFT) and other federal agents within minutes of the attack. Why weren’t they inside in their offices, when the explosion happened? All the deep state federal bureaus that were in the know about the pending massacre kept their children home that day. Wow, what a coincidence! Same thing happened at 9/11.

Miracle of miracles, Timothy McVeigh was arrested hours after the explosion and later executed. There are two perfect stooges in every false flag: the poor dupe who is framed and the masses of citizens who lap it all up like thirsty animals.

And then, the evil ones from Washington arrived and BAM!, the truth that was reported for five hours was expunged down the Orwellian Memory Hole and VOILA!, it was all caused by a rental truck full of fertilizer parked out front. These very same reporters, who one minute were telling the truth, suddenly came on after an ad and started lying to the nation, with the CIA’s propaganda brainwash script in hand, reading their lines like obedient automatons. By the end of the day, a predictable sacrificial dupe, this time, outcast and loner Timothy McVeigh, was framed for a government job done badly.

The rest is history, because it works. Sadly, it works every time, which is why Western governments pull off nonstop false flags, to manipulate, control and instill constant fear of bogus enemies, who supposedly wish evil acts upon the citizens, when it is in fact their very own governments doing all the evil and slaughtering their own citizens. The ultimate goal is to rule the country by a fascist junta, while conducting perpetual wars overseas for control of others’ natural and human resources. US citizens are already way more than halfway there.

OKC was a perfect, lucid window into how easy it is for our Western governments, using powerful, pervasive, controlled, supposedly “free” mass media, to completely brainwash us and make us believe anything they want. Absolutely anything.

You have been informed. But do you have the courage to speak up? 99.8% of the masses just shut the fug up and go shopping. Charge it, please. I don’t have any credit cards and have regained my dignity and self-esteem as a citizen of Planet Earth. But it’s hard, really hard to cross that Rubicon of Truth and Enlightenment. It took me most of my life. It’s much, much easier to just get a third helping at the all-you-can-eat buffet and watch an advertised-soaked sports program. Go along to get along, including all those television journalists and reporters who read what they were told to report. Again, I can empathize, because I’ve been there before, standing in the buffet line.

And if you start asking questions, you get threatened or lose your life. In Video #2 below, an OKC CPA, who lost two grandchildren in the bombing, was helping out in an independent investigation. He gets a phone call from the FBI asking if he knows where his son is. The message is implicit: they know where he is and his son could be next. Keep on pushing and if you start getting significant attention, you can end up in the obituaries. An extraordinarily high number of OKC first responders, witnesses and investigators have led shortened lives, via inexplicable “suicides”, “heart attacks” and “accidents” http://www.the-office.com/okc-witnesses.htm and http://rense.com/general10/kc.htm

Much much easier to sit on your sofa, eating a Double Whopper or Big Mac, while following the NCAA Basketball Championship brackets, that you and your buddies filled out and are following. Need to keep your (often crappy) job too. As Upton Sinclair so truthfully said,

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.

This also answers another common refrain, “If this is all true, then why don’t they pull all these videos and articles off the internet”? The fact of the matter is they routinely do. While writing my book, China Rising- Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations, after publication, several of the hyperlinks cited were already “404”. In writing this article, I found a few dead links.

Our owners know full well that 99.8% of the citizens will read this, yawn, say, “Naw, it can’t be true, my government would never do something like that”, go into psychological, survival denial, then head to the shopping mall, frig or TV remote. But, when this same government declares martial law and starts ruling by military junta (officially called Continuation of Government, which was actually tested and used for 24 hours after 9-11 http://projectcensored.org/american-deep-state-interview-peter-dale-scott-project-censored-show-pacifica-radio/), then Google will have a whole bunch of servers to sell, for lack of all the YouTube videos that have been expunged.

Our governments even brag about fooling and controlling their citizens with false flags, knowing they can count on the same mall-frig-remote refrain http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/02/41-admitted-false-flag-attacks.html. Works every time.

As usual, millions of truth-telling videos are being removed from YouTube, including mine. Luckily, when writing Book #2 of The China Trilogy, China Rising, I got in the habit of downloading them. Here they are below with explanations, or I saved them on the cloud, if you’d like to download them,

Oklahoma City 1995 Murrah Building US government false flag

Video #1: the first 45 minutes show what really happened that morning, in Oklahoma City. First the truth, then in the time it took the Washington brainwash propaganda team to fly out, the bogus story was implanted into our consciousness, and forevermore, we have all been duped into accepting a mirage. The last one hour is a filmed testimony of a Murrah Building federal employee. She details what she saw happening in the preceding weeks of preparation for the false flag, as well as what transpired that morning.

Video #2: for those who want more details, there is surprisingly little overlap to the above Video #1. It is a real grassroots, populist investigation, with obvious conclusions. It’s our own government, stupid!

Video #3: this is a short, 10-minute exposé of some of the recent tricks of the CIA trade, to brainwash Westerners, with the most amateurish propaganda, to get them to hate perceived enemies of the people, like Muslims. Sadly, with the mass media taking the perpetrators’ orders, it works like a memory loss drug. You can only recall what they want you to remember.

Video #4: here is an outtake from the movie “1984”, based on George Orwell’s prophetic, dystopian novel of the same name. I appreciate that no one likes to have it pointed out to them, but that’s you, out in the audience, screaming like crazed animals, full of hate-filled fear, for a government created, non-existent enemy. You are ready to go to war to fight this mirage, ready to die for this hollow, trumped up cause, and you are begging your leaders to strip you of your civil rights, your human dignity, and eventually your wealth, all to keep you safe from a fictitious, propaganda- and false flag created hologram.

Works every time.

PS: an observant fan, Dave Brown, wrote to me saying that maybe the timeline for the US government’s propaganda for “domestic terrorists” should go back to the federal agents’ murder of Randy Weaver’s family, in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, on August 22, 1992. Good point.


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