TRANSCRIPT: Canadian Patriot’s Cynthia Chung and Matt Ehret host Jeff J. Brown-The Ugly Truth of US WMD Biowarfare in Ukraine and Beyond. China Rising Radio Sinoland 220518


By Jeff J. Brown


Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

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Canadian Patriot’s Cynthia Chung and Matt Ehret host Jeff J. Brown-The Ugly Truth of US WMD Biowarfare in Ukraine and Beyond. China Rising Radio Sinoland 220311


It is always a pleasure to discuss important issues with Cynthia and Matt, as we have interviewed each other on several occasions,

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In this Canadian Patriot Podcast, Matt and Cynthia talk to Jeff J Brown, author, co-founder of the Bioweapon Truth Commission and the curator of of its Global Online Library (BWTC-GOL – During this interview Jeff provides an overview of biowarfare in the 20th century from the dark days of WWI to the Pentagon’s acquisition of Unit 731 Japanese biological warfare specialists in the wake of WWII. Examples of US/UK abuses of biological warfare in defiance of international laws is also discussed leading us into the heated topic of today’s 13+ Pentagon-managed biolabs in Ukraine which have been a cause of major concern for Russian leadership for years. Jeff additionally takes us through China’s similar concerns with US biolabs littered throughout Asia and much of Africa.

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Matt Ehret (Host): Welcome everyone to a Canadian Patriot podcast where Cynthia and I are joined today with Jeff Brown, our good friend and host of a variety of things, especially the China Rising Radio Sinoland podcast, the China Tech News Flash. Jeff is the author of multiple books which are all available on his site. There’s going to be a link in the description box, but most importantly, the reason why we were really happy to have Jeff on today with everything going on right now, you know, in terms of what’s going on in Ukraine, that’s in everybody’s field of vision being bombarded 24/7 with a lot of misinformation.  

There’s a lot to unpack that deals with something that is often overlooked. And Jeff is the co-founder of the Bioweapons Truth Commission and the curator of the global online library associated with that commission. He’s done an enormous amount of work on the issue of biowarfare, historic and as well, obviously in the present. So, who better to have on and to just talk a little bit about this important topic but Jeff? So, Jeff, thank you for coming on today. 

Jeff J. Brown (Guest): Well, thank you. And I’m not blowing smoke up your all’s backsides. I really do admire and respect the work you all do. It’s really impressive and you all do stuff I just can’t do. And so, you all just to be able to talk with you. The two of you is a humble honour for me. So, thank you very much. 

Matt: Hi, Jeff. And I think we all have talents to bring to a symphony and that’s what’s so great. We all have an instrument to play. And I think overall there’s a higher unifying theme that we’re all aiming at, which involves a just world that we believe is possible. We are committed to morally. And that’s why we like you so much, Jeff. You’re just consistent. And one thing about your recent video we’re just watching the other day your recent production, a very short video, but still a good, comprehensive overview of something regarding the U.S. bioweapons labs.  

Russia invaded Ukraine. I mean, I’m using the same language here, but they’re Russian militarily intervened finally, after years and years of provocations on their border. Obviously, NATO has been encroaching increasingly with the intention of wrapping up a program of full spectrum dominance around Russia’s perimeter. China is facing the same thing in its own backyard. Finally, after setting so many red lines in place, offering some chances of diplomatic escape… 

Jeff: It’s unreal. 

Matt: They decided, okay, enough is enough. It’s obviously going in one direction. And they basically put brought a lot of the shadow creatures to the surface by simply saying, we’re going to be notified or you militarize. And a big part of that campaign involved also attacks on certain areas that are hosts host areas within Ukraine to Pentagon, Department of Defence, DARPA Bioweapons Connected Laboratories. I was hoping you could say, what is this? What are these? 

Jeff: Well, you know this, first off, this the hardest part about bioweapons for Westerners is denial. And one of the reasons that we started the Bioweapon Truth Commission and some fabulous people involved is that it is such an important aspect of Western imperial history. And it actually we actually start back in World War One with chemical weapons because it was the French and then the Germans and then the British.  

And then after the Germans were conquered, then the French and the British, who were using massive amounts of chemical weapons even during the Russian Revolution, against Lenin and Company. Then we jump to the nineteen thirties and the Japanese with Unit-731 and Harbin and they killed experimented with biological weapons on. They killed somewhere between 200 and 300000 Chinese. Between nineteen thirty-seven and nineteen forty-five, dropping ceramic and expandable bombs full of insects, full of anthrax and black plague.  

And everything you can think of as far south as Ningbo, which is just north of Shanghai. Harbin is up on the Russian border. They also and what was so horrific is and I’m sorry about the. But until you understand the history, at least a brief resume of the history, it’s difficult to conceive that the West would do something like this. But for now, over 100 years then, when the Japanese got surrendered to the Chinese in nineteen forty-five the Americans took the top echelon of Unit-731, which we’re doing vivisection horrific crimes against humanity, I mean, unbelievable poisoning, you know, hundreds of thousands of people biological, you know, bacterial production, et cetera.  

Instead of sending those guys to. The International Criminal Court, the United States kept them the United States took all the leadership of Unit-731 and including Ichiro, the brains behind the whole operation, eight thousand microscope slides of tissues etc. Thousands and thousands and thousands of pages and photographs spirited them off to the United States, to Fort Detrick in Maryland, which is the biggest bioweapon weapon of mass destruction bioweapon laboratory in the world, along with the UK’s Porton Down.  

And so, a few of the Japanese did get tried, the lower echelon people in Unit-731 did get tried in Khabarovsk. There was a trial in nineteen fifty and 15 or 20 of them got tried and hung and or long prison sentences by the Soviets. But they basically the United States took the unit-731 playbook and just kept going.  

And then in nineteen fifty right after nineteen forty-nine, you know, from nineteen forty-five to nineteen fifty, the United States was using the Japanese scientists to basically develop Fort Detrick into the world’s most important biological weapon, weapons of mass destruction of place. And it’s just it’s right outside of Washington, DC. The CDC, the NIH and Fort Detrick are all right next to each other. I wonder why. And that’s not a coincidence, because they’re all military.  

And so then in nineteen fifty, the Korean War and so the United States was getting their clocks cleaned by those pesky commies. You know, and so they got desperate. And so, in fifty-one and fifty-two, the United States took the unit-731, the technology they had and the evidence is overwhelming, overwhelming that the United States used biological warfare on the Chinese and the North Koreans. And that’s why that’s one of the reasons we started the Bioweapon Truth Commission, as when Godfree Roberts actually found Joseph Needham’s International Scientific Commission report on the North Korean, on the US bioweapon use.  

And that kind of got us going and it’s available for free on the website. And so ever since then, the United States has not stopped to the point that all during the 50s, 60s, 70s, a gentleman named Leonard A. Cole, a military officer. I mean, this is not some, you know, pinko, pinko sympathizer. He wrote a book, “Clouds of Secrecy”. And he documented the United States experimenting on eight hundred thousand of its own citizens in the United States using bioweapons. 

Matt: Is this in regards to things like Tuskegee or is this other? 

Jeff: Well, Tuskegee was syphilis. I don’t know. We’re talking chemical. We’re talking about biological weapons dispersing them over cities and metros over San Francisco. No, we’re talking bioarms on their own citizens. And then so China, because of the Korean experience, was very they knew what to do when they were hit with bio weapons. And so, when COVID came out, they were ready in. Of course, you know, whether people out there want to disagree with me, we know it’s an absolute slam dunk.  

It is also a bioweapon. And it was planted in China in hopes of crippling it. But the Chinese were so good at doing what they do. They went into war mode with COVID and whether you disagree with them or not, they feel like they have to contain COVID and any other outbreak because they have to assume that it’s the United States trying to trying to attack them. All during twenty seventeen and twenty-twenty, massive numbers of swine flu and avian flu outbreaks all over China.  

There were documents documented evidence of drones flying over farms and dropping packets of bacteria and viruses on farms all-over China. So, they know what’s going on. The United States has never stopped. They also attacked Cuba with insects. There’s a book called I just want to make sure I get it right. Oh yeah, “Six legged soldiers”, six legged soldiers that he talks about how at least 10 or 12 times the United States has flown insects, pests, you know, that kill the crops and eat crops and infect animals. 

Cynthia Chung (Host): Just quickly, I wanted to add because we read the Darlena report from four years ago.  

Jeff: Yeah, yeah.  

Cynthia: Which will also include in the description box. But she had a Pentagon report where she was saying the Pentagon actually said how to kill something like six hundred and thirty thousand people for the lowest price. And they calculated that with this particular insect infestation, one insect could kill a person for 29 cents a cost.  

Jeff: There you go, Bean counters. 

Cynthia: Not even for an enemy, it’s just like to reduce numbers. 

Jeff: So, all the problems with, you know, with, what was it? Naughty. Was it Ebola anyway? Hundreds of Cubans were infected. I think it may have been Ebola. And then all these exotic diseases that have never shown up in North America or South America, they’re all from Africa and Asia. All of a sudden, you know, Cuba’s getting them left and right. And there’s a book on the Bioweapon Bioweapons Commission to look up Arial Alonzo Perez. Perez, he’s a writer, and he donated his book in English to the Bioweapon Truth Commission called Biological Warfare on Cuba. And It’s for free. It’s a PDF. You can download it.  

He documents the whole thing. So, it is so hard for Westerners to accept this. These are war crimes and the United States. These are grotesque crimes against humanity, but to about what I call the Big Lie propaganda machine is so powerful and they deflect this on their enemies. You know, the I just saw a video where people, you know, Americans in the Ukraine at the embassy are blaming Russia for the biological warfare centres that were in the Ukraine. I hope the Russians have destroyed them by now. The U.S. weapons of mass destruction biological warfare, there’s at least 13 of them in the Ukraine.  

Matt: Yeah.  

Jeff: And so, we don’t stop. They have centres across Africa. They have a centre in the Philippines. And why these countries allow this to happen. And they all tend to be concentrated, you know, around Russia and around China, as well as Africa. 

Cynthia: And I want to just add for the audience, too, because there’s so much information in all of this. And you know, we as well didn’t know very much and we just read up basically, you know, your work and also Dilyana’s article. And that was already quite a bit of information. But it was interesting to note that it’s against international law to have to use biomedical weapons. But the United States is apparently not a part of that. So, for anyone who thinks that this is all very exaggerated and dramatized, I would ask them Why is the United States not legally beholden to not using biological weapons if they don’t intend on using biological weapons? 

Jeff: The United States was one of the founding signatories of the Biological Weapon Convention with the United Nations, but the United States doesn’t respect any law. 

Matt: Well, I think yeah, that’s the thing, right? The act that Francis Boyle helped draft, or maybe he was the lead author on from 1972. The U.S. did sign on to that. But yeah, they just abrogate completely all of that, you know, and consistently for the past 50 years. But then there’s the other thing that Dilyana pointed out which was this other article of Rome Statute in the International Criminal Court on biological weapons and experiments as war crimes. That’s what they chose not to participate in, just to clarify for people listening and who might be a bit confused. The U.S. did not participate in that at all. 

Jeff: Go ahead, go ahead, Matt, I’m sorry. 

Matt: No, no, it’s fine. You brought up the Chinese how concerned that they’ve been. And it’s true. Like we’ve been following the Chinese response since the very earliest stages of this whole pandemic. And very early on, we had the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, who is already sending out articles by Larry Romanov warning that had been published, I believe, on global research for two years ago, just warning about the targeted gene warfare that had been already openly used and talked about by the United States, even in the project for a new American century document. 

Jeff: Yeah, the Phoenix bio warfare. That’s what I wrote an article and probably we both wrote an article about it. So, the bio warfare is a valid opportunity to destroy our enemies. 

Matt: Literally, the quote I have here from it is the rebuilding American defences by people like Kristol and Wolfowitz. Combat will likely take place. This is the year 2000 combat will likely take place in new dimensions in space, cyberspace and perhaps the world of microbes. Advanced forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool. 

Jeff: Yeah, love it. You got to like it. 

Matt: They’re just so open. 

Jeff: I know well and they’re so open. I want people to know because I’ve had actually people contact me and say, Jeff. But that can’t be true because I saw on Snopes that there are no viable American bio labs in Ukraine. And, you know, and so I was able to get from the U.S. embassy website in Kiev, they actually have a whole section on quote biological. I forget what they call it, biological development or whatever. And it’s this Orwellian doublespeak. It’s just unbelievable. But they’re researching hantavirus and avian flu and swine flu.  

You know, in one of the most productive agricultural areas in the world. And so, before they scrubbed the website 14 Pdf documents were downloaded and showed and lists all of the bioweapon laboratories in Ukraine that were on the American embassy website. So, if anybody wants to tell me that this is not true, all you have to do, I mean, one of the problems with the global online library with the bioweapon Christmas is so vast. Where do you start? And it’s just it’s, you know, it’s the largest collection in the world. And but just doing a little research on Dilyana Gaytandzheiva, she’s just amazing.  

And I just got a link today where she has done more research showing evidence. I don’t know how she gets this stuff, you know, official documents. She’s an incredible investigative journalist who takes her life into her own hands, you know, in Georgia and Ukraine. Yeah. Did you all know that the big the biggest bio weapon lab in Georgia is called the Richard Lugar Biological Research Center. Richard Lugar was a U.S. senator from Indiana. I think it was. I mean, it’s just so obvious. So, any way they scrubbed those 14 documents, 13 or 14 documents off of the U.S. embassy and I’m going to post them tomorrow. 

Matt: That’s good, because yeah, before our interview, I just did a little Google search just on bio labs Ukraine, just to prepare the mind a little bit for a chat. And yet page after page only fact checkers have jumped on this thing, trying to convince everybody to turn their minds off. There’s nothing to see here. Go back to sleep and the amount of effort that they’re putting in to try to brush away when the evidence is completely to the contrary. Thank you for putting that on your index. 

Jeff: I will post tomorrow. 

Cynthia: It’s important for people to know like why are all of these biological labs in these certain areas of the world? Because I know again reading up on this last night that, for instance, the Georgia situation, there’s a special contract because these biolabs don’t. They’re sort of like a private company entity so that Congress can’t hold them accountable. But the United States also has a special agreement with the Georgian government so that these private companies have diplomatic immunity so that they can do whatever they want, and they again fall out of another, you know, loophole of legalities. I mean, honestly. 

Jeff: They said they subcontract to these well American Western companies who are, you know, basically, you know, they’re war criminals. They have sold their souls; they have sold their souls to the devil and the Georgians and the Ukrainians have no say whatsoever what goes on in those labs. People around Dilyana has, and I’ll spell her name out Dilyana so you can find her on my website and she’s just Google “Dilyana”, she’s just done some amazing work.  

I interviewed her a long time ago and we’ve been stayed in touch, the people around these labs die, the local populations die, the laboratories in Sierra Leone and Liberia, where they’re developing, you know, Zika and Ebola. Ebola is patented by the U.S. military. Zika is patented by the Rockefeller Foundation. Lyme disease was created on Plum Island in New York. You know, by, you know, DARPA, I mean, this is what they do. This is what they do. And so, Ebola breaks out. Are you trying to tell me that, they just happened to have an Ebola breakout, you know, in Sierra Leone and Liberia? Now they’re testing, they’re tweaking it and testing it. 

Cynthia: And that’s where their bio labs are to. 

Jeff: Where it happens right around the bio labs in Sierra Leone and Liberia. And then I think it’s Guinea Bissau. There are three countries in West Africa that’s where all the Zika, you know, HIV, all that was developed there. H1n1, all these bugs are bioweapons. They’re all hardened and they do it to drive vaccine sales, and they do it to try to harm countries like Iran and China and Russia, we, you know, the ICC should be, you know, charging, you know, European leaders and Western and North American leaders with war crimes, with bioweapons.  

But again, the Big Lie propaganda machine is so darn effective. I mean, it’s just it’s like a tsunami and it just brainwashes the world. And they’re really good at this bearnaise. And you all are big fans of Edward Bernays like me. Not fans but we know who he was. And if this Bernays and mass, you know, mass hysteria in this Bernays and mass psychology is just so frighteningly effective and people are just intellectually lazy. Oh, Snopes said, there’s no bioweapons labs in Ukraine. Honey Pass the salt, please. You know, that’s it. You know, what are we having for dinner tomorrow? 

Matt: You know what I find so interesting psychologically in this whole thing is that the way they justify these unjustifiable insane acts in terms of just creating countless different variants in laboratories of different types of diseases that they then patent? How do they justify that? Well, their argument on one level is for the completely naive where they’ll say, oh, but you know, anything could evolve in nature, so we have to be ready for anything. And so, we have to produce everything to prepare us for. Let’s say we need to make a vaccine so we can only make a vaccine we already have everything we. 

Cynthia: By the way that’s the exact same logic they use for nuclear deterrence. 

Matt: It’s going to bring it up. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. The enemy can always produce some bio weapon against us, so we have to be prepared by making even more bioweapons that might be produced maybe in hypothetical computer models that can go on infinitely. And like you just said, yeah, that’s exactly what drove the insanity of the entire Cold War and build-up of nuclear weapons was the idea that you wrote about this, Cynthia so eloquently for the last few months is the idea that the Soviet Union may possibly in some scenarios, build all of these other nuclear bombs. So, we should do even more of that. And it’s all computer modelers. There’s no bearing in reality anywhere, but people fall for it because they’re in this psychological fear state, right? That’s the whole Freudian. 

Jeff: Well, there everybody’s brainwashed. I call it behind the Great Western Firewall. You know, I find a taxi driver. I lived and worked with the Chinese for 16 years, and I find a Chinese waitress or a Chinese taxi driver much, much more informed about world events and world affairs and geopolitics than some liberal guy who got a BA and whatever at a university in the United States.  

I mean, I have become so disenchanted with, you know, with leftists and liberals and these cardboard progressives. And they’re the worst. They’re the worst. And anyway, I just I know it’s hard to do, but for the fans out there, just go to the I’ve got hundreds of articles and stuff that I can’t even find the time to upload and update it, but it’s already so massive. It’s like it’s just, you know, it’s just, you know, cherries on the cake. But COVID, I need to add a bunch more stuff.  

And James Bradley and I are, you know, doing this, you know, JB West and JB East, you know, present see you in The Hague because of COVID and so COVID, as it was before this, it was before this, it was H1N1 and before this, it was Lyme disease. And before this it was Zika. And before this it was Ebola. And before this it was whatever. You know, it’s just the latest. It’s just the latest, you know, bioweapon produced by the United States and Porton Down is also heavily involved in the U.K.  

Cynthia: Which was involved with the Skripal.  

Jeff: Well, of course. Well, they got poisoned just a kilometre away. Oh, what a coincidence. 

Cynthia: And maybe also, I don’t know if I may be understood you correctly, but in your video, when you were talking about the bioweapon labs in Ukraine, did you mention that they’re also dumping talk? 

Jeff: Yeah, yeah. The European Union has used Ukraine since they got their quote independence. And in 1990, they have used Ukraine as a dumping ground for banned and expired chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, et cetera. And they I put the link in there. There are an estimated 4000 toxic depots of chemicals, and it’s like a love canal. Remember Love Canal in New York? It’s like Love Canal for a thousand times.  

Matt: Wow.  

Jeff: And, you know, banned, you know, banned chemicals and that got banned in the EU. They just trucked them and trained them down to Ukraine. And so, all those billionaire plutocrats, you know, that, you know, disdain their Ukrainian people, they just dumped them wherever they could. So now not only are there. Well, I think obviously the Russians are going to get rid of these darn these 13, 14, whatever biological. And I always want to say weapons of mass destruction because bio weapons are weapons of mass destruction. And so, I hope they get rid of them. Unfortunate, there’s about eight of them to the to the west of Kiev, so I don’t know what they’re going to do about those or will they use precision missiles to take them out. 

Matt: Well, I mean, the thing that Cynthia and I were concerned about is, you know, just talking about, well, if they do target, how do you dismantle a bioweapons laboratory safely? Because it seems to me that if you just go and blow it up knowing the take keep the inside of it, that’s probably not always the best. 

Jeff: I know, that’s the problem. You would need you would almost need to just go in and just use like just basically drop napalm on it, you know, and just burn it to the ground with napalm. That’s the only I can think of to kill all the viruses. But I suspect what they will do is they will at least go into some of them and see what the heck’s going on. And of course, the Russians have biological, you know, level four biological labs.  

And so, they’ll have the experts to go in and know how to handle this stuff. So, I’m sure at least the ones that they can get their hands on, the ones that ringed, you know, eastern Ukraine. I’m sure they will go in and been in just care those things apart and see what they can find. But why don’t the Russians maybe do a display of this and show it at the U.N. They should. 

Matt: Well, I think that would be the most logical next step after they can bring some stability to the situation is to start really doing an educational process in the U.N. and wherever else to really bring light to the nature of these different Nazi traditions on so many levels that have been deployed and infest, not just Ukraine, but really the entire Western world. And I mean, we’ve all read the reports and we know the stories of the second third generation neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine.  

We know the story of the Nazi stay behinds of Operation Gladio, one of the CIA and MI6 and NATO in the 1950s and beyond. We know a lot about these things. You just brought up another dimension to this regarding the Japanese fascist biological warfare divisions of the court into the U.S. military industrial complex. That’s another component. You know, people think about the Mengele thing being absorbed, but they don’t think about the Japanese aspect. That’s another dimension to this whole thing. But this has to be really, I think, brought to the surface finally. 

Jeff: Something’s got to happen.  

Matt: Yeah, absolutely.  

Jeff: Something’s got to happen. Well, all I can do is do what I’m doing, writing, and reporting, and you all are writing and reporting and I’ve got the biological, you know, we’ve got the global online library and we’ve definitely there’s a couple of people out, you know, there’s a couple of people the biological weapon deniers for Korea that we’ve basically just destroyed their arguments and their flimsy tin dishes, you know, evidence, you know, which was a fake and obviously faked. And so, we have done some good and over fifty thousand people have accessed the library. So, it has done some. It is something that I take some humble pride in and something that I can smile about as I take my last breath. 

Matt: Definitely, and schools, universities, researchers. 

Jeff: Yeah, yeah. 

Matt: And it all sorts of nonlinear effects with that type of resource you’ve created. So, we’re going to make sure that that link is there available so everyone can access that, that library in the description to this video. And yeah, I think you’ve done a very good thing by putting that together. Jeff, a really, I mean, that’s a vital resource. And if anybody wants to buy your books, wants to subscribe to your podcast, make a donation, to help your work, because you’re entirely people funded, that is all very easily accessible in the link on your website, which we will also include. I highly encourage people to do that. 

Jeff: And my 16 years in China. Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  

Matt: Thank you Jeff for you time and elucidating some important mysteries for people that I think need to be made clear in the minds that we know what the terms of the historic game are and what’s do to get out of this fire which is something that can be done, but we really have to know that misinformation. 

Jeff: And it has not stopped. I mean, America is the leader Porton Down. It’s just kind of the tail on the dog in Britain. But it has not stopped and the United States is the weapon of mass destruction. Well, not World War One, but since World War Two, the United States is the, you know, King Kong of WMD, you know, bioweapon development. And as I said in my article, it’s estimated that the American taxpayers have spent $100 billion in the last seventy-five years developing creatures to wipe out humanity. So, we’ve got to keep after it. So, you guys are doing a wonderful job. I love getting your all Substack stuff and I love getting your articles and so keep up the good work. And will we always stay in touch. 

Matt: Absolutely, Jeff. 

Jeff: And if France will let my, my wife and me come back to the United States because right now with the you know what I call the Nazi past the vaccine, I call it the Nazi past. We can’t get back into well, no, even Florence can’t. She does not have an American passport, so she would have to be vaccinated to get into the U.S. I could use my American passport to get into the U.S., but even with our French passports, I’m a dual national.  

Even with our French passports, the French right now would force us to get the MRSA injections to come back to the United States. And we want to go back to see our first grandchild in June who’s been giving being born in June in Oklahoma. And I would love to come up and visit you all in Montreal. But again maybe the Canadians would force us to get injected. I don’t know. 

Matt: Oh, most certainly. Most certainly. Yeah. 

Jeff: We’ll meet at Niagara Falls. 

Matt: We have to across the border. Yeah. Great. All right. Well, hopefully the great game does change, and I think it is changing right as we speak and as we live. So, who knows what the next year holds and beyond? But I think that everything that we have known and have been comfortable with for the past decades is going to change very drastically, either for very, very good or very, very bad. We don’t know, but it’s going to change. So, we’ll see. 

Jeff: All right. Thanks a lot. Send me the video, and I will definitely blast it out to my section of the world.  

Matt: Yes, sir.  

Jeff: Bye, bye.  

Matt: All right.  

Jeff: Cheers. 


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Wechat group: search the phone number +8619806711824 or my ID, Mr_Professor_Brown, friend request and ask Jeff to join the China Rising Radio Sinoland Wechat group. He will add you as a member, so you can join in the ongoing discussion.

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