TRANSCRIPT: Evidence in Ukraine is piling up against Westerners for the anticipated Moscow War Crime Trials. JB West and JB East Present: See You in the Hague! #21T

Pictured above: one of the seven summary slides presented by Russia as evidence of Western war crimes in Ukraine, all available below to download.


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Evidence in Ukraine is piling up against Westerners for the anticipated Moscow War Crime Trials. JB West and JB East Present: See You in the Hague! #21


James Bradley: Hello, I am JB East with JB West. The reason that we are JB East and JB West is because Jeff Brown out there in Normandy. JB West was born in 1954, and so was, I with the same age we are both authors. We have so much in common. We been all around the world. I’m James Bradley. I am JB East. I have been in 21 countries by the time I was 21 and Jeff was hitchhiking across China in his fifties.

And we are here JB East and JB West to just observe the world. Now today’s title is “Moscow has the evidence”. And I’ve just wonna say before Jeff takes over because Jeff has done an unbelievable job getting this evidence that I found that some friends think that just because we’re talking about what Moscow has, we are Putin apologists.

I’ve seen this criticism and I’ll tell you, we’re just we’re looking for facts of these, you know, could be all propaganda. They could be true but we’re going to keep looking for the facts until we get to trial. Now what Jeff is going to talk about, he is I’m going to mute and I think James Bradley JB East is all done on this end and Jeff you talking to me and you take over and tell us a very interesting story, please.

Jeff J. Brown: Well, thank you. James. First off. I think we need to know who we’re dealing with. We’re dealing with the Russians. Yes, they are very famous on the battlefield for being deceitful and using Sun Zi’s Art of War in the Thirty-Six Stratagems of War. In fact, there was even a book written about how the Russians drove the Germans absolutely, stir crazy during World War II, with all of their feints and bluffs and trickery and they really had the Germans running around in circles, that’s on the battlefield.

We are talking now about diplomacy and statecraft. And when it comes to diplomacy the Russians shoot straight. They do not bluff. When Joseph Stalin said he was going to do something, he would do it. If Putin says he won’t do something, he’s not going to do it and they do not apply The Art of War and the Thirty-Six Stratagems of War, these two great Chinese works in their diplomacy. No, they shoot straight.

So, James and I came across all this information, that the Russian Ministry of defense is releasing about war crimes in Ukraine, with the Russians naming names, pictures, etc. I think we can take it to the bank that they have the evidence that they need to hold war crime trials. We need to understand that this is not just a bluff. We already had representatives from the Russian federal government.

We already have representatives from the Russian Duma which is the lower House of their legislature. Saying that they and also the Ministry of Defense saying, we are going to bring these people to justice. So, this is really serious, you know, James and we had a declaration of war crime for the covid pandemic and the complaint that was brought before The Hague against Moderna, Gates, Rockefeller, Boris Johnson and others, Tedros from WHO etcetera, but that may not see the light of day.

Because The Hague is unfortunately, very, very, very political, but the Russians will not be beholden to The Hague and can conduct their own war trials. I would say, probably likely in Moscow. So, James and I came across all this evidence that has been revealed after the Russians were able to get into some of the 31 WMD bioweapon labs that the US military has been managing since 2005, and it’s really, really shocking.

We need to go back a little bit about who the main player is or the main puppeteer is for the United States for the 331 or 332 WMD bioweapons lab strewn all over the world, and they happen to be very close to China, and Russia, and Iran. And all of the enemies, all the West’s many enemies around the world tend to have bioweapon labs close by and it is known. It is managed by what is euphemistically called the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency, DTRA.

As far as I’m concerned, it should be called the US Offensive Threat Advancement Agency, Attack Agency, because they are managing these military labs, Department of Defense labs all over the world, supposedly to protect Americans from bioweapon attacks. But in fact, as the Russians are exposing for the first time with hard evidence, they are not defensive, they are offensive.

I think, we also need to understand that a lot of people don’t realize, we’re going to be mentioning things like see the CDC, the Center for Disease Control in the United States is also one of the actors we see.

We need to understand that the CDC and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the 22 Institutes of Health in the United States including NIAID, which is the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases, which is headed by none other than Anthony Fauci. The NIH and the CDC were born from the US Army, and they are still an integral part of the US Army, they are controlled by the US military. In facts, the head of the CDC is a military guy, Redfield.

So, the Head of DTRA, this supposed a Defense Threat Reduction Agency is Dr. Robert C. Pope and he is, of course, trying to dispel the evidence, the unassailable evidence that the Russians are bringing forth to the world and calling it typical, you know, quote, “Soviet propaganda’, and all of us who are listening to this program today or watching the video version need to understand that we’ve got to get over this idea that just because a country is communist or socialist or anti-imperialist that anything that they say or do is a lie.

We’ve got to get over this because we Westerners only represent 15% of the world’s people in that leaves 85%, you know, 6.5 billion of the seven point, something billion around the world who have their perspective on how the world looks and works. And by simply saying, you know, communist propaganda or Chinese propaganda. We are literally shooting ourselves in the foot.

James: Jeff, jeff.

Jeff: Go ahead. Go ahead, go ahead.

James: Can I ask you a question?

Jeff: Sure.

James: So, what’s the evidence?

Jeff: What has happened is that the Russians have gotten into these WMD bioweapon labs and have found lots and lots of documents. For example, DTRA says that they are working, you know, on human infections like measles and hepatitis and polio and HIV etcetera. But the Russians have shown that they are not working on those kinds of bacteria and viruses but they’re working with a tularemia, cholera, plague – the black plague from the Middle Ages anthrax, hantavirus, dysentery, tuberculosis, pneumonia, diphtheria.

This is what the Russians are finding in these supposed veterinary labs and these supposed health labs. They have found that the Ukrainians with the Americans were trying to buy drones that have three hundred kilometers of range, can carry more than 20 liters of aerosol to spray and can be auto-guided. Farmers don’t need to apply aerosol 300km away from their farms.

These were in fact, two Baykar Bayraktar (Turkish) drones, trying to purchase are for the military. The slides are numbered one through seven so, if you have the video, I basically have gone through the very first slide about the drones and Dr. Robert C. Pope and the biological agents that they have found. Slide Number Two is the kill shot. I mean, this is where the Russians are putting the rubber to the road, so to speak and right there staring us in the face, James, is the US Democratic Party.

And this is shocking for me because I am a lifelong Democrat. I’m a registered Democrat, Oklahoma, and I voted for Barack Obama when he ran the first time. Although then I realized I got tricked and didn’t vote for him in his second term. But anyway, we have on this second slide, it is entitled, US Coordination of Biological Laboratories and Research Institutes in Ukraine and right at the top are the ideologues, which includes Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joseph Biden, and George Soros.

Now, the Russians are not going to be putting this level of people as evidence if they don’t have the evidence. So, it is possible that the Russians and their war crime trials may try Obama, Clinton, Biden, Soros in absentia, which would be absolutely an earthquake around the world. They’re the ideologues. Then they work with the CDC, which is US military. They work with Fort Detrick. They work with the CIA, USAID, which is another CIA front.

And of course, the US Department of Defense and the US Department of State et cetera. They give the tasks, which is to produce bioweapons in Ukraine, and make money off of it. As James pointed out and we pointed out in our last installment, from 2005 to 2008, Obama Clinton and Biden were together in the US Senate, and from to 2008 to 2016, they were in the White House as President, Vice-President and Secretary of State with Hillary Clinton.

They give the programs – taxpayer money to groups like the Rockefeller Foundation, which has a horrible history in terms of killing millions of people, EcoHealth Alliance, which is Peter Daszak, who is very, very involved in the Covid plandemic. We have Rosemont Seneca, Hunter Biden’s cover. We have the Clinton Foundation, Bill and Hillary Clinton. And we have the Gates Foundation among others. So, they get all this money.

And then they go out and hire guns to go into Ukraine to build these WMD bioweapon labs and create bioarms. And that includes Jacob Engineering, Battelle and all of these have mostly military contracts, Skymount Medical, which has medical artificial intelligence (AI) and their platform is called Deep Drug; Metabiota, which Hunter Biden has invested millions in, Metabiota. We have Black & Veatch.

We have the US Embassy in Ukraine. All of these people have been given all of this money to distribute to third parties. And the third parties are some very familiar names, like Pfizer, Moderna, and Merck, which has been a CIA instrument, going back to the 1950s, American company, Eli Lilly and then lesser ones, you know, Gilead and Battelle and DynPort Vaccine and the other smaller ones.

They all have military contracts. They live and thrive on military contracts. So, all of these, Big Pharma, these pharmaceutical companies have very, very close ties to the US Military. And, of course, then the US military gets all this information, and they get the bioarms. They were even caught working on Covid-19 in Ukraine to likely weaponize it. That is Slide Number Two. I mean, this is unbelievable. And I will put all of these in high-definition, high-quality PDF, or Jpeg, their images for the fans out there to see and share it.

Slide Number Three: the Germans and the Polish were also involved, and the Germans also have a huge, not as big as the Americans, but they’re basically riding on the coattails and the Polish riding on the coattails of the US WMD bioweapon industry that the United States conducts around the world. There’s evidence here that this is Battelle. Battelle is supposed to, they love to say that they are non-profit, but they get almost all of their contracts as a military contractor. The Germans were hiding behind, and maybe they did some rabies research, you know.

But I mean, how many German soldiers were going to get bitten by a fox, you know, in the forest, are not many, but it gave an opportunity to travel all over Ukraine. And again, why is the German military doing supposedly veterinary research on foxes? Why isn’t the German Ministry of Agriculture doing this? Ministries of Defense and armies are out there to kill people and conquer enemies and not track rabies in foxes. The Polish were doing the same thing. The German military, the Polish military.

Why did the German military send 3,500 blood samples from healthy Ukrainians, back to Germany? We don’t even know where they went, but we do know that they were shipped off. That is Slide Number Three and then James and I were absolutely revolted in Slide Number Four. Last week where the Russians have the I mean you can just see there’s pages and pages here of the deliberate use of tuberculosis to infect Russian speakers in Donbass in Eastern Ukraine.

It’s right here, it’s all laid out. They have logs and signatures and stamps and seals and records of the people who were working in these bioweapon labs. And what the US military funded and managed labs in Ukraine, putting the most horrific weaponized tuberculosis bacteria on play money and it tracks that they were handing out to people in Donbass, and the play money that they even have pictures.

The Russians have pictures of the play money that’s the US funded Ukrainian labs were handing out to children and young people in Russian-speaking, among Russian speakers. And there was an increase from in 2019 and 2020, they had a big increase in the number of antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis, you know, known as superbugs that no antibiotics can cure this. Folks, in Nuremberg, Germans were hanged for doing stuff like this.

And now we have the Russians are going to show the world in their Moscow War Crime Trials is nothing less than what the Germans did in World War II, infecting children, Russian-speaking children with antibiotic-resistant tuberculosis, they’ve got the proof. They’ve got the goods; they are going to shout this out to the world. Then Slide Number Five, I mean now we’re getting into, you know, Nurse Ratched. And you know, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I mean, this is absolutely demented. This is like bad cinema.

They have found records in psychological psychiatric hospitals, where the Americans, they even name one of the people that they found, Linda Oporto, an American who was working in the psychiatric hospitals and they were carrying out illegal and war crime experiments on mentally ill people essentially, it was torture. They were doing things that would be defined as torture on mentally ill. Can you believe this? This is our US taxpayer dollars paying for this. This is like a bad dream. This is like a nightmare from hell. And this is what the Russians are going to expose.

So, if you know a Linda Oporto, who works in Ukraine, she is going to likely in absentia be tried in the war crime trials in Moscow. Slide Number Six of seven, Analysis of Sanitary Epidemiological and Veterinary Laboratories in Mariupol. And here again, hiding behind veterinary. This is not the Ministry of Agriculture; this is the ministry of Defense. This is the US military who were supposedly conducting research on HIV, and rubella, and measles, and mumps, and things like that.

Polio? No, no, no, no, no. They have records signed, records page after page after page, where on 25 February, right after the Russians entered Ukraine, for their special military operation, they have all the signed documents showing orders to destroy the bacterial and viral stocks that they had, and they the stocks included anthrax, tularemia, cholera, pneumonia, dysentery. These are not polio and HIV. These are Weapons of Mass Destruction. All of these, that I just listed can kill millions of people very, very quickly.

So, that’s what they had in their veterinary labs and they destroyed them, although the Russians actually did get 134 microbial samples from the labs that they got and have taken those back for analysis. It’s just so depressing to talk about all this, but we need, Americans and Westerners need to know the dark underbelly of what we do around the world. The last slide is almost like a Peter Seller’s movie where Ukraine is asking the European Commission under the aegis of “humanitarian aid” and “charity”, humanitarian charity.

It just unbelievable. Asking that the Europeans give Ukraine Weapons of Mass Destruction protection and detection gear, Ukraine keeps saying keeps warning the world that Russia. But it is Ukraine that is going to conduct a false-flag, using either chemical weapons and/or nuclear weapons, or nuclear material to cause a radiation exposure to many, many people in the Donbass area that the Ukrainian still control.

And then, as a false flag, blaming the Russians for it. We have under humanitarian and charity aid asking for 7,000 gas masks to protect against chemical and chemical warfare agents, radioactive and biological agents. They are asking for 100,000 filter replacements for those 7,000 masks. They also want to go with those masks 7,000 chemical protection suits, again more “humanitarian aid”. They also want respirators.

They want five million pieces for respirators to protect the respiratory system from radioactive dust, again, under the aegis of “charity”. They want those guages, you know, to detect radiation and chemical levels, eight thousand sets. They want Hazmat detectors all different kinds of kits for chemical detection, radioactive detection, again, detectors for military and industrial chemical detection.

Again, “humanitarian aid and charity”. Decontamination, they want decontamination kits for 80 people per hour. They want decontamination cabins 200, decontamination cabins, they want gloves and backpacks, portable backpacks for decontamination. And then very tellingly they want enough potassium iodide tablets, which is used when after you’ve been exposed to radiation, you take potassium iodide for seven days to keep your thyroid gland from getting cancer from the radiation.

They asked for enough potassium iodide tablets for one million-seven hundred thousand people. That would be a city like Kharkov, that would be a city like Lviv. Kiev is bigger than that. So, James, I’m going to put these seven slides on our page. I will put, what I’ll do is if I cannot convert into PDF, there are in high-def Jpeg images. And do you have any questions or comments?

James: I want to applaud you and let’s leave it like that. I think people need to eyeball this. Do you have a conclusion summary?

Jeff: Well, there’s the famous old, you know, North Pole, joke, about Innuits, who, you know, they used to be called Eskimos, but I guess that’s derogatory now, that the old Innuit joke about the two guys, you know, walking around the North Pole and they come across a big pile of poop and a big yellow stain in the snow, with white hair all over the place, and huge paw prints, and they convince themselves that there’s not a polar bear nearby.

So, in the end they walk another 15 meters, and the polar bear eats them, instead of running. So, when the evidence, if it looks like bear poop and it smells like beer poop and there’s evidence of bears everywhere, then there’s likely a bear. And what has happened is the Russians are exposing that bear. So, here’s the evidence. This is incontrovertible, this is bulletproof.

They are going to show this to the world and the United States, of course, can do nothing but just say, oh, communist propaganda, Putin propaganda Russia, Russia, Russia, as James likes to joke, but this is not propaganda. The Russians do not joke. They do not bluff in diplomacy. And they are going to show this and much, much more in war crime trials in Moscow, I would suspect. They also now have the Azov Steel Mill, where almost 2000 neo-Nazis have surrendered in Mariupol and are being taken to Russia. There are already there.

There are in Russian-controlled territory. I’m sure that they will show some leniency to the lower-level Nazis, but the leaders of the Nazi regiments will also likely go on trial for war crimes. So, this tectonic shift in geopolitics, this is a tectonic shift in international relationships, and it is pretty obvious that the West has lost control of Ukraine. They’re losing the war and now Russia is going to make sure that they lose the propaganda war as well.

James: Jeff, let’s leave it like that. It’s amazing and I thank you. This is JB’s signing off, good job, JB West.

Jeff: Thank you, James, we’ll talk soon. Bye-bye.

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