TRANSCRIPT: Florence de Changy shows that the official Western story of the missing MH370 airplane is a colossal lie, in her book, “Disappearing Act”. Our discussion. China Rising Radio Sinoland 220511


By Jeff J. Brown

Pictured above: Florence de Changy and her terrific book, “The Disappearing Act”, which is a real-life, Sherlock-Holmes unraveling of MH370’s impossible official lie. The West’s capacity to fool the world knows no bounds.

Sixteen years on the streets, living and working with the people of China, Jeff

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Florence de Changy shows that the official Western story of the missing MH370 airplane is a colossal lie, in her book, “Disappearing Act”. Our discussion. China Rising Radio Sinoland 220511


Jeff J. Brown (Host): Good morning, everybody. This is Jeff J. Brown, China Rising Radio Sinoland on the D-Day beaches of Normandy in France. And I am honored and proud to have on the show another author. I guess, what is she? She’s native French and I’m naturalized French. I think she may be the first French person I’ve ever had on the show today, Florence de Changy. And how are you doing, Florence?

Florence de Changy (Guest):  Hi, Jeff. I am actually French-Kiwi but I don’t have the right accent for that.

Jeff: Well, I am French-American. I think we probably, you know, I became French by marriage and I think you probably became a Kiwi by marriage. I don’t know. But anyway, we have a common bond in France and we’re both journalists. We both write books and articles. A couple years ago when it came out, I read Florence’s book, “The Disappearing Act”. I was immediately interested in it and I bought the e-book direct from the publisher, when it first came out and I was just blown away by it. Florence did such an incredible job. I mean, it’s just a Sherlock Holmes forensic takedown of the tragedy of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, back in 2014. Isn’t it? I think 2014.

Florence: Yeah.

Jeff: Let me introduce Florence. She is married with three sons. She is dual French in New Zealand, forgot to do the quick intro. So, she’s a binational Kiwi, French. She’s based in the Asia-Pacific for the last 30 years, and she reports mostly for Le Monde and France 24. And I know she’s based in Hong Kong. So anyway, thank you so much for being on the show today, Florence.

Florence: My pleasure.

Jeff: I want to impress on everybody she’s going to provide me with the links to buy the book. It is now available in hardback, paperback, e-book, and audiobook. It’s even out in audiobook. I really encourage people to buy this book. It’s not a difficult book to read. It’s just a wonderful analysis of MH370 and if you don’t want to pay for it, ask your library to buy it. Librarians love people to suggest books for the bookshelf or e-book catalogue. Ask your school, ask your place of worship, it’s really a wonderful book. Florence, go ahead and it has been so long ago. Just give us a quick review of what MH370 was, and what happened.

Florence: Okay. Well essentially, it’s a plane, a B777, which is one of the safest if not the safest plane in the history of civil aviation, which disappeared with 239 people on board, when it was traveling a very common, actually a daily, MH370 was a daily route and the plane simply disappeared and that doesn’t happen. So, from the very beginning, I was thinking that can’t happen. You can’t have such an enormous plane with so many people, essentially bodies simply disappearing.

So, it was striking as what I quoted from pretty early on, as an insult to human intelligence to come up with a narrative that we have lost a B777 and we have lost 239 people. We are at a day and age when we can be look on Mars, we can see an apple on the Moon. We can target people when they are sleeping in the bed, this truly phenomenal technology and this disappearance. Or, it happens in one of the most monitored and strategic places on Earth, because when the plane actually disappeared, we are in the South China Sea and God knows how important this is.

And if it disappears according to the official narrative when it’s taken over and it’s only thanks to the Inmarsat signal, it’s in the Malacca Strait. So, either way, the moment we lose the plane is incredible as we’ve been told over and over, it is simply not credible. So, this is the very basis of my research because I saw, you know, as a journalist as you mention, I’ve been in this region for 30 years. I’ve been based in Australia. I based in New Zealand, based in Malaysia. I’m currently based in Hong Kong. I was also in Taiwan before. We can’t accept that. As a journalist, I cannot accept to repeat such a nonsensical story.

And yes, at the beginning, I did because Le Monde sent me an assignment there. And for the first few days or weeks, you can say, okay. Well, you know, it’s surprising, etc. But when you revisit the story, a few months, or a few years later, then know, I’m sorry that does not add up and we have to stand up and say I don’t buy the official narrative that the plane has disappeared. Whatever happened, the official narrative, we need not fear to say it is not credible and not acceptable.

Jeff: Well, like a good murder mystery I don’t want to spoil your conclusions. I want people to read the book because you just, it’s just like Sherlock Holmes, you know, and you just narrow it down and narrow it down and narrow it down, and narrow it down until most likely you have the right scenario for what happened. Even back in 2015, I was thinking about the one, where the plane went up to Waziristan and all that, but you show that that was not very, very likely, and so you basically figured it out. What I want to ask you is how do you think that the United States and Malaysia and Australia and China and Vietnam how can they pull this off? That’s what blows me away.

Florence: Yeah. Well, when I got to my final scenario and to be honest, I really stand to be challenged on this one, because I have tried to put together a scenario based on the cluster of, you know, established facts that I had. But I still have some issues myself as to my final scenario. And I know for sure, I would really say for sure 100% that the plane did not end in the southern Indian Ocean.

Jeff: That’s for sure.

Florence: And that he did not U-turn. Those are already very big statements basically. But for the details of what I came up with, I would not be surprised that when the entire truth come out, I’m not a hundred percent there, but that doesn’t matter. I think the most important part is the fact that their official narrative is a messy fabrication. And as you say, it is involving at least seven countries because yes, the United States, just because it is the country which in this day and age has got the most sophisticated means of knowing everything about anything and everywhere on the planet.

So, we cannot not know the fact that they have never provided any evidence, you know, not even satellite images, not even radar images. I mean, nothing is highly problematic and of course they know. And the reason is, there is a file and there’s a lot of evidence and just logic and just basic knowledge, right? And then of course China, why China? Because it happened in China. I mean, very close to China.

Jeff: Most of the passengers were Chinese.

Florence: Exactly. Yeah, the plane was heading to Beijing which is not irrelevant, I think. Now, where is it happening? Well, I mean, as far as I’m concerned, it’s happening in Vietnam. It is a Malaysian plane, but then you also have Australia which takes a leading role very early on because they take the offer, the kind of volunteer to do the search and you also have the UK, which is taking a surprisingly super important role, even though they have not been mentioned much, but I noticed and I think it’s a very interesting detail about every time the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak speaks on what is going on.

I mean, he speaks about the plane and what happened to the plane, he always goes to the UK. He never says, I can tell you that the plane did this, he only says, I’ve been briefed by the AAIB or by Inmarsat. He is basically washing his hands from the official narrative. He only repeats what the UK told him to do. So, you have UK, US, Australia, kind of feeding the official narrative. Locally you have China, Vietnam, Malaysia, you may have, I mean, Thailand, to the west nearby. They may have seen something or precisely seen that, they did not see what they should have seen. Indonesia, but to a lesser extent these last two countries and then you have France. Which very surprisingly is brought in the story later on, when there is a flapeon, a plane piece.

Jeff: They found it like three times on Mauritius, or didn’t they find it like at least twice?

Florence: They found a flaperon which was I mean, is a kind of miracle, because you know, a year-and-a-half and thousands of kilometers away from the crash site, a piece of plane does not float for 15 months and does not travel for 4,000 kilometers in the southern Indian Ocean, without sinking, basically you know.

Jeff: That is a false flag. I mean, that is just more proof that it is not true, and it is to keep this propaganda going that it was in the Indian Ocean, that he flew off toward the Antarctic and just disappeared. It’s just kept up, this is to brainwash us. It is just awful.

Florence: But a flaperon piece is interesting because you really wonder if they want to make a piece of debris appear somewhere, because the biggest issue with this accident for years was that that was tricky new debris and that does not exist. When the plane crashes in the ocean, it creates millions of pieces of debris. And so now suddenly we had one piece and they drop it in French territory. This is super odd. Keep in mind that France at the time was the only outside country making a proper independent investigation and it doesn’t seem completely impossible to me that, because of the French independent investigation, in terms of a crash.

I mean, planes crashed in the past. They have been troublesome, including the US, there is a history of, you know, basically an investigation which is too independent, to expose either the company or the states, for all the  people to know. So, it is not completely impossible that at some point, some people may have said, “These French people they need to be on our side. How do we put them on outside? We drop them, you know, a piece of debris and they will have to fall in line”.

Jeff: Yeah, that is unbelievable. Listen, my only hope is… What about the next of kin (NOK)? I mean, do they have a website? Are they petitioning the governments? I mean those poor people, they know it’s a lie. What do you know about the next of kin?

Florence: What is complicated with these groups of next of kin, you have that in other planes too, when you think of it, is that it’s a very mixed bag of people. When you look at who was on this plane of course, it’s mostly Chinese people and you have a very cohesive group of the Chinese families, but they’re not very easy to be in contact with, because actually only a few of them speak another language than Chinese. And I am in contact with quite a few of them.

I met them in Hong Kong and in Beijing, but then you have small group in Malaysia representing probably what’s the next largest group. But it’s still just a few families. And then you have, for example, the French man Ghyslain Wattrelos, who lost his wife, and two of his three children. He is quiet a loud voice in France, you know talking about MH370. There is a very admirable man also in India, KS Narendran, who wrote a super moving and very well-written book about the tragedy. And so, you have basically, people are not really together. Also, you have some people in Australia and then all the people spread around the world. So, they could not really get together and kind of do a class-action suit. Yeah, it’s a complicated group.

Jeff: Well, I guess all we can hope is… when the United States shot down the Iranian airliner in the Persian Gulf. When was that, back in 1990 during the Iran-Iraq war?

Florence: I mentioned that, 290 civilians.

Jeff: And the United State denied it, denied it and denied it for 10-15 years and then they finally, or maybe it was even longer than that. They did finally admit that they shot it down and they did pay some compensation to all the families and whatever, you know, I think your theory makes a lot of sense. So, you know, your filtration down to your scenario or something close to that. And so maybe, you know, in 10 or 15 or 20 years, maybe, you know, the culprit will cough it up. Before reading, I didn’t know what happened, but it’s just an amazing story and I knew it was poppycock. We were in Beijing and I was talking to some journalist, who said the simplest version is the easiest, so it just flew off into the sunset. And I am just like going, “Nah, No”.

Go ahead…

Florence: I do use the Occam’s razor principal and, you know, the American Army has got another acronym, which I find very funny, which is the KISS principle. Keep it simple.

Jeff: Yeah, Keep It Simple Stupid.

Florence: And actually, when you think of it, it is also with that kind of reasoning that I came back to my scenario, because how nonsensical and how unsophisticated are the concepts that the plane zigzagged through this eventual ghost flight that goes to Antarctica. I mean, either we want to make a terrorist attack. Then you go straight on to the Twin Towers of Kuala, Lumpur, or you want to make it a suicide thing. And then usually there is pattern for that, you crash your plane right after you’ve reached to attitude, or you want to actually disappear your plane. In that case, what would the pilot do? Just go straight to any ends in the Pacific, which is actually a much bigger, and much deeper ocean.

Jeff: Yeah.

Florence: So, this is a really crazy story that they’ve made up. The whole thing smells completely fake.

Jeff: Yeah, yeah absolutely. Will listen, I really encourage, usually, when I do a book interview, I hold it up to show the fans. I have the e-book so I can’t put it up. I read it over two years ago, when it first came out as an e-book and we’ve stayed in touch. And at the time you said, well, let’s wait until the paperback comes out. And now the paperback came out.

Florence: Yeah, the paperback come back with a few extra details, including the confidence of someone who asked directly to Barack Obama, “Where is MH370”?

Jeff: Okay. I’ll have to buy it.

Florence: No, no, it just has few extra lines here and there. I can send you what I added.

Jeff: Anyway, Florence you did a wonderful job. You devoted seven years of your life to this book and as a fellow author, I know what you went through, you crawled across cracked glass to write this thing and to tell the truth and you, like me, I feel like I need to tell the truth, even if it upsets people and you’ve done that with this book, and so thank you very much and I will get this out.

I’m going to blast it to the world and I hope we sell a few copies of your book and make people aware that we Westerners like to think we are so superior and so honest and so open and everything else. But this affair is probably be manipulated from the West and this this huge, that it is probably being a manipulated by the West. And so, we’re not always cracked up to what we say we are, and I think this book does a good job, because it tells you that. So, thank you.

Florence: Thank you very much, Jeff. And just for you to know, it’s ongoing. I still have very good leads and it won’t take that long.

Jeff: Well, if you ever come back to France, or are you in France? What corner of France?

Florence: I was actually born in Italy. So, that doesn’t matter.

Jeff: Okay. If you ever make it to Normandy let me know and my wife and I would love to invite you for a good Norman meal. And if my wife and I, we used to go to Hong Kong, you know, we lived in China for 16 years and we used to go to Hong Kong all the time, and kind of know it like the back of our hands. So, if I ever get back to Hong Kong, I’d like to meet you. I’d like to invite you to my favorite place. It’s at the Star Ferry on Kowloon side, where they have tea and you can look out over the harbor from the tea room.

Florence: Lovely. Lovely.

Jeff: Okay.

Florence: Yes. Okay. See you, Jeff. Thank you for your time.

Jeff: Thank you very much.

Florence: Bye.

Jeff: Bye, bye.


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